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Tiger & Bunny 20

To be honest, Kotetsu without black hair just looks like a girl.

Back to badly-made mspaint Steins;Gate episodic-like images because I’m too lazy to put those sorts of images on No. 6 and also Shion’s face looks terrible already.

For those of you who haven’t watched the episode and are following the show: What the fuck are you doing here, you wouldn’t understand anything I say and also there’re tons of spoilers!
For those of you who haven’t watched the episode and aren’t following the show: You’d understand less, but there’s no spoilers if you’re not going to watch the show. And also, go watch the show, it’s awesome.
For those of you who have watched the episode and are following the show: Well, you’ve watched the episode, you don’t need me to tell you what happened in it, right?
Finally, for those of you who have watched the episode and aren’t following the show just get outta here.

Why doesn’t Maverick just use a taser to stun Kotetsu or something before he’s activated his Hundred Power, and then mind control really really fast? Or tell one of those creepy guys in suits to shoot a tranquillizer into him? It doesn’t make sense that he’d be immune to tranquillizers, because if he was, the drugs in the coffee shouldn’t have any effect on him either! Unless Maverick was really wrong, and the drugs really don’t affect them – he didn’t use drugs on Barnaby nor Kotetsu, though he used them on everyone else. This will probably become a pseudo-deus ex machina later on, and while everybody gasps in shock and disappointment, I’ll proudly point to this sentence in this paragraph in this post and all of you will fall and I’ll laugh and and and and winter.

It is really strange that Barnaby and Kotetsu have exactly the same power. Is this pure chance, are their abilities actually minutely different (operating on a different level; i.e. Barnaby’s power MAKES ATOMS REALLY HOT AND SUDDENLY HUNDRED POWER while Kotetsu’s power MAKES MOLECULES BIND AND SUDDENLY HUNDRED POWER), or is there something DEEPER that CONNECTS them?

For a long time, I thought Maverick was a really good actor – he pretended not to know about Kreim, and even the BACKGROUND MUSIC GASPED WITH HIM! The scene where he pretended to be a cool guy having dinner with Barnaby was also brilliantly executed, but his visible signs of anxiety when Kotetsu didn’t drink the coffee was just stupid. Seriously, that ruined the whole ‘this is a really cool villain’ role and made him an evil guy who gets immediately frustrated at his plans, which always fail – effectively taking him from the multidimensional antagonist he once was to just a ‘cartoon villain’.

For an even longer time, I thought Kotetsu was actually pretty smart – he picked up that pin and knew it was Barnaby’s. But, since Maverick said Barnaby wasn’t in his office, that means that Maverick must have done something suspicious to Barnaby, who dropped his pin there, and so instead of saying it was Barnaby’s pin, thus letting Maverick know that he’s suspicious of Maverick, Kotetsu said it was his own pin, and picked up a fake call so that he could get away from Maverick, who must have been planning something very evil. But, turns out that at the end, both Maverick and he are just fools. I MEAN, LOOK AT THE WAY KOTETSU RUNS


They should’ve at least given more mystery around the people Maverick hires – instead of suddenly showing ‘Hey, look, this is everything Maverick does and we can all see it!’, ‘Oh man, Maverick gets things done but who actually does it? Is it a criminal organization? Is it some really dark secret company?’ would’ve been far more interesting. Besides, those men in suits don’t ever have any personality – not in Tiger & Bunny, not in No. 6. As I said in some No. 6 post, those people really need personality. They’re people too, why can’t they be developed more? There’s a reason they do such immoral acts, and it can’t just be for money. The life of a Man in Black is just as interesting as the life of Kotetsu in terms of debates of morality.

…Which Tiger & Bunny is beginning to lose. Remember when I praised Tiger & Bunny for delving again into complex debates? Now, Yuri’s nowhere to be seen, and Maverick is a full-on antagonist. It’d be nice if he wasn’t even the only antagonist (remember, Ouroboros is still a large underground organization that nobody’s destroyed yet), but the direction this proceeds makes it feel like it. Yet, there’s no way to tell for sure – the show could completely one-up us with an ending in which Maverick is only doing the best thing for the world, ending with the elimination of all NEXTs or something absolutely ridiculous like that.

I guess it’s a sacrifice between plot and outlooks on life – Steins;Gate’s plot is simply amazing, but it doesn’t really tell us that much (maybe now, it does – Episode 19 is simply amazing, and I heard Episode 20 is equally so). Fractale tried to say a lot of things, and its plot totally sucked. Like, totally. If Tiger & Bunny is lacking a bit on the human aspects, its plot really is improving by leaps and bounds.

Mr. Maverick’s plan isn’t really sound – all the Heroes need to do to have their memories refreshed is to have a townsperson talk to them about how Kotetsu used to be a hero – after all, although the heroes have no idea who Kotetsu is, the people who Mr. Maverick haven’t brainwashed do know that Kotetsu is Wild Tiger. Yet, for that to happen, maybe Tiger & Bunny will see the return of some people we haven’t seen for a long time. Tiger & Bunny really hasn’t forgotten about several secondary characters – even Ben recently reappeared in the series after being not seen since episode one. Maybe the kid Kotetsu inspired to be a good kid will realize that Kotetsu was obviously framed and help him? Or maybe Kotetsu will find that Barnaby’s BONDS OF TRUST HAVE NOT FADED and that TRUE FRIENDS stay FRIENDS TILL THE VERY END

As a closing paragraph, the music of Tiger & Bunny is just amazing. Kotetsu breaking out of the mall door felt so cool and awesome and badass it wasn’t even funny. The dramatic music at the beginning was so dramatic and full of tension and scary it wasn’t funny, either. The orchestration is just brilliant – I absolutely adored how the bass strings kept on repeating that same agitated ostinatoish thing in a very feature film-esque manner. If Tiger & Bunny keeps the same composer, I have no doubts a film will be successfully received. The ending of this episode was amazing, too, how the music managed to conjure the mood up from nowhere, switching from playful guitar riffs to sudden DRAMA. Without the music, it would’ve undoubtedly seemed very fake and sudden, but with it, just… wonderful.

tl;dr: Something’s really wrong when the first thing you hear when people say ‘Go’ is ‘Next’… I was watching some sports channel one day and the commentator was like ‘Go!’ and immediately I said ‘Next!’ without realizing that I said that. This is called PROPAGANDA and MIND CONTROL and BRAINWASHING and MAVERICK-SAN and Pepsi NEXT is real.

P.S. Wait, who’s the black woman?

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