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Nichijou Half Season Review 3

I don’t feel like making a coherent post, so I’ll merely say things in random order in a lame attempt to surpass J159 in intelligence or lack thereof.

Of course, none of these pictures are edited, since most of my edits are usually fuelled by shroom overdoses, and the producers of Nichijou are already stoned.

Notice how everybody in Nichijou is flat-chested, even the background characters. THIS IS A GOOD ANIME YO


HOW DO THOSE FUCKING OLIVES EVEN RUN?! If I understand everything in Nichijou, I would understand this, but even if I do understand everything else in Nichijou if there’s one thing that I don’t understand, it’s WHY OLIVES RUN. SERIOUSLY, I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT but I’m sure there was a scene in which OLIVES RAN, OLIVER, RAN!

I thought Makoto would be Izumi’s son, since she looks like a 40-year-old. It’s funny, I’ve always thought that people in their twenties would be rather tall, and somehow shrink when they reach their thirties. Speaking of height, when I was a little kid in elementary school all of the girls were around the same height as the boys, i.e. not very tall. I guess it’s similar to the heights of people in Nichijou. However, suddenly in high school Grade 11 and 12 girls were shorter than Grade 5s in elementary! I have no idea how that happened. It’s like Nichijou, everybody’s around the same height but Izumi’s so short.

I guess shortness isn’t a factor if you’re a crow, because if you’re a crow you can grow and when you grow you’ll get old and when you’re old you’ll be bold and put calls on hold because you sh…old. Though I totally see that crow as a crow and can’t get its image out of my head, I wouldn’t bother talking to you if I was suddenly dead because, y’know, I’D BE DEAD.

Colours have such a big effect on images, don’t they – if the crow’s beak wasn’t lighter than its feathers, would we recognize it as a crow? What if the beak didn’t move? It’s hard for me to think because the image of the crow as a crow is stuck trying to… row.. a boat… in my head, but I can sort of imagine it as a flying cape, a double-rocket (all the way!), or a snail without its shell (turn the crow upside-down, it’ll turn its smile to a frown ):


I guess not

Let’s revert to a more rainy mood now.

I… have a confession to make.



I actually forgot that Nichijou was 26 episodes long, so I wrote last HSR after episode 12 instead of after episode 13.

: :
: :
: :
: :


AFTER ALL, most of Nichijou’s brilliance is in its ability to connect to everyday life. I mentioned that it was boring in an earlier post, but I suppose this has nothing to do with it – I still connect to Nichijou much the same before Nano’s entry into school and after, and the quality has drastically risen.

I was totally expecting Hakase to say that Nano was only something like three years old during that one scene that I FORGOT GOD DAMN IT THESE NOTES ARE FUCKING USELESS HOW DOES NANO WEAR A SCHOOL UNIFORM WITH HER SCREW ON, AND WHO GOT HER HER STUDENT ID?! They should seriously show her body (no, not in that way, you PANTS) more – remember previous episodes in which SUDDENLY, SHARK ROLL CAKE? I mean, seriously, she’s getting less emotionally mature. There’s no way Hakase programmed puberty into her, did she…

Seriously, the second cour really did drop in quality until about halfway through, when it picked up again. Even the new OP’s more about cuteness than about humour and randomness, key highlights of the previous cour. I started watching it not because I wanted to, but because I never drop any shows besides Kuroshitsuji, Digimon Xros Wars, and Amagami SS, but I dropped those only because I was handling too many shows at once, and I hadn’t written an HSR on them yet thus wasn’t obliged to continue them. However, I have written an HSR (two!) on Nichijou, and so I cannot drop this lest I taint my ‘undropped except for shows that were really bad and I hadn’t written posts on’ record.

I used to finish every single challenge on Kongregate until I went to vacation in China and forgot a few, and then I still finished every single card challenge except that once when two were up during every week, and then points challenges came up and I finished all of them except one impossible double-badge which I cheated on but never told anybody except those three people who I told until now. Finally they had badge of the days and I just gave up on the whole thing. You see, before, I ‘completed every challenge!’ and then ‘completed every challenge except those given when I was in China!’, until finally I ‘completed every single challenge except for cards given out while I was in vacation or during summer and certain badge of the days without cheating except for one impossible badge given out during the double points-fest!’. Not much of an achievement, but if I worked in a company and got to a high position and had one of those fancy nameplates with a business title underneath, I could ask for that engraved and get extra gold on my fancy silver nameplate so I could steal the entire thing and quit my job to get extra money working as a pizza delivery guy after I realized the nameplate was made out of steel that was actually fake wood painted over with silver paint that wasn’t even wood and was just plastic that wasn’t even painted to look like wood.

