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Ore no Kouhai ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 2

There’s really nothing to say about this manga. If next chapter doesn’t get more interesting, I’ll drop it.

Apparently the artist also draws the ‘main’ manga, so s/he’s not an amateur, but that’s the feeling I get from the art – it feels really lazy, like they didn’t spend the time to draw properly. Yet, this manga is released only once a month, and s/he’s even taking a break next month (after just two chapters? Seriously?)!

There’s too much white space – instead of feeling relaxed or light, as I expect s/he intended it to be, it just feels really blank and empty. There’s almost no shading!

I wonder if this is intentional or just an artistic failure – I haven’t read the main manga, though I plan to later on, so I can’t really compare the art.

4 responses

  1. You must not drop this Manga,okay?YOU MUST NOT!Okay?

    Are you reading it cuz of Kuroneko?Is that what’s going on here?I demand answers,young man!

    2011/08/16 at 18:51

  2. I’m reading it cause I DON’T KNOW MANG

    2011/08/16 at 21:53

  3. only the bit in the middle seemed like wasted space.

    It does not help the case that we have already seen this chapter in the manga animated.

    2011/08/18 at 18:02

  4. Yeah, but now there’s no more anime, so I hope this goes somewhere.

    Amazing the author still has stuff to write about though (light novel author, I mean).

    2011/08/18 at 20:35