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Oumagadoki Doubutsuen Manga Quarterly Review 2

Before you ask, no, I have no idea where his pupils are. I think their raid actually took place on the weekend, so I guess they were dismissed from school? The irony is that they still attack schools of fish, anyways – even though if they ran North-ways, they would’ve fallen into the sea.

See what I did there? There are many shounen bits scattered around this show in an ephemeral attempt to appeal to the wider majority of Jump readers. For example, when the crew jumped to the aquarium and acquired him (Igarashi) they were all separated and had to deal with the ‘strongest bosses’ of the aquarium before arriving in one piece. This bears much resemblance to One Piece – you can easily tell if you’ve read even half of the series. Not only do they have red shirts, but when the protagonists start battling against the boss of an arc, each protagonist is assigned to a specific enemy – this way, the battles are kept very black-and-white and very one-on-one, showcasing each antagonist and each protagonist’s abilities. Although realism-fags may protest against the impossibilities of this scenario, the scene-by-scene playing out of each battle is more tactical and exciting – besides, I’ve seen worse – and why would realism-fags read manga anyways?

Before you start throwing mangoes at me for bringing the same topic of shounen manga up and up again, I’ll have to remind you who brought you up – your parents. Jump doesn’t have a parent organization (I think it is one), but that doesn’t mean anything. I hope I wasn’t being mean (I don’t like getting killed by whales) when I said that, but the reason shounen manga sells well and works is because it sells well and works. These mangaka really do have to work all week to get the job done – in Bakuman, Takagi only has to come up with the stories, and yet he still has trouble every week! Nevertheless, manga, like all things, is like an apartment – you have to build it up, story by story, from the bottom. Maybe, after a while, the bottom will break, and people will realize it looks bad. Yet, instead of taking a break or starting a new apartment, people still like how the apartment is so tall, and so authors will continue to build that one.

The will of the author is what creates innovation and invention – innovation can be considered adding one more story to the apartment, while invention is erecting a completely new one. I know you’re having an erection right now, but I didn’t need to know that. Likewise, a manga doesn’t need to be wholly inside one apartment – it can be part of one and part of another. Part of a manga’s quality lies in having a firm foundation, but another part is having something new to share with people, something that other manga can’t share.

The irony of the situation above and above is that I don’t think Jump even has shares. Is it a public company? It’s nice how fights are more ‘public’ in Oumagadoki Zoo – whereas things like the latest arc for Reborn! are basically forced one-on-one battles, Oumagadoki Zoo allows for variation – 2 on 2 battles, battles where suddenly allies appear from nowhere, etc. This is of course highly variable – just as you can’t predict the length of a rainbow arc in the sky, you can’t expect variations to always be well-received. If I dug a well in the middle of a desert, does that mean people will drink?

I wonder if Maki’s perpetually drunk. Similar to other shounen manga (you’re probably tired of me saying this by now), Oumagadoki Zoo is geared towards young, stupid, men who perpetually think only about women and sports. Thus, all the men in Oumagadoki Zoo seem very menly, and all the women are made more womanly (Aoi Hana excepting). There are even shounen disabilities (except for the Director), such as Chita’s ability to run only 20 seconds. Perhaps Westerners like these type of stories to continue running, but I guess the Japanese don’t. What the Japanese do is fanart – the art for Oumagadoki Zoo is simply brilliant, and a full page of fanart has gone up on danbo before its untimely demise.

I wonder if the animals remember what they did as humanoid animals, or were they merely trying to achieve brilliance?

Conclusion: I would capitalize which words link to the next words in each sentence but that would ruin my achievement. If the style of this post seems weird to you, here’s a link to a monkey punching a capybara’s nose. I WILL SURPASS JESUS1591591591591591591591591591591591591531415926535159159133715915915915915915915 AND MISAKIFLOMUWHATTHEHELLSHISNAMEANYWAYSWHATALOSERHEJUSTHASTHATSAMEAVATARTHATSFROMSOMELAMESHOW IN BRILLIANCE BY SUPPRESSING THEIR STYLE INTO THE UTMOST UN-DIGNITY



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