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Going, Going, Gone: Back to School

Now that I’m back from vacation (I’d add a link but I can’t as I haven’t written that post yet! Instead, I’ll add a link to a post I wrote about my /other/ vacation way back in May, when I went to China and fired all my writers for not writer-ing.), it’s time to go back to school!

(from Safebooru)

I don’t know, I have a few thoughts to share. Feel free to skip any one, they’re not actually connected.

Firstly, I deleted all my piano anime/game sheet music, since it’s sort of pointless – I hardly ever play them, and when I do, I do just as fine playing them without sheets. I first thought to gather a large amount of anime sheet music to create an aggregate site that would RULE THEM ALL. There are only two large aggregates, Josh’s collection and Ichigo’s music, but I’m sure there are hundreds of transcribed sheets on the Ichigo’s forums that haven’t been posted to the main site, which could then be used to create a COMPREHENSIVE COLLECTION. However, this xkcd comic brought me to my wits and I realized that people are going to find their sheet music anyways. You don’t even need aggregates – simply searching ‘(insert anime name here) (insert song name here) (insert instrument name here) sheet music’ on any search engine will bring you the music you need, with no significant loss of time.


Also, lol, the music filled all my binders (i.e. two) and I was too lazy to buy more. Speaking of music and throwing things away, there’s something else I’ve decided to throw away/quit – the viola. I thought I would be able to become SUPER VIOLA PERSON and play VIOLA and PIANO… SIMULTANEOUSLY, but that requires way more work than I’d be able to put in. If I’m strapped on time now, how will I afford 10,000 hours to actually get something out of the viola (practising less than that basically doesn’t help you at all)? That’s funny though, because today (the first full day of school), I learned that my counsellor still gave me a Strings block, instead of the Cooking block I wanted. Initially, I signed up for Strings and Cooking, but my counsellor said the Strings block was full – after realizing that I didn’t want to play the viola anyways, I decided to swap Strings with an Art block (I didn’t take Art last year, as I was taking Strings, haha), but I ended up with a Strings and an Art block at the very end, leaving out the block I most wanted to take this year – Cooking.


Oh boy, this post might become pretty long. I was on the late bus to school today (I usually take the bus before it, as I’m usually late when I take the late bus, for obvious reasons), and the door wouldn’t open at the stop I wanted to get off at. So, the bus went all the way to the next stop until letting me off, and I had to run all the way to the school – and I still made it in time. In fact, I was EARLY (by like three minutes). I thought I was amazing and cool and awesome and managed to run so much in so little time and then I realized it was only a mile, so now my self-esteem has dropped to nothing.


Let’s go back to the beginning. As I said, I haven’t written my vacation post of my recent vacation yet, though for some strange reason I decided to write the post of my trip to China (here’s a link again because you were lazy and didn’t click it the first time!) before writing about that. Maybe I intentionally write posts five months later because that will make me think about the experience differently? The same thing is happening to my first year anniversary post, which still hasn’t been written – the two year anniversary is coming in two days, on Cirno Day, and I haven’t even written the one-year anniversary post…


Now, the final huge-ass long point that you should probably skip. The first few days of summer and the last few days of summer were nice. The first few days is obvious – it’s warm, there’s no school, you can do whatever the hell you want after 10 months of torturous torture! The middle of Summer isn’t so nice, though. Indeed, I’m sure many of you will agree that it becomes extremely lethargic, and even moving is a chore. Various factors add into this, but I think I know the most common factors for my lethargy. If I didn’t force (not really) myself to write a post every day, and if I wasn’t horribly trying to code a failing game, I’m sure I would have died of boredom.

The first factor is the lack of social contact – while many of you probably go out with friends, I didn’t meet anybody from school for the duration of summer. Indeed, I would have forgot how to speak English if my brother didn’t speak English too – if I didn’t write posts, I would forget entirely what English was! And I live in Canada, for god’s sake (or rather, for GOD WE KEEP OUR LAND GLORIOUS AND FREE)! Anyways, without friends and variety in my life, every day seems the same. There’s no variety in my routine during the middle of summer – I wake up, go to my computer, do computing things, maybe eat some stuff, maybe play some piano, and sleep.

