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Moshi Koukou Yakyuu no Joshi Manager ga Drucker no Management wo Yondara Half Season Review

This hsr is only 5 episodes long as Moshi Koukou Yakyuu no Joshi Manager ga Drucker no Management wo Yondara’s only 10 episodes long, and what’s 10 divided by 5? Two! So in fact, this hsr is 2.5 times longer than usual, and if usual’s 6 episodes, this hsr is actually 15 episodes long, 1.5 times longer than the show itself! wait what

‘Moshi Koukou Yakyuu no Joshi Manager ga Drucker no Management wo Yondara’, or ‘Mokou no Jomanga Druckman’ for short, is about ‘If High School Baseball Woman Manager Drucker Management Read’. Kawashima Minami, a highschool baseball woman manager, reads Drucker’s Management and turns her baseball team into a company, earning millions of dollars along the way.

Longer version: Minami’s best friend, Miyata Yuuki, is terminally ill, and is put in hospital shortly after becoming Hodokubo High’s baseball manager. Minami loved baseball as a kid, but after finding out that she was female (which she didn’t know about until she realized she didn’t have man parts), quit the game and hated it. However, out of love for Yuuki, Minami decides to become the manager in her place.

While searching for books to become a better baseball manager, she accidentally picks up Management, a book by Peter Drucker. It’s actually about business management, not baseball management, but she reads it anyways (because reading dense business manuals is something that all normal high school girls do for fun).

Every chapter of Management (by extension, every episode of the anime) correlates to a new concept, and using her mind, Minami extends the concept to work in baseball, going over things such as integrity, purpose, translation, and innovation. It’s really quite stupid how she implements her ideas, but surprisingly, they work.

For example, Minami somehow makes the connection that the ‘purpose’ of the baseball team is to bring happiness to the ‘customers’ – who are actually the baseball team itself, and thus the purpose of Minami’s baseball is to make the people on the baseball team happy. She also has to ‘translate’ the coach, Kachi Makoto’s ideas to the players, and the player’s objections to the coach. Finally, she asks Makoto to come up with an innovation, which he does – an entirely new baseball strategy, actually.

It’s obvious from the start that Mokou no Jomanga Druckman is an anime that’s about Management and almost nothing else. The art looks weird, the plot goes all over the place, the conversations are artificial, the characters are forgettable. If I were Yuuki, and a friend of mine comes up to me and asks me shit like ‘lol man so who are the customers of our baseball team?’, I’d slap her in the face and tell her to do real baseball and not stupid shit, and definitely not act all happy and think of stupid things that don’t even make sense. Then again, if I were Yuuki, I’d probably die of lack of human contact but since I’m going to die anyways :v

The main bone to pick that I have with Mokou no Jomanga Druckman, though, is that the characters are just too forgettable. This wouldn’t be a problem in any other show, but Mokou no Jomanga Druckman somehow manages to develop its characters into multi-dimensional people who all /matter/ – it’s bad to have a forgettable side character, but it’s absolutely horrible to have a forgettable /main/ character. Perhaps the main reason is that there were too many introduced at the beginning, and they all looked the same. Usually, I’d say crap about how anime characters’ only differences were in their appearance and that shows should focus more on characterization, but here, I have a show with tons of characterization, and now I’m bashing it because everyone looks the same? Sigh, this is why I sometimes hate myself. That said, if Mokou no Jomanga Druckman were a 26-episode show, I’m sure each character could have been developed enough so that even if they all looked exactly the same, we could still tell them apart(having one episode of backstory for each character helps). Another possible reason is that there are too many mains – which is why most shows only have one to five main characters.

Nevertheless, Mokou no Jomanga Druckman’s main point is still about Management, and that’s where it excels. Each managerial topic is somehow connected to baseball – but not just connected, because it’s elaborated on and actually /applied/ on the team, even letting us see the /results/ of the management concepts. This is something that most anime don’t have – a good analogy/equivalent are ‘educational’ games, of which the vast majority are basically the same as studying (for example, math ‘games’ that are just animated math problems, or science ‘games’ that are just digital quizzes). Though many are shallow and exactly the same as reading off a book, some are truly educational, those that introduce a concept and show ways to apply it – as well as /actually apply it/. Games like Super Energy Apocalypse and CellCraft come to mind (both flash games, but hey, I’m not shelling out my nonexistent dough for an /educational game/). The same is with Mokou no Jomanga Druckman – instead of boring management concepts that people never use, Mokou no Jomanga Druckman takes those concepts and /uses/ them.

This is what they mean when they say Jesus was born in a manger

At least Minami isn’t too stupid – she was also wondering how the heck the track team managed to run faster.

If there’s any character in Mokou no Jomanga Druckman that I absolutely loathe, it’s Houjou Ayano, the purple-haired other manager. Whereas other voice actresses might be able to make her sound cute with her soft voice and all that, her ‘eh, ho, hai’ just sounds impersonal, not abashed. The art contributes a lot to this, as it tries a lot to look cute, but ultimately fails. Production I.G. made a bunch of other cutesy-shows that try to look cute and fail, such as Blood-C, so I guess it sort of makes sense – I don’t think they’ve made any moe shows, ever.

That said, some of the exaggerations in Mokou no Jomanga Druckman are just ridiculous, such as when Ayano gets a huge pile of reports for the team. Seriously, what anti-environmentalists.

This could be because of the lack of music (because having no music makes people want to use paper) – many other anime feel cute because of timely music inserted during cute segments (Nichijou’s \amazing/ OST comes to mind), whereas Mokou no Jomanga Druckman’s music is out of place and weird. During one of the first matches, there’s no dramatic music at all – it’s just an ambient silence. Read the mood, man.

Feminists should rage at Mokou no Jomanga Druckman, which I realize is a long title now – perhaps I’ll shorten it to Jodruck. Minami gives up becoming a pro athlete /simply because she’s a girl/. That has got to be the most stupid thing I have ever read since Angel Beats, since Angel Beats was pretty damned stupid. The drama in Jodruck is nowhere near Angel Beats’s drama, even.

There is one amazing thing that Jodruck manages to pull off. Not only does it manage to educate us in the ways of Management, but it also manages to actually add baseball in as a main part of the story! They explained what the no-bunt-no-ball strategy was extremely well for people who aren’t baseball players, and episode 5 was completely baseball, and went into the opponent’s minds, creating a psychological dramatic baseball anime! Jodruck could probably stand alone as a decent baseball manga, if all the Management were taken out.

Four things in conclusion:

– gg translates ‘Sankyuu’ as ‘Merci’. I wonder what the dubbers (hint: there never will be any) will do?
– The management team in a baseball team really /is/ important, according to Jodruck. I wonder if that’s true in real life…
– Jodruck actually DOES treat Management as a Bible. Wow, what losers.
– Jodruck’s protagonists are pretty stupid people.

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