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600th post!

The main battles finally start, as everybody decides to join the 12th National Kids Boxing Tournament. Last year, Hyouma lost at round one to Watari, who’s also going to join this year – Moka is determined to be a Moka and joins as well, and finally Isamu, left alone, vows to train so super hard that he’s going to become super cool and forget about school and have his parents kill him.


I thought Moka would have gotten RAGE and punched Watari half to death, but apparently she decides to be COOL and stop before hitting him. I wonder why Watari looks down on girls – maybe he had a girlfriend who accidentally ripped all of his limbs off and now his limbs are all artificial? Maybe his mom took all of the organs out of his body while he was still alive, and he had to go for emergency treatment for seven years before being able to move again?

I mean, is he even a boy? The translation is even iffy about this. He’s like Inukashi’s perfect partner.

I wonder it the KARATE KID from long long ago will also join the Boxing Tournament for a chance to beat Moka up again. I sorta doubt it – the author probably forgot all about that guy – but who knows?

Three things before ending this post.

You may have not noticed this before, especially if you read comics using Google Reader or the like, but Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal has a little red button on the bottom left corner of each comic – if you hover over it, you get a BONUS PANEL (similar to xkcd’s alt-text, but it’s an alt-image)! Apparently, there used to be a vote button there or something, and Zach used the bonus panel to encourage people to vote for SMBC, but now I guess there’s nothing to vote for anymore, so it remains, and it’s still called a ‘votey’, but it doesn’t actually do anything when you click on it.

The funny thing was, when I first found SMBC a yearish ago, it was doing a lot of one-panel comics with text underneath. I thought that the text underneath those single-panels were basically the same as xkcd’s alt-text, since no alt-text appeared when I hovered over the comic. How did I never notice the votey?! I guess now it exists primarily to encourage you to go to the site, instead of reading it on Google Reader – more ad revenue, right? Time to browse through the entire archives and read the voteys, now…


Oh man I would totally create an experimental video game or anime or novel about the life of fish. I’ll call it ‘Life of Fish.’ Experimental because instead of looking at the world from our perspective or looking at it from the fish’s perspective, it’ll look at the fish from an experimental perspective.

Let me explain.

We bought six neutered fish and a pair of breeding ones. They were so cute and tiny and their eyes were big and they might have been in tortuous pain the entire time, we don’t know because they looked so cute and tiny. Eventually, a couple of the neutered fish died from food poisoning or overeating or something. The pair of breeding ones had babies, and though the mother ate a lot of the baby fish, two survived. There was a lot of algae and molluscs, and eventually the molluscs became so many and three of them were even larger than the fish. So we killed the molluscs.

Somehow, some more neutered fish died, and the father breeding fish also died, leaving us with only the mother, two neutered fish, and the mother’s one son and one daughter. The molluscs kept on reappearing but eventually, after cleaning the entire tank, they vanished. Forever.

As the baby fish grew, the mother somehow gave birth to another bunch of fish. Unfortunately, this time, she ate all of them, and none of them survived. A disease was in the water, causing the tails of all the fishes to become bloody – a neutered fish died, and the mother died as well. The disease was treated after a while, but the final neutered fish and the mother’s daughter soon passed away.

So the son was left alone, and all the algae was removed, so that indeed the tank was barren. He succumbed to loneliness just this week, more than a month after the others.

The experimental way to visualize this into a super cool movie would be dots of light. First, there would be a big blue dot of light, and suddenly, a big pink dot of light and a yellow dot of light. The pink dot would gradually become smaller, while a black dot and green dot would appear. The black dot would get big really fast, but disappear, and the green dot would also gradually become bigger. The pink dot will eventually vanish, and the blue dot would become smaller – the green dot would then disappear, and the blue dot would become even smaller. Eventually, only the yellow dot would be left, which would gradually grow smaller until it’s just a single point. Finally, the blue dot becomes smaller, slowly, and then more quickly, faster and faster, until every dot is gone, leaving nothing behind.

But the fish tank, of course.



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