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Hand x Red Manga Quarterly Review [Completed]

what is this…

Hand x Red dropped by mangaka at chapter 19…

Apparently, Luca can only kill Jim by making another forbidden spell with somebody else who both of them know. The only person who’s survived for so long is Grace, who’s still frozen at the Village of Time – except, Trish is alive too, having used her husband, Hoffman, as the sacrifice for another forbidden spell, granting her long life. Eventually, Luca tries to trick Trish into sacrificing herself, but Jim rips out his own heart, crippling Luca in the process. Finally, Grace is about to wake up when suddenly DROPPED BY MANGAKA

what is this…

How does Luca arrive at the village of time just as Jim wakes up? What is this? Besides, does time flow faster or slower at the village of time? There are species of fairies that ought to be extinct, and Trish is still alive – suggesting that time flows slower than outside, so the fairies haven’t died out yet, and Trish hasn’t died after a half dozen centuries, either – yet, apparently Jim has less time on Earth and Grace was brought there since time flows faster? O_o what is this.

Jim and Luca’s past could’ve been turned into a lot of political intrigue, what with the war and all, just like the Legend of the Legendary Heroes – instead, the author just skips all that, since there’s no way to connect the political struggles to Jim’s current situation. What is this…

I guess I understand the author, though – after developing so much backstory, nothing is tied together. Some things are – for example, Grace, Luca’s ‘master’, Allen, but others just don’t matter – such as KARTH. I mean, what is this?! A geological formation shaped by the dissolution of a layer of soluble bedrock? Pft-

He’s in a lot of pressure to make the story more interesting, but there’s really nothing that could be very interesting, other than make it a series of oneshots about society’s progression through the centuries – however, that idea was shot out the window when he introduced standard shounen fare characters in the backstory. What is this?

I do ultimately agree with his decision not to continue and end it on a horrible ending like SWOT – perhaps he’s looking for a bit of an artistic ‘choose-your-own’ ending, or perhaps he’s just run out of ideas.

In conclusion, Hand x Red was a nice, short ride. The idea was great, the art was very nice, and it might have shaped up to be a great manga – however, I can’t imagine how it might continue to be developed, and I’m sure the mangaka didn’t have any good ideas, either.

Overall Rating: 4/10 (Good)

P.S. What is this?


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