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I’m posting this so soon after the Tiger & Bunny post because it takes too much time to write an HSR, so I’ll write that after I get back. Also because REDLINE

Seeing as I have so little time left (writing this the night of the 26th) and won’t be editing anything anytime soon, I might as well make all the images for No. 6 be of scenery now ┐(´ー`)┌

They climb down a cliff and get captured. I thought it would be the Safety Bureau’s men, but they’re too pirate-like and don’t wear suits and sunglasses. They’re captured by one of the core founders of No. 6, hereonafter referred to as ‘that old guy’. That old guy worked together with Karan and Rikiga to make No. 6 into what it was. After the war, there were only six liveable areas, and their team decided to make the cities an utopia without conflict (derp, somebody didn’t read my post) and poverty. Unfortunately, the people who ran the cities became MEAN EVIL CAPITALISTS who weren’t communeiscool enough.

That old guy learned of these tribal people who survive, living in unison with nature, and wishing nobody else harm. Elyurias was a Goddess who the tribal people worshipped, and she had immense power, for she was an actual Goddess, not a fake one created by humans. Eventually, the elites of No. 6 got greedy and burned the tribal people’s village down, hoping to get some of Elyurias’s power. They tried to assassinate that old guy using parasitic wasps as well, but he ran away (and survived the wasp attack) with a host of other No. 6 exiles, saving Nezumi in the process – Nezumi, who is now the last survivor of that village. I wonder where that old guy and those exiles get food…

Meanwhile, Youming talks to Karan about how people mysteriously die, and all the witnesses also mysteriously never come back. How does No. 6 explain this to their families?! Youming’s wife and son were taken away too (but not that little girl who was with him?), and he tries to ‘recruit’ Karan into joining their resistance group, who was never even /hinted/ at before this episode. Youming only appeared for a minor role last episode, and suddenly he’s at the forefront of the show? Karan deflects Youming’s ‘recruitment’ (which was really just an attempt to rape her) and Youming walks away REALLY SUSPICIOUSLY, like he’s, I don’t know, A GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL or something. Or just a person who failed a rape attempt.

Finally, Rikiga is enlisted to help them infiltrate the correctional facility. Also, some magic thing involving magic happens but let’s pretend that didn’t actually happen alright

I wonder if they’re trying to recreate Elyurias using Safu? It’d make the most sense – in fact, it’s probably the only thing that makes sense. No. 6 burnt down the village, but still don’t wield Elyurias’s power, and now they’re experimenting on humans so that they can wield that power. That’s why Safu and Nezumi have that connection – Nezumi was able to mentally connect with Elyurias as a child, and now Safu is becoming Elyurias. Safu x Nezumi ending?! Nope.avi – I’m overthinking this.

I’d talk about how this is becoming like Fractale with this sudden burst of magic and all, but I won’t – instead, I’ll talk about how this is becoming like Fractale with this sudden burst of nature and all.

Fractale’s true battle wasn’t science versus magic or whatever, it was science versus nature – but at the end, in what the directors must have thought was a SUPER COOL TWIST that SHOCKED EVERYBODY’S SOCKS OFF, they threw all of that away and said ‘lol, humans are humans, science and nature now COEXIST FUCK YEAH’. I doubt that’s going to happen for No. 6, though – the setting is a lot more grounded, compared to Fractale’s ‘WHEEEEEE WHAT ARE THESE PRETTY LIGHTS MAN CLAP YOUR HANDS EVERYBODY, and EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS

Relying all on ‘fate’ and all that was pretty stupid, too – I can tolerate random bursts of magic since they make the anime MORE COOL (not really), but saying ‘all of this is because of… fate!’ just feels really bad outside of a romance. After all, when you say that everything happened because of fate, that’s like saying ‘lol, you didn’t do anything, fate did everything’, making Shion feel absolutely worthless.

Shouldn’t Karan already know more than Youming about everything that’s happening, as she was part of the founding project? Was she really part of the project, or was that just an incidental photo that happened to be taken with that old guy? And Rikiga – he seems like really stupid comedic filler, but he was part of that team too. Maybe he has some non-sexual ulterior motives too – why does he care so much about Shion? Does he secretly work for the government too? That would explain how he’s able to traffic prostitutes over to high-ranking officials, though it wouldn’t explain why he decides to live in West District instead of in No. 6. Maybe he’s a super spy?

I like how No. 6 can now shift between many different perspectives and people – there are now many solid characters (except for the characters who aren’t solid, namely, everybody besides Shion and Nezumi) so that each perspective can add a little more to the story. It’s also nice that Nezumi’s slowly realizing that killing the people of No. 6 would be the same as a massacre – with Holy Day fast approaching… wow! Where did the time (in-story) go?

The psychology of No. 6 is still great, what with Nezumi subtly making fun of Shion saying all that crap last episode. Their development truly is brilliant – I wouldn’t say they’re characterized as well as Rintarou (whose breakdowns of logic really made him the most complicated character of this season), but put together, they’re the best couple of this season – not because they’re cute or anything (I realize I sound tsundere right now but I’m not, deal with it), but because of how well their personalities clash.

Yet, of course, this episode was probably the worst-received episode of No. 6. There was no founding for what happened, not even a brief hint – why didn’t the director decide to just add some small hints, tiny hints, hints that would allow us to think ‘ohhh, that makes sense’. They didn’t do that for Fractale either, but No. 6 isn’t an original anime, it’s based on a novel. They have no excuse not do have introduced the concept in advance.

Karan’s ending felt horribly fake, as well – more to cause drama than anything else, and it didn’t even feel especially dramatic. AnoHana’s end felt more real, and that’s definitely saying something.

This episode really set my hopes down, but I hope they’ll take what they’ve introduced and not step down – now that they’ve done this, they better stick to it.

In conclusion: MACHINE HEAD


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