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Steins;Gate 16

While I’m posting this, crazy people have already posted Steins;Gate 17 posts…


Time for a new record in summarizing the plot of this episode without missing any crucial details (after browsing through most aniblogs I see that all attempts at summary are more than a paragraph in length):

Stuff happens.


Daru is Suzuha’s father, whose time machine makes Suzuha forget her memories, thus failing her mission and committing suicide. Rintarou sends a D-Mail, and Suzuha goes back in time in another timeline, where she dies of illness while taking care of Mr. Braun. The divergence meter changes and terrorists do not bomb the line, so Mayuri is safe in the present.


First, some inconsequential notes:

Microsoft’s new Vista/7 paint is horrible, because they actually make ‘paintbrushes’, which are the only way to draw in larger sizes, because the pencil’s size is limited (seriously, what the fuck). However, while pencil’s just shade in pixel by pixel, paintbrushes actually make pixels around it ‘blend’ in with the background colour, and so if you want to fill something in, YOU HAVE TO FILL IT IN PIXEL BY PIXEL WITH A PENCIL TOOL. SERIOUSLY, THAT PICTURE TOOK ME TWO EPISODES OF YURU YURI TO FINISH which admittedly isn’t a bad use of time, since I can’t do many things while watching anime anyways.

Mr. Hay (the black dude – were you wondering why Rintarou said ‘Hay, missed her!’?) can’t speak English either… sigh, it’s times like these that makes me want to strangle the producers for not hiring an actual English-speaking person who can’t speak Japanese and has to try to sound like he’s speaking Japanese. All these Engrish bursts are just annoying. Surprisingly, [C] managed to do something extremely strange with its Engrish, actually hiring a person with impeccable American English to talk to an American with horribly flawed Engrish. Even Croisée, with its standard French to announce episode titles, and subsequent HORRIBLE HORRIBLE FRENCH BY CLAUDE, even when they were talking about FRENCH THINGS. It’s times like these that makes me want to facepalm at my misuse of tense.

I thought Kurisu was working on the memory leap device while Daru was working on the time machine? Unless, after Rintarou jumped back in time after the time machine was completed (using the memory leap, because it was almost time for Mayuri to die), he made her not upgrade the D-Mail, since the memory leap device requires the Phone Microwave, and so he couldn’t have sent a D-Mail if she made a memory leap device.

Finally, just a reminder that those terrorists were hired by SERN – remember when Moeka was like ‘Yeah, the line is closed, JUST AS PLANNED.’? Thus, if those terrorists didn’t appear, does that mean… SERN hasn’t found out about the Future Gadget Lab?!

Steins;Gate is proud to announce our newest sponsor, Coke

The thing about Steins;Gate that’s so brilliant is that, by ending each episode on a confusing cliffhanger, we are able to discuss and put out our thoughts about what might happen – similar to the huge influx of speculah regarding Madoka, which undoubtedly contributed to its overwhelming success. Though I could delve into a whole range of things regarding what might happen in the next episode (as the only members of the Lab that are revealed to still be in the present are Rintarou, Mayuri, and Daru – we don’t know whether or not Kurisu is dead, we don’t know whether or not Moeka has learnt of the lab, and of course Feyris/Ruka don’t even matter, lololol), I won’t, since THE NEXT EPISODE IS ALREADY OUT, OH MY GOD STEINS;SUB WHY SO SLOW EVERY SINGLE WEEK and now they’re subbing MISS MORITA IS TACITURN WHAT KIND OF A STUPID SHOW NAME IS THAT

As Leenina of Sea Slugs! (oh look, back to my spamming of links to sites in a futile attempt to increase readership; how long has it been since I’ve last done this? 9 months now, probably) has said, the overarching theme of Suzuha’s ‘arc’ is sacrifice – the huge sacrifice that Suzuha is going through for the future of the world. Yet, her huge sacrifice was seemingly in vain, as she still has not gotten the IBN5100 (or has she? We don’t know, since this is a new timeline). Perhaps a broader theme through the whole of Steins;Gate is ‘futility’ – the futility of Rintarou’ attempts to save Mayuri, the futility of Daru’s attempts to repair the time machine, the futility of Suzuha’s attempts to save the world. In the huge fabric of space and time, what do a bunch of underaged humans matter? Indeed, through all of Steins;Gate, we’ve seen that behind the whole illusion of ‘progress’, everything the Lab members have done is futile, futile, futile.

