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No. 6 6


Safu comes back from No. 5 and RACES TO THE WEST DISTRICT TO FIND SHION! However, she’s captured by the PUBLIC SAFETY BUREAU and Karan notifies Nezumi of this URGENT MATTER THAT HE SHOULD TOTALLY CARE ABOUT.

Whereas Shion was angry a couple of episodes ago, this episode features Nezumi being angry. Very angry.

I thought Shion’s anger was because of the parasitic bees – he seemed to be a very collected person before the attack, but afterwards, BLAH BLAH BLAH RAAAAAGGGGGGGEE. It’s similar to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – throughout the movie, Harry was acting like a fucking idiotic preteen douche jerk who tried to go through puberty but failed and is now going through that again but failing even more. I thought he was hilariously OOC until I realized that he was being a fucking asshole, and then I just thought his actor sucked. Turns out he was such a jackass because Voldemort messed with his brain or something, and his actor’s acting was brilliant because it felt so real. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that Shion isn’t being OOC, he’s just being messed with by those bees.

Safu is like half as tall as Shion’s mom, and Shion’s as tall as his mom, but Shion’s shorter than a short person. Thus, Safu is like half as tall as Shion, who’s half as tall as a normal person. Is it just me or does it seem like the art quality went down three notches – especially Safu’s face, which just looks ridiculously bad this episode. The only people whose faces didn’t look ridiculous were that old lady, the public safety bureau official, the person from the Twilight House, Rikiga, and Inukashi, who’s acknowledged by HorribleSubs as a boy (either that, or Shion thinks that s/he’s a boy). It makes sense that his/her hair is that long, as nobody has money to spend on things as trivial as maintaining hair… except for Nezumi, of course. And Shion. And Rikiga. And er, just about everybody in West District.

Seriously, the West District isn’t bad as everyone paints it to be. It may be ‘worse’ than No. 6, but that’s comparing small apples to THOSE FUCKING HUGE APPLES IN TIGER & BUNNY. YOU DON’T DO THAT. You compare small apples to normal-sized apples, and find that the small apples aren’t as small as you thought they were.

Besides, the West District can’t really be all that bad if they host plays by Shakespeare. No. 6 probably doesn’t even do that – you’ll notice that everything they do is science, science, science (yet, they have no qualms about sending their students to other cities – maybe they’re not as totalitarian as we thought they were). Safu wasn’t even allowed to bring her Picasso book into town, although the ticket guy obviously recognized who Picasso was.

I thought that all of the No. Sixties (that’s a PUN on cities fyi) would be like No. 6, but it seems that only No. 6 is No. 6. No. 6 obviously has something deep and dark in requiring everybody to wear the wrist-bracelet, but maybe No. 5 is darker – they could have tracking systems inside your body and not tell you about them in No. 5, while in No. 6, you have bracelets (that can be easily taken off too). Though of course, there’s no reason No. 6 wouldn’t put hidden tracking systems in your body as well – after all, Nezumi had to disable his VC Chip or whatever to run away from the authorities, right? Though Nezumi could does also harbour a dark secret, the authorities probably don’t care – after all, they could easily send some men into the West District and find out who Eve is in less than a day.

See, I was write in righting [sick[sic]] a point about Safu’s grandmother’s true happiness – she may not actually be content in such a nice place. There’s nothing to do, no adventure in her life!

I wonder how they’re going to explain the mental connection between Safu, Shion, and Nezumi – pass it off as a side joke, a coincidence, a scene-switching technique, or a plot device, an actual mental connection?

Nezumi’s anger was very well-executed, imo, as he struggles to deal with his true feelings. Then again, I have no idea whether it’s realistic or not, but if people thought AnoHana was realistic… eh… alright. Still, I feel like the writers might merely be bouncing back from Nezumi’s sudden dere last episode in a futile attempt to appease disgruntled ex-fans. FUTILE, I SAY.

In conclusion, we still haven’t heard ANYTHING of Youming since Episode 2/1/3/whatever, and it seems he’ll be making an appearance next episode.

No. 6’s dealing with so many COMPLEX ISSUES and PLOT and PEOPLE and THINGS TO TALK ABOUT solidifies it as the most content-full anime of this season (I haven’t started on Kamisama Dolls or Penguindrum yet, but I think I’m caught up with everything else). Blogging this all the way through~!

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