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O-NEC 1: Empty Bus

Hey, I said I was going to experiment with NEW TYPES OF POSTS, so here’s a COMIC. You’d think O-NEC stands for something like ‘O-NEW’s New Ew Comic’, but it doesn’t!

I’ll keep the explanations short. Everything in O-NEC happened to me in real life (except for some things, such as, y’know, people riding on the top of buses). I got this amazing idea to draw comics of MY HILARIOUS ORDINARY LIFE which is ordinary and thus not hilarious or even mildly funny when I was waiting for the bus yesterday (the 12th), but EVERY BUS WAS FULL until for some strange reason (note: in my 150+ days of riding this bus line, this has never happened before) AN EMPTY BUS TURNED ONTO OUR STREET FROM ANOTHER STREET and I got the best seat in the entire bus 8)

I don’t know, all my comics are bus jokes.

The first draft looked like this, but after realizing that WordPress wouldn’t allow me to upload .bmps (and thus this quality is horrib-low) and that that ONE frame took me HALF THE TIME OF THOSE THIRTEEN FRAMES, just dropped it. Instead, here’s a version made through my awesome mspaint’ing skills, honed through weeks of intensive Steins;Gate edits.

Oh, and what does O-NEC stand for? Since the only interesting thing that ever happens in my life is in school, O-NEC details my AMAZING ADVENTURES in the Obligatory National Education Centre.

9 responses

  1. THIS. F***ING THIS. I swear there are way more people on the bus than last year…also nice touch with the mushroom.

    FULL 43s/41s/480s AHHHHHHHHH

    2011/09/14 at 07:34

  2. If this post is about a comic made by Mushy,a SteinS movie will be made!
    [Scrolls up!]
    Oh shi- (゚д゚)

    2011/09/14 at 13:14

  3. (oдo)

    2011/09/14 at 23:19

  4. Lol, you take 43/1s too? Did you somehow get that because the double-buses had gaps of eight minutes and the ‘slow’ buses were just one bus long? :v

    2011/09/14 at 23:20

  5. Actually, I made calculations. I’m Asian, so I know which bus to take at what time to achieve optimal times, ohohoho.

    But yeah, sometimes buses delay and I get 3 41s and 1 43. FFFFFFFFF

    And then sometimes 3 41s and 2 43s, the 2nd one being empty. :D

    2011/09/15 at 22:24

  6. Most of the time the first bus is actually more empty than the second, especially for the two 41s that go past my school one after the other right after school (that was a bad sentence). Everybody thinks that the second bus is more empty so they all go towards the second bus, and when they realize it’s full, they try to go to the first bus but IT’S ALREADY GONE ;w;

    (I’m not one of those people anymore since I’ve had my share of experiences)

    Do you take it from UBC? It’s funny, because the only stops (besides the terminals) where you can actually get on a bus during rushish hours (before and after school-hours) are the stop next to my school and the stop next to my home, so I live in pretty ideal circumstances. Of course, if I lived closer I could just walk, but meh.

    2011/09/15 at 23:08

  7. Then you should live pretty close then. Yeah, I take it from UBC, and it gets so crowded sometimes.

    2011/09/17 at 19:48

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