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Gosick 12

[For fun, I am ‘watching’ this episode and typing this entire post at the same time, with my eyes closed – including while taking the screenshots. The only things that I am doing with my eyes open are typing this paragraph (and the excerpt), adding tags, uploading the screenshots, and hitting publish. Good luck…?]

…First off, I’m doing this because Gosick finished some time ago, and I’ve still got this post unfinished. As you know, I never stop episode-blogging until an entire half-cour is over, so I still need to do this post…

…I’m really not going to rewatch the episode, as I don’t feel like it.

From what I can hear right now, Kujo is having sex with somebody and panting really yhard cause his stamina sucks. Suddenly, VICTORIQUE IS SAYING SOMETHING and uh yeah.

The bad thing about this is that I’ll make a ton of spelling mistakes but that’s alright. It’s all part of the fighting spirit!

So now Victorique’s saying something really bad and an elephant’s farting in the distance? This is very interesting. MADOKA NA. SOMEBODY JUST SAID MADOKA NA and now it cuts in to the OP which I SPENT SO LONG TRANSCRIBING AND STILL HAVEN’T POSTED A VIDEO OF YET! Closing my eyes really hurts now, I want to open them so badly…

Lololol, the OP is lagging – every time I play something that’s animated sakuga or saguka or whatever-ly, it always lags – and seeing that the OPs and EDs are almost always sakuga, I never can watch one without lag (except on YouTube, which I’m not going to do!).

The sad thing is that this is the end of Gosick’s first cour, so this is going to be the last time I heard this… sih.

Ah, if there weren’t bumps on my keyboard at f and j I’d be typing things like zkr;;p Ept;f by now…

I actually recommend that people watch anime like this – it allows you to appreciate the music much more. It’s like watching a Drama CD or whatever those are. Except THERE IS NO MUSIC! Everything feels so bland and tasteless. Now there’s a train whistle and Kujo’s sounding really cool and lol. The bad thing about typing with your eyes closed is that I can’t take notes anymore, cause I CAN’T READ TE NOTES I WOULD TAKE, and I can’t choose which notes to erase. The same with paragraphs – anything I type here is permanent, except when I make a spelling mistake and can backspace it. For example, I just meant ‘tries to sound cool’, not sounds cool.

Now the train is leaving and somebody’s yelling “Ehhhhhhh?!?!?!”. I’d try to make this an interesting post, but you’re asically reading the ramblings of a blind man right now.

Now Victorique’s constipated. This feels a lot like twitter – I say random crap about the episode that nobody cares about. Wow, she seriously was constpiated – she was all ‘UNHMHNHNHNHNMMHMMH’ and suddenly ‘ah~!!!!’. Took a screenshot of the scene below. I wonder what actually happened…

It seems like this is a filler episode -it’s amazing how much you can tell by the lack of music. Now Victorique’s yawning and Kujo’s saying things to her… ar ethey in bed together? Wow, it’s amazing what has progressed sine the last epio-WAIT NO WHAT

Seriously, this is boring as fuck. Compared to a show like NIchjou or Durarara, where music’s used throughout, or even Steins;Gate and Ao no Exorcist, which have recently vamped up their musical skills, Gosick is no match. There has seriously not been a single ounce of music to date…

Now Victorique is torturing Kujo with a something? Somebody else is talking. I wonder who it is…

I wonder what would happen to this post if I weren’t a touch-typer. Now that I think of it, I’ve never not been a touch-typer – perhaps my PIANO PLAYING SKILLS WERE JUST THAT AAWESESOME. I feel like I’m making a lot of mistakes, but I can’t correct them… oh well. Anybody that knows me on Twitter would think I’m talking normally. But I’m actually MAD MAD MADRID

Suddenly, GRUFF MALE VOICE! and some woman is apologizing. It’s cool how you can deduce so much from just the tone of their voices. Some loli’s probably talking now. Or maybe it’s Shiemi. There’s a huge difference between the two.

Is this music? It’s a BZZZZZZZZZZZ sound and then a bunch of people saying “BANZAI” or something. Picture below.

One other thing that I always do in a post is look at the spaces between images – I’m not even doing that, now.You’d notice that in all of my posts (at least of this year), there’s usually an equal amount of space between each wall of text and each picture. Probab,lyy not so here. I don’t even have the luxury of seeing what my images are about!!

