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Blood Lad 13

I have a musical history exam in approximately 3 hours (since this post is scheduled, I’ll be finished my exam /exactly/ when this post is published), so here’s a short post for today, seeing as Blood Lad 13 was released some time ago.

Franken Stein gives Yanagi an emergency miasma treatment, which brings her back to consciousness. However, he only has half a day’s supply of this.
Beru and Wolf track down Papladon, who bursts from a pig boar’s stomach. Staz escapes from Liz’s Toy Box.

The fight begins!

Why does Franken Stein need Papladon killed, again? Is it because Papladon ran away with his treatment, or is it just a ‘You kill Papladon, I give her the real treatment’ deal? I presume it isn’t the latter, as Wolf could easily kill Franken Stein, and he wouldn’t have a half-day time limit, but I don’t think it was explained to be the former…

Staz comments on his own otaku lifestyle, which we haven’t seen for so long. Really, the whole premise of ‘otaku vampire’ was thrown out the window, though I can’t complain.

Wolf’s not acting normal this chapter – I thought he was that ruthless murderer who’s the boss of the West District, not somebody who would get angry at somebody else killing somebody for no reason (wow, that made no sense). Being a protag, I doubt he got angry because Papladon ‘stole his kill’ (though he may claim to do that as an act of tsundere).

Papladon’s ability is spatial – he has these rings which he can go through. If it doesn’t make sense, just imagine his rings are a portal gun :v

I wonder how Franken Stein made such an ability – it’s not a simple act of creating a Frankenstein’s monster anymore.

If this follows Frankenstein canon, the ending may be much more dramatic than we’d expect – Papladon might kill Franken Stein, and subsequently commit suicide.

Anyways, 13 chapters have passed since my first Blood Lad post. It’s been a great ride so far, but I’d like to blog something else for a change. Thus, this is the end of my blogging of Blood Lad – I hope you all (read: just Noc) enjoyed it!

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  1. Noc


    I’m awfully sad to see the Blood Lad blogging come to an end. Most of the comments made by forum goers are all pretty similar/expected, so to be able to read a different take on this series was nice. Aaah well, it was fun…

    Do you have anything in mind to replace it in your blogging schedule?

    2011/08/06 at 01:04

  2. Not really, I might write something on a new manga soon. There are a lot of things that seem interesting, and some look like they’ll be on a regular schedule.

    For the most part though, I’ll probably catch up on other manga/anime via mqr/hsrs, so…

    Thank you for following this for so long! It’s always nice to see that at least one person reads what I write.

    2011/08/06 at 02:01

  3. Noc

    No problem! Thanks for writing about one of my favorite series for so long. I’ll keep reading your other blog posts as they come along.

    2011/08/06 at 15:41

  4. Whoa, this manga looks pretty good. WIll check.

    I didn’t notice the third panel was MS-Painted until after closer inspection.

    2011/08/06 at 23:39

  5. Mostly everyimage is mspainted, except for when I don’t because the image is ridiculous by its own right.

    For example, all my Steins;Gate episodic posts.

    2011/08/06 at 23:42

  6. Looool, +1.

    2011/08/07 at 01:24