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Tiger & Bunny 23

(Fill in the blank)

GUESS WHO Ooyama (from Angel Beats) actually is! That’s right, when 大山 dies, he’ll become 大山 in the afterlife! Amazing!

Anyways, splitting this into two parts – one with SHALLOW things about SHALLOW things and the second with DEEP things about JOHNNY DEPP. No not really

Kotetsu’s new suit isn’t clumsy at all? It looks extremely hard to manoeuvre in such a suit, but perhaps Saito’s engineering fit their skin so well and allowed them to bend every joint in their body down to their fingers. I wonder if it’s somewhat heavy, or actually some sort of SUPER LIGHT CARBON NANOTUBE FIBRE or whatever – after all, if Barnaby’s able to punch that fast, it can’t be /too/ heavy…

I do feel sorry for the duo – since their hundred power vanishes after such a short timeperiod, they have to beat H-01 in only that amount of time, or else they (as normal humans – although they’re really strong as normal humans, normal humans are NORMAL HUMANS) can’t possibly survive until they recharge their power. They’re probably going to end up having their powers extend beyond that time or something, or maybe Kotetsu will get a super powerup and then his power’s going to fade forever at the climax of the battle.

The real problem is how the heck Origami fights. He looks so courageous and such, but all he really has are shurikens (which probably do no damage at all). His power isn’t one of fighting, so he’s probably pretty weak (compared to Kotetsu and Barnaby’s Hundred Power – I’m sure he’s good at karate and lifts weights like everyone else)… in the OP, it looks like he’s cutting stuff, samurai-style – perhaps he carries a sword or something?

At least he carries something, unlike Kotetsu and Barnaby who just threw their super-awesome bikes in the water. Why didn’t they just fight normally? Without their bikes, they had to wait for Ben and Saito to come – both seemed extremely suspicious (taxi drivers have a way of finding people!), as Ben still hasn’t played a role in this anime at all (so I’m scared he might become a villain) and Saito suddenly stopped shouting on the microphone (so I’m scared he was brainwashed again by Maverick). After all, Maverick doesn’t even try to attack Ben and Saito, or even kill Barnaby when his memories came back (remember, Barnaby was wearing Maverick’s suit until Saito came).

It is a bit strange how Maverick doesn’t even care about Barnaby not being his puppet anymore. Just how powerful could he get?! I wonder if he has a backup plan or if he’s putting everything on the success of H-01, though of course he still has several hostages – even without blowing their necks up, there are spikes in the walls for a reason…

I wonder what memories Maverick implanted into Barnaby’s mind (to make him hate the murderer of Samantha so much, and hold Wild Imposter in such high regard)… it did feel a lot like another deus ex (a la Kaede) when Barnaby suddenly snapped out of it when Kotetsu called him ‘Bunny-chan’ (which yes, makes sense, but Fire Emblem could have called him ‘Handsome’ with the same result) but the show is obviously trying to revolve around the connection between Kotetsu and Barnaby, similar to No. 6.

The prelude to the battle with H-01 is long, but not too tasteless – it didn’t feel boring, though in retrospect it was too long without action. At least the music in Tiger & Bunny is just awesome – even while the characters are speaking, there’s a lot of background music, and yet somehow, their dialogue still stands out even though (maybe even because) there’s music. The art looks like it’s gone through a revamp or something too – are they using the last of their meagre budget to produce a smash finale?

Maverick obviously doesn’t want to harm the heroes, as he needs to continue his show in case H-01 fails. Although the show is trying so hard to portray him as one right now (and this really makes everything far too black and white for my liking), he’s not an inherently evil man – he just does ‘immoral’ things to advance his show, which really is about justice. If he wanted to, he could go out and rob banks, kill police, and cause chaos everywhere, but instead, he chooses to uphold justice. Though, it is a pretty good plan to take over the world by assembling a gigantic army of H-01s, or even better – take over the world by upholding order and justice in the most powerful nation on Earth. Maverick’s ability obviously helps – this is how he was able to stop heroes from dissenting on this show without even noticing. Who knows how many times he’s modified Kotetsu and Barnaby’s memories, now? It does make you wonder why he didn’t change Legend’s memories, but meh.

H-01 actually makes more sense than Heroes – after all, Maverick’s ability basically allows him to change a Hero to his own weapon by implanting memories into them. Look at how illogical the Heroes seemed when they were chasing Kotetsu. As long as they think they’re fighting on the side of justice, they’ll do anything. However, with H-01s, people don’t have to suffer the danger of fighting crime, and it’s a lot more organized than Heroes. Besides, H-01s are able to make more logical and moral decisions, by having judges, police, and the like behind them. Anyways, it’s better than having one person make spontaneous decisions (such as Tiger) – or is it?

I especially like how Tiger & Bunny attacks all sides – normal criminals, NEXT criminals, NEXT-lovers, NEXT-haters, and even, at times, saving criminals. It would’ve been cool if Jake didn’t die, and instead fights with the NEXT, but it’s pretty obvious what the show is trying to preach now – that radicals are all bad, and the world should all be shades of grey. Yet, isn’t it boring if the world was entirely grey? There needs to be some black and white, too…

In conclusion: I hope Lunatic appears and does something.

tl;dr: I can see the ending: Dr. Rotwang’s evil plan to kill the Heroes fails when he realizes he put his explosion button on an APPLE PRODUCT AHAHAHAHAHAAHA WHO EVEN DOES THAT

P.S. Agnes is stupid

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