Although there’s the possibility I’ll alt+tab wrong, I guess we’ll only know at the end of this post. I wish someone were here to help me switch between mspaints, chrome, and the actual video, but nobody watchexs anime in my family, besides my gbrtoher, who is a stupid lolicon faggot who should be fired from his teaching job in a rural village in Japan, because the South Koreans didn’t want him. Oh wait, that’s not my brothetr, that’s my brother /in the future/.

I just realized that I never use only a single Enter – it’s always two. Using a single enter feels rather stupid tto me, seeing as words wap in wordpress anyways. However, I could make something that doesn’t wrap, by creating a very long wordododrordorwodwrowdowodowdowdorwdorwodrwodrowdorwowoowdowordwowdowdorowdodrwodrowdordtehbirdwordorwodrwodowdowodrowdowdorwodowdodwowdowowodowdowdorwodrowowowdrowdorwodorowrowdowodrwodrwodrowdrowdrowodrwodowdrowdrowdowodrowdrowdowodrowdro WORD WORD WORRISOME

Thunder! Somebody’s flinching because of it. Wait, did Kujo get struck by thundefr? That’d be interesting.
There’s still no music!! Now there’s a segment from rainymood, but that’s not music, that’s a rainy mood. I’d love to add a link to rainymood, but I guess you’ll just have to search as I’m not sure what the website is, and even if I was, I couldn’t check becuse MYP EYES ARE CLOSSSSSED

The life of a blind person isn’t /too/ bad – I wouldn’t mind being blind for a decade if I could live longer for five years. Especially for more musically inclindeed ppeople, who I hope to be in the future. A musically inclinded people. I wish to be a musically inclind people in the future.


All of the pictures in hthis post are in uh… chronological… order? I guess.

Now somebody’s shouting KUJOOOOOOOO and Kujo’s shouting SONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNA, who’s probably another character introduced this episode? From what I can remember, I can piece toeghter the fragments of Chaos and construct an academic view of what happened in this episode:

First, uh… what happened? FUCK I FORGOT BECAUSE I CAN’T LOOK BECAUSE MY EYE SARE CLOSED. Trumpets? No, there was a horn and people shouting Banzai… no, it was a treain!

OK, so Kujo and Victorique are on a train… and suddenly… uh. The train’s horn! That was the train’s horn, so the train ran into some issues, and people solved it, so they shouted ‘Banzai!’? And uh… Victorique got scared and shouteed t oKujo for help because the train was falling off a cliff, and Kujo got scared and yelled toSnona for help? Sonna’s probably that person with the loli voice.

But now I only hear Victorique and Kujo, and FUCK THERE REALLY IS NO MUSIC. SREIOUSLY, THIS RUINS THE ENTIRE THING. I’m going to watch Nichijou without looking now, and then Ao no Exorcist. Actually, probably just Nichijou, as I don’t feel like closing my eyes for so long without sleeping… and I just woke up from a nap too…

It comes to mind to ask whether or not Victorique is Victorica. I wonder why they called her Victorique anyways? Shouldn’t the Japanese pronounciation be Vi-ku-to-ri-kku insteada? It still sounds like VVictorique, the French pronounciation.

Holy shit, that’s the ED already>? Wow, that was short.

The entire episode really had no music at all… though it seems like merely a troll post, I have to admit that I did learn something important – the usefulness of music in conveying moods and feelings. This episode had no music at all, and felt astoundingling dry. Just as you can’t watch anime without pictures (or even television – I can’t even understand this nihongonese that they speak of, but even if I could, I’d be wondering what the fuck’s happening), you can’t watch anime without music – it takes the entire effec away. I’m pretty sure I realized that other episodes of Gosick had really good mujsic, but it was so long ago that I forgot.

In conclusion, this is the ending of my Gosick episodics – I’ll go through the second cour of the show now, as I’ve haerd many favourable impressions about it. Ahhhh, I feel like my eyes are glued shut – my eyes are still closed!

Now, only one question remains: should I actually watch this episode now?

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  1. Yi

    Loll what an adventurous way to blog! So much fun. ^ ^

    2011/08/07 at 11:54

  2. You should try it too! ‘Watch’ Gosick 12 again and then Nichijou 18. Perhaps play them in the background while doing something else? The musics are very interesting.

    2011/08/07 at 17:43

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