Without variety, there’s no sense of progress – unlike in school, where you can see ‘wow, I’m finishing SO MANY ASSIGNMENTS’ or ‘wow, I now know THIS MUCH STUFF’ or ‘wow, I can run FASTER THAN I COULD WHEN I WAS A KINDERGARTENER NOW’, in summer, I didn’t do anything, so I had no sense of progress. In the same vein, there was no rush or deadlines – everybody knows time flies by when you have an assignment due tomorrow, or at least, time flies by when you have none to spare – but in summer, you have all the time in the world, so everything goes ridiculously slowly. I hate to say this again, but by setting deadlines on writing a post a day, time at least goes fast while I’m on the computer.

The last three factors are physical. The first is my constant back pain, which has somehow disappeared (maybe because I move around a lot more). It’s probably because my back is only in one of two positions during the middle of summer – slouching (on the couch, in front of the computer, on the dining table, on the piano bench, etc.) or sleeping. Constant back pain really makes everything a lot less fun. The next is related – I hardly ever went outside (except when forced to). There are people who go outside every day in summer, and there are people like me who go outside once a week. Because I was constantly inside, the world seemed much smaller, and much more boring. Also, never moving around made my back pain even worse. When I happen to go to a taekwondo class, the pain disappears entirely, and time starts flowing faster again – things like those added variety to my summer, and stopped me from dissolving into a blob of yellow goo. The final factor was having way too much sleep – having more sleep makes you tired, or something (I’m sure there are tons of articles that prove that, as well as tons of other articles that disprove that). There’s a reason we wake up every day, even when you have nothing to do (such as during summer) – it’s because you’re not supposed to sleep longer than that. Switching from seven hours of sleep mode to twelve hours of sleep mode just kills your body.

I think.


But why would I say the last few days of summer were nice? As school’s evil shadow hovers near, we start to appreciate our summers more, and everything starts feeling more relaxing. For the last two weeks of summer, I felt especially good – I was living the good life, doing whatever I wanted. It didn’t feel like I was just waking up, computering, eating, computering, and then sleeping, and it didn’t feel like I was just waking up, going to school, eating, doing homework, and then sleeping either. No, I was doing a lot of things, and every activity was relaxing. I was playing piano and practising taekwondo. I was resting my tired eyes by cleaning my room (I /think/ I might have OCD, but I most likely don’t – anyways, cleaning my room is fun for me, but only if I get ‘in the mood’, just as how I hate writing posts when I don’t feel like it and love writing posts as soon as I finish the first paragraph), washing dishes, and hanging clothes. On the computer (which make my eyes tired), I could watch anime, posts posts, read blogs, code games, compose music, listen to songs, talk to friends (on twitter/msn, of course), and play games like chess and go. It was honestly relaxing, as I started to appreciate the situation I was in.

And then I went back to school.


9 responses

  1. I don’t know why but… your post always makes a big happy smile on my face


    Also, dat last paragraph, I know what you mean. Only in my case that it lasted for 2 and half entire months ^o^

    2011/09/08 at 00:00

  2. I can’t tell if you’re a spambot or nyarth.

    2011/09/08 at 01:53

  3. Sigh, I wish I had a summer break, my summer “break” only lasted two weeks at the end of August, but yeah I get what you mean about the Letharmagism or w/e. Still, I think most of the people who have finished school and are employed are probably really sad they no longer have a summer break.

    I would update you on the latest and greatest in anime, but I am far too lazy to go read up on it, and then write something just for you, sorry, you aren’t special enough to be worth the effort.

    Oh, and I liked that last paragraph, it me giggity or something.

    P.S. It’s good to have you back.
    P.S.S I hope…

    2011/09/08 at 02:14

  4. Не знам защо но…твоите постове винаги ме карат да се усмихвам широко


    Също така,имам представа какво имаш предвид с този последен параграф.Само че при мен това трае повече от два месеца и половина. ^О^

    2011/09/08 at 22:04

  5. But but but but ANIME

    It rhymes with TIME

    like New York Time

    Which is different from


    (damn, when I was writing this I was singing a really catchy tune in my head to go with it but I can’t express really catchy tunes in text on the Internet so ):

    2011/09/08 at 23:55


    2011/09/08 at 23:56

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