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Blood Lad 11

I’m getting lazier and lazier…

Staz keeps on challenging the zombie bros, but loses every time – even though the zombie bros aren’t even all that powerful. This is the difference between the normal and elite segments of Hell. Liz is the manager of over a million prisoners, most of whom are immortal, which is a pretty daunting task. Yet, her main worry is that Braz isn’t paying enough attention to her, giving her more of a child-like personality than being a yandere or anything.

However, Braz soon comes to check up on what’s happening, and agrees to help Staz resurrect Yanagi, in exchange for something darker…

Meanwhile, Wolf finds out from Beru that Franken is hiding another way to resurrect ghosts, a darker way…

I think it’s soon time to phase out chapter-discussions of Blood Lad, as we’ll be hitting the quarter-mark very soon – in fact, chapter 13 is already out (I’m just very late on things for some reason)! I feel like I’m repeating a lot of things that I’ve said earlier, and hey, writing things on something for thirteen full chapters (with only a couple of lazy posts) is pretty hard. That said, the chapters feel longer and longer – this one is more than thirty pages in length already.

I especially like the ‘meanwhile’ style that Blood Lad has come to, developing the story in two places at once. It’s certainly more interesting than always focusing on one person, and it’s especially dramatic when two people reach the same conclusion (eliminate ‘that person’) simultaneously, too – it adds twice the impact. I hope ‘that person’ isn’t just some weird soccer player with a bad hairdo, though.

To be honest, I’d like it if Blood Lad stopped expanding the universe just for a bit and concluded a side-arc or something – maybe have Staz and Wolf fight off a threat to the Districts, to make the characters more ‘grounded’. The story can’t continue expanding like this forever, and once it suddenly stops expanding, everything will seem very sudden.

Braz and Staz look a lot alike, even though their hairstyles are totally different – I admire this artist, who has the ability to do such a thing, in a world of manga where hair and hat style/colours are the only way to differentiate between different characters.

When Liz gets all jelly and says ‘b-b-but staz is like the super weak and i am like super strong and i watch bears and its not scary to me’, Braz corrects her, saying that she’s wrong. I have a feeling Staz’s powers are much more powerful than we think they are, though the author may have been a little short-sighted in giving him that much power in the beginning. I mean, shit, what kind of monster would be able to withstand getting their heart squeezed in? Zombies, and not much more. Someone’s going to need a power-reset tool or an insane imagination for Blood Lad to work.

In conclusion: HOT HOT HOT

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