Of course, the gold was fake too.



So I was on twitter talking about the difference between a fanfic and doujin and I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT!

In related news, is the pun for ‘taking something’ and ‘taking a picture’ the same in Japanese as it is in English? Think of the misunderstandings!

Elderly Gentleman: “Kind miss, would you please take my picture?”
Some Woman: “I’d be delighted to!”
Middle-Aged Gentleman: “Well, thank you very much!” *turns off lights* “Now, you are de-light-ed!”
Some Woman: “That is not funny at all!”
Gentleman: “Yes, I agree, I am very tall!”
Some Woman: “I do not appreciate the making of jokes!”
Young Adult: “Don’t worry, we didn’t make them, we’re merely distributing them!”
Some Woman: “I fucking hate puns! Fuck you!”
Child: “You shouldn’t say the F-Word!”
Some Woman: “Why the fuck are you getting younger?!”
Baby: “Da-bu!”
Some Woman: “Alright. Now, as for that $1.5 million picture on the wall you have hanging there…

I’ll be…


That’s right, your picture was just TAKEN by my SCREEN-SHOT program. Get it? Take? Shot? SHOOTING THE BULLET LIKE IT’S NOT A PICTURE UNTIL SUDDENLY -gasp- SHOOT THE BULLET IS A PUN!!!! Aya doesn’t actually shoot bullets in shoot the bullet, she TAKES SHOTS OF BULLETS! HA HA HA HA HA HA THAT’S SO FUNNY but you don’t take pictures…

…of yourself.


I like how they introduce a new batch of characters in the second cour, though with it half over already, I wonder how they’re going to develop them. Nichijou Season Two? That’ll be the season… TO WATCH! HAHAHA, TWO, TO, TOO, THEIR, THERE, THEY’RE, WITCH, WHICH, WATCHER YOUR NAPKHANDKHERKHCIEVES! I never did understand how people pronounce ‘kh’ in English, or ‘r’ in Chinese. I can’t pronounce ‘sh’ either. PEOPLE LAUGHED AT ME WHEN I WAS EIGHT IN CHINESE SCHOOL BECAUSE EVERYBODY ELSE COULD PRONOUNCE R AND SH. Strangely enough my English accent was the most Chinese among my classmates :(

Perhaps the drop in humour is similar to what’s been happening through this post – though at the beginning it might have been slightly humourous, by now, it’s just a pile of rotten what-the-fuck-this-is-utter-shit. In Nichijou, the quality might not have dropped at all, but having the same style of humour merely gotten boring. I can’t sense if they’ve switched the style of humour to make it ‘better’ later in this half, but it seems humour in Nichijou is a very exact ar-FISH



EXCEPT THEY’RE ABACI but octopi isn’t even right, didn’t I tell you guys that when pashoo pashoo? You should search pashoo pashoo on this blog. More traffic for me.

Normally I’d feel like I’m forcing it but I haven’t done something this stupid for a long time. Maybe that’s why all of my recent comments sound like I’m on shrooms, which is hard cause SHROOMS DON’T HAVE SEX BY GOING ON TOP OF EACH OTHER!! Maybe to you guys it seems like I’m forcing this BUT I’M NOT!!! Notice how the number of exclamation marks gradually INCREASES!!!!

There’s really not much more to say that I haven’t said in the previous HSR, such as how Nichijou focuses on the relationships between its characters, how the art and music are phenomenal quality (like, how big is their budget, seriously, each episode has like over 26,000 frames). I’ve always thought that the COIN COIN COIN COIN COIN COIN COI NCOIN COIN COIN COI NCO IN COIN (a coy NCO in a coin?!) HOLY SHIT on a qwerty keyboard if you type COIN COIN COIN COIN COIN COIN COIN (not using caps lock cause that’s for suckers and @CapsCop will get you for it, but using shift like a REAL MANLY MAN on a TIP-WAITER, a.k.a. WAIT, I QUIT!) it sounds like a GALLOPING HOUSE, much like this ACCOMPANYING VIDEO.

I couldn’t agree less, cause less is more at su-per-store

…Anyways, I meant that I thought those COIN COI NCOI NCOIN COY NCOs IN NYC characters were just in the background or in the person’s thoughts – I never knew Hakase would ACTUALLY HAVE COY NCOs IN NYC NPCs?! I wouldn’t not pay customers, since the customer is always write and when writers write using Windows Live Writer I SHOVE MY MSPAINT DOWN THERE UNWILLING THROATS (Fundamental youth indiscrimination: Unwilling Throats is a location in the magical world of that world in my super cool fanfic about Unwilling Throats (think of it as a city)’s inner corruption. See, Unwilling Throats is home to many people, but outsiders think that Unwilling Throats is a very very bad place. I won’t spoil more about Unwilling Throats, but if I added more commas to ‘MSPAINT DOWN THEY’RE, UNWILLING THROATS’ maybe you wouldn;thack ING TO THE GATE.)

