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Gangsta 5

The Benriya go visit a number of people around the city, and the person who Nicolas defeated is mutilated by his boss.

In more detail: the Koukonshu are people who have done something with a certain drug, granting them superhuman abilities. All Koukonshu are tagged, and all tagged people are Koukonshu. However, even though the person Nicolas defeated is superhuman, his superiors easily dispatch him.

Daniel Monroe offers Nicolas a deal to bring him back into ‘the organization’, which he declines. Perhaps this is a giant crime syndicate to do with the Koukonshu? It’s obvious that this takes place in America, since I haven’t seen a Japanese name in here, ever (Benriya doesn’t count, because I think they’re called something else in English)

Perhaps I mentioned this before, but Gangsta gives me seriously BL vibes. Black Lagoon vibes :v With the growing cast of members and different factions in the city, as well as the general lack of morality in every character.

It’s amazing how in other manga, five chapters is barely enough to introduce the main characters, but Gangsta manages to make us feel comfortable with the story and characters in only five chapters. Perhaps this is because of the length of the chapters, but the author’s writing style may have a lot to do with it – instead of taking entire chapters to introduce a new person, they just have somebody appear in the picture, whose then mentioned later on to make it feel like he was properly introduced (for example, Officer Chado).

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