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Steins;Gate 18

Two anime posts in a row because Steins;Sub just released the episode and the next episode’s going to be released tomorrow… and of course, some people probably got posts about the next episode out /already/, before it even aired…

Rintarou continues his negation of D-Mails, negating Ruka’s D-Mail – with the unintended side-effect of Ruka gaining the Reading Steiner ability. OH WAIT WAS THAT TOO SHORT? MY BAD

…have I seen that somewhere before? Hmm, must be some trick of my eyes.

Wait, does Ruka even go to high school? Steins;Gate is very interesting in its ‘prolonging’ of story. Whereas a normal anime would perhaps take place in the span of one or two years, Steins;Gate takes place (the main story takes place) in just one week, allowing school to not be an important variable. However, it would have also been very interesting if these events did take place during school days, and seeing Rintarou crack down while school’s still going on (especially replaying those scenes when he tried to save Mayuri – it would’ve been much more dramatic if he abandoned all of his obligations to pursue that one task single-mindedly). Perhaps it could then bring a clash between SERN and the school. I feel that Steins;Gate doesn’t take place during school simply for the sake of not taking place during school. While I commend their ability to create a good story that doesn’t have anything to do with school, I would commend them even more to have a story with school as a main element, but not revolving around school – that’s something that I believe has never, ever been done.

To be fair, this episode was far more interesting than it deserved to be. It lightened the mood, kept the plot going, explained Ruka’s sending of his/her D-Mail in the first place, and was interesting not only because Ruka’s arms look like rubber Rintarou was very subtle with his actions, but also because of the ‘mind-reading’ Steins;Gate manages to do.

I want to be ‘busy’ with ‘studies’ and ‘research’ too

Remember way back in the first half-cour, when Kurisu would say something that could be interpreted in an indecent way? Being the obsessively compulsive blogger I was, I would immediately pause the episode and drag a screenshot of the scene to MSPaint, ready to add a quipping remark to my post draft in the hopes that nobody else would have thought the same thoughts as I. Unfortunately, right after I unpaused the episode, Daru would state my exact sentiments, and woe! My caption, ruined.

The same happened in this episode, though without the presence of Daru. Ruka cried at the beginning, and I immediately added a note to this post draft (‘Why would Ruka cry at being told this? She must know deep inside that she’s a man…’) in the hopes that this would be a profound statement that would send shockwaves through the aniblogsphere. Little did I know that the episode would take this question and make it into the focus of the episode – Ruka’s crying because s/he won’t be able to do kinky things with Rintarou if s/he becomes a man.

And again, it happened. Ruka and Rintarou were taken to a flashback of the memory of their first meeting. While at first I thought that we were only being shown Rintarou’s memory, and that Ruka’s (different) memory would soon be shown, Ruka somehow /remembered/ that meeting. The video was paused, the screenshot was captured, the enlightening statement prepared… and Rintarou addressed that very issue.

Oh! What is a man like me to do, a man without any shrewd comments to present?

And thus is the explanation of why I insert badly-drawn pictures in every Steins;Gate post.

Postscript: Sending another message to make the first seem like a prank was pretty funny, though. I wonder if they had spam ads back then. The guitar strumming in this episode felt very Touhou in its melodies. Finally, OH FUCK IT’S HSR WEEK OH GOD I’M ALREADY BEHIND ON HSRs WITH TIGER AND BUNNY, NICHIJOU, YURUYURI, AND CROISÉE WHAT DO I DOOOOOOOOO

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  1. Noc

    Rintarou: Rukako, you’re a man!
    Ruka: No! That’s…that’s IMPOSSIBLE!
    Rintarou: Search your heart, you know it to be true!

    And waaait, I could have sworn the main cast were all old enough to be in college, weren’t they? In that case missing a week of school isn’t a big deal. But maybe its different for university/Japan/any other differences I might not be taking into consideration.

    2011/08/09 at 01:50

  2. They’re in summer, btw (I think I did mention that…).

    And yeah, Daru/Rintarou/Kurisu are (and Moeka’s much older than that), but Feyris/Ruka/Mayuri are two years younger, iirc.

    2011/08/09 at 03:24

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