A comma’s the difference between ‘I like commas, lol’ and ‘I like commas lol’. Who the fuck likes commas laugh out loud?! It’s also the difference between ‘man my fafnfic s,o god’ and ‘man my fafnfic so god’. >_>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; SWEATING LIKE A STEIN;ER

The question remains: WHAT THE HECK KISS SHARK CHOCOLATE AND WHY WOULD ANYBODY KISS SHARK SPONGE CAKE WHEN SHARKS SHARK SHARK CHOMP. How are they even going to dub that… not like this, hopefully…



Now, let’s get on a more serious tone.



Nichijou should be adapted into an emotional, mature dramatic film about death, life, and punishment, focusing on the gradual mental breakdown of eight-year-old ‘mad scientist’ Okabe Rintara (known by her friends as ‘Rina’) as her parents are tortured and murdered in front of her, causing her to collapse into mental shock and work tirelessly at creating a fully-functioning autonomous robot capable of relieving her stress. As ‘Nano’ is gradually built up, many years pass, but Rina perseveres, cursed by the murderer of her parents to remain eternally in a child’s body. However, soon after Nano’s completion, she is torn from Rina’s grasp, who eventually goes insane, living a hedonistic lifestyle with her child body. Eventually, her body collapses and Nano must team up with her fellow classmates Yuuko, Mio, and Mai to save her beloved ‘professor’.

Igo Soccer is a representation of absurd games that we don’t understand – imagine walking into a room and SUDDENLY, people are talking about HOW TO SHOOT CUTE GIRLS WITH MAGICAL BULLETS THAT KILL THEM. Yeah, they’re probably batshit insane. Or, walk into a room, and people are talking about ROBOT GIRLS THAT GO TO SCHOOL. …Yeah, those people probably aren’t in their right mind either. Imagine you’re an alien and you land on Earth, to find that the people on Earth enjoy… throwing spheres at each other at lightning-fast speed in an obvious attempt to kill, maim, or seriously injure, only to be deflected by a metal stick swung at the sphere. Instead of running to kill the person who attempted to kill him, the stick-holder DROPS his only form of protection and runs at lightning fast speed towards another person who DID NOTHING TO HIM. The sphere is thrown at him again, and he slides face-first at the person who did nothing to him and should have no reason to kill. But suddenly everything stops and the person with the sphere is allowed to attempt to kill another person?! Is this some sort of obscure prison test to see whether or not a prisoner would be allowed free? What torturous beans!







MUSIC IS a cow that ate dead grass. Get it? Moo-sick? It’s like Gosick but let’s finish this post.

Closing notes: HELL-vetica Standard.
It’s nice to write posts this way, as you can insert any extra comments anywhere you like! The end.

P.S. Helvetica STAN-dard.
P.P.S. That was a pun.
P.P.P.S. This is a triangle scheme!
P.P.P.P.S. That was a pun.
P.P.P.P.P.S. Linking to J159 because 1. trackback = shameless self-promotion 2. he suddenly quit twitter, what a loser, 3. I’ll show him how I am so much awesomer than he is and there’s no other way to show him because 3. he suddenly quit twitter, what a loser.
P.P.P.P.P.P.S. The triangle was… broken.
P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. That was a pun.
P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. If you say everything you read out loud, right now people will be wondering why you aren’t going to the bathroom yet.
P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. You didn’t see anything that looked like notes, right? You know, when I was in math camp, they gave us a shitton of graph paper and I drew those triangle-games where you have a ball, and if it hit a triangle from the left like this triangle (the ball’s coming from the right, and the triangle is just a slanted line):
\ <—o (that's the ball)
the ball would go upwards because of the law of reflection. Anyways, I did that at math camp cause they were talking about boring stuff and I spent like three hours on one very complicated one where I showed my friend where the start was and told him to guess where it would fall 'off' the graph paper within five minutes. He didn't get it. Anyways, that's because I inserted a lot of false paths, and also a lot of 'ladders' like the triangle scheme above. The ball would enter from the top left and exit through the top right, creating a lot of confusion especially when you let the ball go early. Anyways, that's my everyday life.

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    MUSIC IS a cow that ate dead grass. Get it? Moo-sick?

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    Yeah lol, I didn’t even actually watch sister princess, but that Shinmaru guy is saying stuff about it in an intellectual way so I thought I’d put it into my post because then I’d seem like an intellectual.

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