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Tiger & Bunny 22

Obligatory boat picture since I haven’t put a post picture into a boat

The sad thing about boats is that I can’t really think of a good Tiger & Bunny & Boat pun. Tiger & Boat is a bit too obvious but that’s not even a pun, and Tiger & Boanny is only mildly better, except it actually looks even worse. The only good pun I can think of is Tiller & Boat, but that sounds more like a boating company than an anime. Tiller & Buoy? Now that sounds like either a floatation device seller or a law firm, neither which has anything to do with superheroes nor boats

Uh, back to boat

Tiger executes his SUPER COOL PLAN that REQUIRES BEN’S HELP while Ben’s at home munching a huge apple. I mean, how the heck did they get apples that big? I talked about this earlier when Sky High was eating huge apples. Is it some sort of hidden reference to New York? Or maybe those apples came from a boat

Turns out Ben didn’t really need to help and his presence really didn’t do anything, as Tiger breaks into Dr. Saito’s room and steals his new suit anyways. Tiller & Buoy fight while the rest of the heroes confront the Wild Imposter, who’s probably a boat

I’m just referring to the fake Tiger as ‘Wild Imposter’ from now on, since that’s a boat

Uh, also, Kaede comes along and summons a big flashing ball of light which restores everybody’s memories, since that’s the NEET thing to boat

I wonder how she did it? It feels a lot like a deus ex, but I’m sure she has a good explani-boat

Kotetsu obviously activated his power for more than five minutes there. I never noticed it (or maybe it’s never happened before), but he actually does become more muscular when he activates his hundred power (though not a hundred times more muscular). What was his reason in activating his power then when he didn’t even use it, and he knows that activating it will make it deteriorate even more? Boat

I wonder if Legend had the same Hundred Power – he seems like the type of person who would. Kotetsu did become stronger for a brief instant when his powers started failing – will the ending have him use a fifteen-second ‘Thousand Power’ to save the day? That sounds like a boat

Kotetsu’s plan was obviously to act as some sort of climax for all those episodes of character-building that has been done already, but… to be honest, it was pretty sad. So many hours of hard work, ending up in this sort of climax? All that drama over Maverick’s evil plan, all that worrying over what Kaede’s going to do, all that suspense over Yuri’s final appearance, dashed to nothing? Sky High and Fire Emblem’s secrets weren’t even hinted to in previous episodes, and the hero Kotetsu was the closest to, Rock Bison, didn’t even have anything revealed by Kotetsu (at least tell us something to pique our interest in the Drama CD…), other than that lame $20 boat

Kaede’s final save was hinted on last episode, and though I thought it was a deus ex, it dawned on me that EVERYTHING MADE SENSE! After a while, it also dawned on me that it’s still a deus ex, since the point was only introduced last episode, building the entire solution to Tiger’s problem on a single point, rather than a solid foundation – for example, Yuri (I feel like I’m AnoHana complaining, though – they may as well make this Kaede-solution better than a Yuri-solution). Needless to say, I’m really pissed at having an entire episode focused on him, leading up to… him stopping the heroes from chasing Kotetsu for all of five minutes. Really, Sunrise? Really? I have to admit you draw good sunrises, what with boat

I’m not even going to talk anymore about Kaede’s magical rainbow ponycorn power and magnetism that probably will be used for another deus ex near the end of the show when everybody comes together to defeat the evil fat man in a suit. Instead, I’m going to shift your attention to a much cooler girl who I thought was riding in Ben’s taxi which is not a boat

Ok, now, back to boat

The flashbacks were especially irritating – it felt like the producers were belittling us, thinking that we weren’t intelligent enough to make the conclusions on our own. Even most mysteries, such as Detective Conan, feature extensive use of flashbacks and references to show us how the detective deduced the solution – witch makes since, sense if day didn’t, most fewer well sink the the duck shin doesn’t make cents. What would be amazing is if an anime did chain many seemingly useless events together to create a logical conclusion – all without using any flashbacks, or even having the main character reference the previous events. Yet, not only would it be really cool when you did rewatch the episode and find all of those useless events that mean something /all by yourself/, but the anime would be watchable even without realizing that those useless events did mean something. Of course, that’s impossible, but what can boat

I don’t get why Barnaby’s so mad – he didn’t kill Barnaby’s parents, he only killed Aunt Samantha. I understand that Barnaby loved Samantha, but, dude, seriously, chill out! He was calmer when fighting Jake. Speaking of Jake, Ouroboros – is out of the picture. Man, really? I guess the producers will back down, saying that Kriem was lying about Ouroboros being bigger. I wonder who Wild Imposter is – the android Barnaby’s parents were working on for so long? The leader of Ouroboros? Mr. Legend? Barnaby’s parents themselves?! I hope it isn’t just introducing a new antagonist out of nowhere, though – there’s twenty-two episodes of foundation to use, introducing a new character with only three episodes left (seriously, who is that black woman) is just boat

The ‘Tiger, and Barnaby!’ moment with the girl on the taxi was especially cool, and their Good Luck Mode battle from the OP was also very cool as Kotetsu tries to make Barnaby remember the times they’ve spent together – it seems that instead of action, the main focus is going to be yaoi in the ending of Tiller & Boat

The Heroes are just puppets – not only for Maverick when he brainwashed them, but for society in dealing with crime, for their sponsors selling their products, and for Kotetsu ‘proving’ his innocence. They don’t question why a criminal is a criminal – but likewise, they don’t question why Maverick would brainwash them. They’re merely tools, and the person with true power is not the person who has power, but the person who can control them. Even if Maverick wasn’t a NEXT, he was more powerful than all of the heroes, as he controlled them all. Kotetsu is the protagonist of Tiger & Bunny, as he is the centre of the group of heroes – he can control them as well. They’re merely puppets for the boats

What’s a boat

Think about it – what if Kotetsu actually did kill Samantha? How would Kaede know that he didn’t? How would the other heroes know that he didn’t? All they can say is that ‘he’s a cool guy, he wouldn’t kill people’ – but Legend beat up his wife when his powers diminished. If the show didn’t show us that Kotetsu was obviously innocent, we’d have no idea. Maybe Samantha found out that Kotetsu did something bad, and Kotetsu killed her to silence her? It’d make sense, and Kotetsu’s fingerprints were found on that poker, after all. Who are the heroes to say that he didn’t? Boat

In conclusion, a few smaller points:
– Aren’t they easily going to beat Maverick, Wild Imposter, and (some sense into) Barnaby, what with all of the Heroes fighting?
– I really hope all the loose threads are wrapped up – I’m not too hyped up for a second season of this. Really, Tiger & Bunny is past its prime. That said, there are a tone of loose threads – the androids, Ouroboros, Legend/Yuri, Hero Academy, the Second League heroes, the telekinesis boy, Rock Bison, that black woman – to boat
– Who jammed the signal? There better be a good explanation (maybe Kotetsu’s brother was magnetism-man and used his super magnetism to magnetize the magnets like a manga)…
– How do they have time to talk to Tiger with Barnaby right in front of them?
– There was never a transform ability on Tiger and Bunny’s bikes… well, there was, but at least show it to us!


P.S.: Blue Rose’s confession? DEFLECTED

You spin boat right boat, boat, right boat like a boat, boat, right boat, boat, boat, you spin boat right boat, boat, right boat like a boat, boat, right boat, boat, boat

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