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Ao no Exorcist Half Season Review 3

Oh boy Steins;Gate and Usagi Drop are OVER but instead of writing posts on those (notice: I am on episode 20 of Steins;Gate and episode 6 of Usagi Drop), here’s a post on Episodes 14 – 19 (that’s right, episodes that aired three+ weeks ago) of some stupid shounen show nobody cares about.

I’ll talk episode-by-episode for a while and warp up with a secret passage in Level 1-2 to skip to World 4 because that’s what pipes do these days.

I feel really sad that Paku’s gone, but at least she made some sort of a comeback (i.e. she came back). It is really strange that all the exorcists-in-training in that area of Japan (or maybe even the entirety of Japan) are in that one classroom – the world’s population of exorcists is not very large at all. I’d estimate it at maybe ten to five hundred thousand?

What did Shura use to draw that huge-ass magic circle? No compass is that big, and nobody can draw a perfect circle that big on the ground by just sketching (since you have no idea what the circle looks like from above). Maybe she has giant rulers to measure or something? Or maybe drawing it took several hours, which were all skipped because NOBODY CARES ABOUT DARWIN CIRCLES – in a world with survival of the fattest, only an oval can win.

Episode 15’s beginning flashback with the nice music was nice, like it took place in Nice or something. I thought Nice was a Italian city and pronounced it ‘nee-say’, but it’s French so you’re supposed to pronounce it ‘niece’. I actually do have a niece and SHE IS M…y niece. I thought I had a niece but I only had a cousin who had a daughter, who’s actually my first cousin once removed. My brother’s not cool enough for me to have a niece. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that this flashback was nice because it used nice music and was timely (using just three and a half minutes), as opposed to, say, Highschool of the Dead’s fourth-episode flashback fiasco. It may have been better for the OP to be removed after the flashback to create a nice pseudo-double-episode, but eh – I don’t actually know of any anime that killed the OP just to make the episode flow smoother.

Do you know what would be hilarious? If Bunny-tan’s special ability was HUNDRED POWER. His ability still isn’t revealed, even when defending against the Amaimon attack. Does that mean he trusts Rin to stop Amaimon /that much/, he’s confident in his ability to defeat Amaimon if Rin fails /that much/, or his intelligence is just lacking /that much/? No matter which it is, you have to agree – he’s /that much/

I don’t get the presence of demon swords in exorcists. As Kamiki said, there’s a lot of half-demon exorcists, but why do everyone important own a demon sword? I wouldn’t be surprised if Fujimoto himself owned one too (and that his shotgun was actually his demon sword which shot swords that sliced bullets that were then fired from the swords and since they were sliced, the amount of bullets are DOUBLED).

It’s funny how things that people try to do often backfire – and things demons try to do backfire too. That evil Buddha (that’s such an oxymoron) tries to plant doubt into Bon and Yukio but merely strengthen their resolve to help Rin, Amaimon’s taunting of Rin that actually makes Rin stronger, and the like.

There were things during the Vatican arc that made less sense than they should’ve (particularly near the ending). For one, if Rin’s sword was fixed, shouldn’t he have less power? The sword seals his demon energy, and so without the sword, he would be as powerful as Mephisto (if not more) – the crack in the sword made him much stronger. Without the crack, the sword completely seals his demon energy, and thus he’s just a regular person…

Of course, the obvious plothole here was how the heck Bon & Co. managed to get to fucking VATICAN CITY from JAPAN in such a short amount of time. Their teamwork was pretty cliché’d too – not only was it unnecessary and unrealistic (I shouldn’t be using that word in a show like Ao no Exorcist), but the individual characters weren’t even developed through that teamwork. Maybe it shows that ‘wow everybody’s a team’, but none of them do things that give more hints to each person’s character.

Notice how all shounen shows do this: portray one antagonist as SUPER STRONG, and have the protagonist defeat him after INTENSE battles. Then, have another antagonist who can defeat the previous antagonist with ONE ARM… that’s TIED BEHIND HIS BACK (the other arm is being eaten by sharks), and have the protagonist defeat him after INTENSE battles. Rinse and repeat, and there you have SHOUNEN PLOT.

They showed Amaimon’s little demons to be so strong when they were easily killed by the Vatican’s SUPER SKILLED ELITE GUNSLINGING EXORCISTS, who were easily killed by Amaimon’s HOLY SHIT SUPER HUGE POWERFUL BEHEMOTH, which was easily killed by SUPER UPPER FIRST CLASS EXORCIST SHURA, who was easily defeated by SUPER AWESOME COOL HUMONGOUS STONE AMAIMON DEMON SUPER MODE, who was easily cut in half by Rin. Really?

Ao no Exorcist is rather unique among shounen fightin’ shows in that the main character has not had any training to date. You’d think that the candle thing was training but IT’S NOT. It’s an unwritten rule that all shounen manga MUST HAVE TRAINING, but Ao no Exorcist completely subverts that. Yet, without training, Rin’s enormous power feels just stupid, just like Ichigo who suddenly becomes STRONGER THAN THE UNIVERSE when he unleashes the PURE REIATSU that he had inside his soul SINCE THE VERY BEGINNING, which he somehow didn’t want to unleash when his LIFE WAS AT SWORD-POINT those 9001 times in the past. I honestly don’t know whether to give Bleach a 9/10 for being so fantastic (i.e. painting a very good fantasy setting) or a 1/10 for being so fantastic (i.e. foolish and irrational).

I rather enjoyed the latest filler episode – it solidified character development, instead of being stupid and SHINRYAKU! IKA bad episode. Ao no Exorcist’s action is top-tier as always (as to be expected from its genre, though) – its artwork is extremely polished, its characterization is getting there and its plot is… well, what would you expect for its plot? Its music is getting much better, and with this filler episode, it shows that its humour is Yuru Yuri-tier funny as well (Yuru Yuri-tier doesn’t actually exist but bear with BEARS for now).


tl;dr: THANKS FOR BEING BORN not you’re a loser

P.P.S. SPECIAL INFINITY MODE!!! (All universe-class batters must be able to hit every single ball on special infinity mode into a golf hole 300 yards away. There has not been a single universe-class batter to date.)
P.P.P.P.S. SPECIAL INFINITY MOOD!!! (It’s like a normal mood but it’s SPECIAL and INFINITY)

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