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Being duglong is suffering…

As I said last post (seriously, I don’t know if anybody even reads these posts so I don’t know whether to repeat what I said or say something new), Inukashi also gets a lot of focus as a person facing GENDER IDENTITY CRISIS, except not really. Being brought up by dogs and away from human society really takes a toll on your societal instincts – where in our current society, we don’t randomly kill animals, we automatically say please and thank you and hold open doors for people and move to the back of the bus, we talk politely and don’t punch other people in the face, in a primal society, people randomly kill animals, never hold open doors for people (what’s a door?), don’t talk (politely or otherwise), do punch people in the face, and haven’t even invented buses. That sentence was confusing as heck because I don’t know whether to put verbs in front of every item or just leave it at the very front and assume each item stems off that verb. I would have studied grammar and English but I took essay writing instead, and so my grammar sucks and is American (i.e. it sucks), while my spelling is awesome and is Canadian (i.e. it’s awesome), mainly because I have built-in spellcheck on my WordPress.

Some minor things this episode. I felt more sick at Shion’s extremely realistic barfing sounds than at the piles and piles of bodies. To me, they just looked like beanbags, but I’m sure they felt much more alive to Shion. How did Shion and Nezumi escape CERTAIN DEATH anyways? Or was everybody just dumped there and all of them died on impact besides Nezumi because his coat was an OVERCOAT and was thus OVER a COAT and shielded him, allowing them to climb the giant pile of dead bodies that somehow stays in a pile instead of falling over?

I really don’t get this part. Why would they throw away Safu’s grandmother’s knitting needle, but keep her body? It makes absolutely no sense. It’s better just to kill Safu’s grandmother immediately after she goes in the nursing home, instead of keeping her alive for so long and then killing her. Even better – make the nursing home into a suicide booth, so Safu’s grandmother can exercise free will. And best of all – the Twilight House could just be a normal nursing home. Seriously, what the fuck is with making nursing homes evil? I understand how No. 6’s government is SUPER SUPPER EVIL and that DUMPING LIVE PEOPLE INTO YOUR TOP-SECRET SCIENTIFIC FACILITY IS A COOL THING TO DO, but that doesn’t make No. 6’s NURSING HOMES evil…

Likewise, Lili’s ‘SOMETHING’S OUT THERE D: SUPPER SAD FACE WHERE’S MY SUPER I’M HUNGRY’ had nothing to do with the plot at all. While dogs are able to sense earthquakes before humans, kids don’t sense ‘badness’ before adults… the only logical explanation for her remark is that SHE’S A DISSENTER WHO DOESN’T CELEBRATE HOLY DAY AS CONTENT CITIZENS SHOULD (i.e. she’s a kid and kids say the opposite of what they really think just for fun). There’s another ‘logical’ explanation too, which is her being another MANIFESTATION OF ELYURIAS, but introducing her as such in the LAST EPISODE would be akin to that episode introducing Elyurias – stupid and from absolutely nowhere at all. I know that the novels might be able to develop these concepts with many hints and foreshadows, but the anime didn’t do that at all. It’s like Bleach – you start out with this guy who’s just fighting evil spirits, and suddenly CONSPIRACY IN HEAVEN, OH NO A CAPTAIN BECAME EVIL GUY AND NOW HE’S GOD, WOW SPIRITS BECAME MORE EVILLER, WAIT THERE ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO WERE SPIRITS WERE HUMANS WERE SPIRITS WERE HUMANS AND WE’VE NEVER HEARD OF THEM BEFORE never mind they’re gone, WAIT WAIT NOW THERE ARE THESE HUMANS WHO WERE SPIRITS BUT LOST THEIR SPIRIT POWER BUT GAINED A NEW POWER AND THEY’VE NEVER MATTERED EVER BEFORE AND WEREN’T EVEN HINTED TO BUT THEY SOMEHOW HAPPENED TO APPEAR ALRIGHT JUST DEAL WITH IT

It was pretty obvious from the start that Safu would be Elyurias would be Safu was Nezumi will be Lili?!?! Elyurias feels much more EVIL than the scientists working in the facility. There are so many people working in the facility, and they don’t look like they’re pressured to work at all. This means that none of them have defected or anything, and in fact scientists are willing to work on this project, and may even have a strong moral purpose to do so. Shion and Nezumi are like those animal activists who sabotaged research projects simply because /they/ felt it was immoral.

