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Blood Lad 12

Franken Stein created Papladon Akimu, his (9)th Artificial Demon, using various demon parts. Eventually, Papladon developed a brain, and went berserk, trying to get more demon parts. Get more demon parts, of course, meaning ripping legs off demons and attaching them to himself.

Braz, who has monitored Papladon for a while, asks Staz to deal with him. Apparently, Staz was lying to Beru – he still has that bullet stuck in his heart, which limited his full powers.

In fact, his full powers were so powerful that Braz (seemingly) sealed them up to protected Staz from himself. Braz removes the bullet and Staz easily crushes the zombie bros in one hit.

The irony is that Frankenstein is creating a Frankenstein’s monster. The anti-irony is that the creator of Frankenstein’s monster was Frankenstein, and Frankenstein’s monster actually has no name, but I guess it’s called Papladon now. Papladon is actually intelligent – just like the original Frankenstein’s monster (who actually committed suicide after realizing Frankenstein died). I think I made things too confusing.

I wonder how Staz will become more powerful after revealing such a powerful ability? He’ll have to ‘train’ like Ichigo or Luffy, probably. This is one of the problems of introducing holy-shit powers right at the outset – it’s hard to make the powers even better, and so it’s hard to add development to the plot.

I also wonder how Wolf will handle this – he was defeated even with Staz’s weakened state. Perhaps he’ll get a ‘powerup’ too? They’ll probably clash right when they both find Papladon.

In conclusion, I guess this is only the beginning of the first arc – funny that it took 12 chapters to introduce the ‘boss’ of the arc, Papladon. Oh well.

It’s been a year of Blood Lad.

2 responses

  1. Noc

    I really can’t tell if Braz actually cares about Staz or if he’s just coo coo for power puffs like Beru is.

    And I’m interested in seeing how the author will handle giving him such immense strength at this early stage. I’m not worried yet, just curious. Its not often that this happens. And I wonder if Staz’ sudden power-up will effect Fuyumi at all? She has a portion of his magic inside of her after all, so maybe something will change now that her host’s strength has increased so drastically.

    I can’t see Wolf getting a power-up though, at least not right now. Staz already had his power and it was finally unsealed, but Wolf doesn’t have anything like that (as far as we know). The most obvious power-up I can think of would be for him to turn into a full wolf, but how he’d overcome the hindrance of being a half-breed I don’t know.

    2011/08/04 at 02:59

  2. It’s obvious he has an ulterior motive – his talk about helping Staz feels a lot like an excuse to me.

    Maybe not, but plunging Wolf into such a dangerous situation is obviously going to lead to drastic results… I wonder what will happen.

    (Funny thing is, Blood Lad 13 was released like a week ago >_>)

    2011/08/04 at 03:42