But is that progress really an illusion? If there’s anything else that Steins;Gate has also had stay as a main theme throughout every single episode, it’s progress. Every single episode, things have been changing. Like a game where each defeat of a major boss will yield a key to the next, Steins;Gate’s every episode develops the plot, if only a tiny bit. Not even just develops the characterization – every single episode of Steins;Gate develops the PLOT. Even Rintarou’s attempts to save Mayuri – that illustrated the futility of changing worldlines. Every single episode. Scrolling through Wikipedia’s ‘List of Steins;Gate Episodes’ article, the plot has just been creeping onwards and onwards.


Of course, there’s one last thing that Steins;Gate does, and that’s making everything matter. Mr. Braun, who seemed to be such a minor character in the past, is shaping up to be, if not a main character, at least a major character. Even seemingly useless things, such as everything that had happened over the past two ‘days’, all matter. If Steins;Gate keeps on overlapping and interconnecting everything, we’ll have a story so dense that it’ll be impossible to summarize the plot of the whole show, cause everything matters.

To continue stealing things from other people, hikaricore recently created a post on MAL showcasing the changes in the Divergence Number from the first episode. You’ll notice that the number gradually decreases from the first sending of a D-Mail until a 0.33, but after Suzuha’s sacrifice, climbs back up to a 0.4. I’ve heard many things about the Divergence Number being more sinister than just a mere indication of where a worldline is in spacetime (something about numbers being ‘good’ or ‘bad’), but it’s nice to see that the Divergence Number, which may steadily climb up, has a possibility of going past 1%.

That said, the funny thing is that there /has/ to be a worldline that surpasses the 1% Divergence Barrier – if Rintarou manages to save the future (which he will manage to do), then the worldline which does pass the Barrier will obviously be created, and since it’s in a different spacetime fabric, will exist simultaneously with all the worldlines where Rintarou doesn’t save the future.

First, Rintarou goes along the red timeline. He sends a D-Mail to the past, which creates a blue timeline starting at when he sent the D-Mail, and he moves to that new timeline at the present time. He does that again. Then, he ‘goes back in time’ using the memory device, which takes him all the way back to the beginning of the red timeline. However, coupled with his new knowledge, he is able to alter his own actions and create an entirely new timeline.

This all looks fine and dandy, but look at the black line. That’s a timeline. That’s Rintarou’s timeline. He only has one timeline to go through (I’m a predestinationist), and there’s nothing he can do about it. Furthermore, look at the purple line. It’s impossible for Rintarou to go through the purple line directly from the red line – he has to go through the blue and green lines first, because it’s from the green line that he goes back in time to create the purple line.

I.. uh, lost track of what I was saying, so if anybody out there is smart, try to get something from that diagram and then tell me what you get, because I completely forgot the purpose of telling you guys that >_>

Since I haven’t said much about the episode itself, I’ll say this: it was not emotionally moving for me, at all. I felt no sympathy for Suzuha. None. I don’t know why – everything just had that right mood for a couple of manly tears, but none. I was shocked, yes, but I did not understand the characters’ pain. Suzuha wasn’t developed enough, for me.

That said, the music this episode was simply heartbreaking. Oh, sometimes I completely miss the point of things, don’t I…

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  1. “As Leenina of Sea Slugs! (oh look, back to my spamming of links to sites in a futile attempt to increase readership; how long has it been since I’ve last done this? 9 months now, probably)”

    Oh god, I feel so used. It hurts so good.

    Any diagram trying to explain the time travel mechanics of Steins;Gate is going to be confusing, I suspect; but the best thing about the show is that you don’t have to remember every shift to enjoy it. It’s like, all the different D-mails might be confusing on paper, but the show presents them in this really nice, non-confusing way. Basically, the show is crazy good.

    2011/07/27 at 00:58

  2. Yeah, that’s definitely a major element of Steins;Gate, as well as other confusing plot-heavy shows like Shiki. Why? Obviously, because a picture is worth a thousand words – a movie, a million!

    That said, writing the plot does help tons, though – watching this without will probably just be confusing as hell, especially when the time leaps bring to surface some event that happened a long time ago that you didn’t bother to notice.

    2011/07/27 at 02:59