I wonder if Shion’s personality changed, or whether Elyurias was EVILLY influencing him? He becomes a lot more SCIENCE LET’S GO when dead people are gone, as he feels at home in a controlled, laboratory situation. He was rather emotionally strange from the get-go – even as a child in episode one, he was rather quirky with his calm acceptance of Nezumi’s sudden entrance and the like.

Yet, when he kills the captain, even his scientific personality is gone. He looks like Luca from Hand x Red, and I’m about 300% sure that that is not his true personality coming through. Is it because of the bees, again (remember his sudden temper towards Rikiga when they first met)? Is it because of Elyurias? Does Elyurias control the bees as a manifestation of Safu’s subconsciousness? Or did the shock of the facility just completely change him?

At the end, No. 6 is about change – physical change, chemical change, mental change, emotional change. Political change, climate change, atmosphere change, personality change. No. 6 is about changing, and that’s what’s going to happen to No. 6. A totalitarian state cannot remain a totalitarian state forever (not even in 1984), just as a feudal state cannot remain a feudal state forever and a capitalistic state cannot remain a capitalistic state forever.

No. 6 will change, because it has to change, and will keep on changing.

tl;dr: Safu’s eyes are the eyes of EVIL. I wonder if Nezumi was experimented on when he was a child as well? Uhhh also Shion is mad bro stop staring at bunnies they’ll lunatic your soul

P.S. Those guards look like they’re Naruto ninjas…

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  1. Wow, you didnt get it a lot of stuff of this anime xD
    more like you got confused or got the wrong idea of it! maybe subtitles were wrong translated and thats why?
    I wanted to explain most of your doubts here but just noticed this is a really old post so you probably wont even notice this so yeah….
    Maybe I’ll come back later cause now its time to sleep hehehe.

    2012/06/22 at 13:56

  2. Don’t worry, I stalk my own blog like a school girl wears stockings. Fire ahead (though I agree, yeah, this was an old post >_>)!

    2012/06/23 at 00:49

  3. heeeey im the guy of the last comment hahaha so here’s what I wanted to say:

    First: Sion and Nezumi survived to the fall in that pile of bodies cause the coat that Nezumi is always using its microfiber, a special fabric that makes impact less dangerous, even is capable of making a gunshot harmless. (I know this by my friend’s dad who’s some kind of army guy or something and has one, i even put it in and its kinda heavy) so thats why they werent dead afterall, plus as you can hear after they’re escaping… not everyone is dead but really injured maybe. I have no explanation why bodies stayed as a pile tho hahaha
    Then there’s Safu grandmoter… they thrown away the knitting needle cause they didnt know it had important meaning to Safu and her… but they thrown the body away as well after they show the granny all covered in flowers to the granddaughter, it was just to have a good image to show to her, also they use the grandma’s dead to get Safu into No.6 again so they could take her in custody and start the experimenting.

    Then Lili… if u do some research you can read about those kids with extra senses that makes all of them feel the good or bad stuff around them, or maybe she was just empathic or something but she isn’t related to Elyurias. I have no explanation for her anyways. haha

    About Shion being influenced by Elyurias… WRONG. He was just “Yandere” which means because of certain situation he changes his personality, in this case was Nezumi being injured by that stupid security guard. He just couldnt handle that the boy he loves/cares about more than anything was being hurted. So he got protective of him. It had nothing at all to do with the bees. (The Rikiga attack was exactly the same thing, Nezumi’s being insulted by this old person, so he changed to protect him.) You can google “Yandere” and understand a bit more of what im sayin. ;D haha

    Safu’s eyes are just the eyes of a person being mentally controlled/ hypnotized (in this case by Elyurias) and Nezumi was never experimented on him, they tried to do it cause he was the only survivor of the people living in the forest with Elyurias but he escaped.

    And yeah, I agree about the guards looking like those Naruto ninjas xD
    So yeah, here’s my cum-mint ;D hahahahaha

    Let me know if this is gonna create a debate between us or if any other doubt, maybe i skipped something. hehe
    take care c:

    2012/07/02 at 16:42

  4. Haha, actually, all of that makes sense. The yandere part struck me as quirky but I suppose trauma does things to people. Thanks for your thoughts~!

    2012/07/02 at 17:37

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