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No. 6 4

Karan, Shion’s mother, is worried about her son, and Youming (a shady guy who seems to know much more about No. 6 than he appears to know) consoles her. She sends Shion a letter via mouse to meet with a newspaper editor living in West District, which isn’t as dump-y as you think – it’s just one of those crappy suburbs, similar to Roanapur. The newspaper editor, Rikiga, pimps girls to No. 6 officials to get money, and Shion promptly leaves with Nezumi after hearing of his occupation.

Turns out Nezumi’s actually a well-respected actor of stage works, known as ‘Eve’ in these parts. Karan isn’t just a normal mother either – as a student, she wrote some sort of essay about No. 6, so she had suspicions of the place even since then. I wonder if her dissent thoughts have been wiped or if she still harbours this suspicion now?

Inukashi orders Shion to help her wash her dogs – her mom was actually a dog, as she was cast aside by her biological parents. As Nezumi tries to kill Inukashi, he’s stopped by Shion, and she comments that Nezumi (who never showed emotion before) is warming up to him. Cue BL (Black Lagoon, that is 8D).

I hope I don’t have to explain this sentence

Inukashi’s voice actor is pretty good – when she raises her voice, she tries to sound really strong and manly, but fails. I’m sure her VA could sound strong and manly, but being able to sound like she’s trying to sound strong is hard. Details like this make No. 6 an entertaining watch.

I still wonder what Moondrop is. Is it like Notedrop? Whenever somebody charts a new song, the Moondrop will cry in pain and suffering? Probably.

I don’t understand why they didn’t shorten the ED at the end of this episode – or maybe just not play the ED music beforehand. Making the ED so long seemed to really lengthen the episode unnecessarily – /seemed to/, but still. Maybe they just wanted to showcase the full track?

Ah, I can compare what just happened to the internet society – sans Cyberbully.

You can imagine Nezumi and Rikiga being just normal people who say bad words like faggot and fuck you all day, but since they both know what they’re talking about, nobody cares, nobody’s insulted, and everyone’s happy.

SUDDENLY, Shion stumbles in. He’s raised in a household where nobody owns a television or computer, he’s been homeschooled by his conservative parents, and has never said any bad things to anybody. If somebody said something like ‘you’re not smart’ to him, he’d probably freak out and murder the person.

Even though he KNOWS that he’s not supposed to hang out with Nezumi and Rikiga, even though he KNOWS that he’s not even supposed to LISTEN or CARE about what they’re saying, even though he KNOWS that NOBODY MINDS those bad words, he decides to be a moralfag anyways and kick the fuck out of Rikiga for TALKING LIKE A NORMAL PERSON.

Seriously, Rikiga and Nezumi weren’t even swearing or lying to each other, they were just SAYING THE TRUTH. And it’s not even a truth that could be ARGUED, they’re talking about EVENTS that have HAPPENED IN THE PAST. No matter how you argue, THOSE EVENTS ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE. Why should someone apologize for TALKING ABOUT AN EVENT THAT ALREADY HAPPENED?

The sad thing is that most people in No. 6 ARE LIKE SHION. We think they’re so cool and awesome and nice cause they never say bad things and everybody’s happy, but AS SOON AS YOU SAY ONE BAD WORD, THEY ALL BREAK DOWN – EVEN IF IT’S THE OBJECTIVE TRUTH. Think about science in the past if everybody didn’t allow you to say bad things, even if they were the truth. Galileo tries to prove that the Earth revolves around the Sun? TOO BAD, THAT JUST MADE THE RELIGIOUS CHRISTIANS CRY, NOW BURN IN HELL FOR SAYING SUCH A BAD THING. It’s the truth? TOO BAD, THE TRUTH MADE US CRY, NOW LET’S JUST LIVE IN A CIRCLE OF SELF-GRATIFICATION AND NOTHINGNESS.

The interesting part will be to see what the producer’s stance will be on the situation – will he portray Shion as the ‘right’ one, for a society full of optimism? Or Nezumi, for a society that can deal with things? Time will tell.

Ah, this goes so well with what I said about Cyberbully. Let’s just hope the world won’t go down this path.

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  1. You are a cyberbully too Mushy…;_:

    2011/07/30 at 00:58

  2. Deal?

    Deal it.


    Deal with its card.

    Deal with its card cops.

    A deal, with It’s card cops.

    Make a deal with It’s card cops.

    Please make a deal with It’s card cops.

    Please don’t make a deal with It’s card cops.

    Please don’t make a deal with It’s card-playing cops.

    Please don’t make a bad deal with It’s card-playing cops.

    Please don’t try to make a bad deal with It’s card-playing cops.

    Please don’t try to make a very bad deal with It’s card-playing cops.


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