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No. 6 11 [Completed]

Arghblargh, this is the first time I’ve released a No. 6 post on the day the episode aired – in fact, I rushed straight home after school to download the file with only an hour to download it, watch it, and make a post. Thus, instead of waiting for the download to finish before making the post, I’ve made half of the post without even watching the episode, and all my screenshots are going to be scenery because THIS EPISODE, TOO SHOCK and too lazy to edit pictures, sorry. TIME, I HAVE NONE

Just long two-paragraph rambles about stupid random crap separated by images because that’s A COOL THING TO DO. Just don’t read this post and skip to the very last image if you don’t want to read the rambles of a tsunpid person. Stupid.

I guess the producers are trying to make Nezumi seem MYSTERIOUS and COOL and DARK PAST – I really hoped it would end with Nezumi and Shion, but in their quest to make Nezumi cool, just had to have him abandon Shion at the end. Seriously, what kind of crap ending was that? It’s almost as if Phryne Nezumi died, and Krein Shion is left alone to rebuild a society that collapsed all by himself…

Nezumi’s past may have just not been interesting, but any producer knows that you can make /anything/ interesting in anime. Spread out little flashbacks of eleven different events that happened in his past throughout the show! Make it so that his past can become a story by itself, by having ten unrelated unimportant events suddenly fit together with a huge, life-changing eleventh event. Maybe when he was analyzed by the Mother, the Mother malfunctioned and bork’d – that would be the life-changing eleventh event. Leading up to that would be ten events showcasing how special he is – starting with little things like being able to be friends with rats, being ONE WITH NATURE, being good at acting, and eventually moving up to more important things like his childhood in the forest and his connection with Elyurias. The entirety can’t take more than five minutes an episode, and admit it – there are many, many scenes in many, many episodes that could easily be omitted.

Mother’s self-destruction was pretty stupid too. Why would you have the MOST VALUABLE SUPERCOMPUTER IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY (because a computer that can REVIVE THE ENTIRE LAND is pretty damn valuable) be encased just in ONE SHEET OF GLASS? Why would you not have it inside a six-foot wall of solid lead encasing a vat of liquid nitrogen surrounded by seventy-two different doors to open yard-thick walls of steel that requires access by at least seven different keys for each door? And of course, have instant cooling, laser disintegration, explosion containment, intruder detection, and power shutdown systems? And even after that, have the Mother actually be ninety separate computers all housed in different underground facilities throughout the country surrounding No. 6, with two backup copies of them housed in safehouses inside No. 6, and have its processing power actually taken from the RAM of private mini-computers?

Anyways, protection aside (seriously, don’t have one little mine destroy the most valuable object in your entire fucking country alright), I guess it makes sense for the Mother to self-destruct, as the scientists working in the Correctional Centre (notice: the correctional centre actually doesn’t do anything but research on Elyurias) have no reason to kill the Mother, and anybody that destroys the Mother obviously has bad intentions and knows what they’re working on. Since it’s best to keep their project a secret, you should obviously kill everybody in the entire facility to ensure that nobody knows about the experiment at all. Yet, there are trucks of evacuating soldiers exiting the facility – why would they make it self-destruct completely, even without regards to the safety of their own men? And if they wanted to erase all evidence and personnel working on the project, why not destroy the bridge so that everybody dies?

It’s entirely possible that Elyurias caused the Centre’s ultimate demise through RAINBOW POWER, but a self-destruct system was still implemented in the Centre. Why?!

There are ways to insure the Mother’s safety from outsiders, though. For one, Krein and Phryne Shion and Nezumi had to kill multiple guards wielding pistols in a white, cylindrical room surrounding a cylindrical elevator, and only made it into the elevator thanks to a timely explosion. Strangely enough, the space elevator had no guards, leading them up until they finally found Phryne Safu, who is actually the Goddess of Fractale Elyurias and holds great power throughout the land. I guess I’m deviating a little bit, but after that, Phryne Safu destroyed the Fractale System wall surrounding No. 6, allowing the people to reunite after years of separation. Nobody seemed to mind the destruction, though. Oh, also everybody’s back to farming, hooray.

Seriously, some of these plot holes are a bit too stupid. Shion mentions off-hand that wasps usually mature in Spring, so suddenly, every single wasp matures on that one day? Of course, it could have (rather, must have) been Elyurias’s doing. Yet, uh… even if they flew fast enough, wasps don’t actually y’know FORM TORNADOES AND RIP DOWN IRON WALLS. And the fuck were my eyes when SAFU BECAME A GIANT FUCKING WASP. I actually thought this was going to happen from the very beginning (or at least, when they introduced Elyurias out of the middle of nowhere and SUDDENLY NOBODY CARED ABOUT WASPS ANYMORE), but /thinking/ that something was going to happen and /expecting/ it are two different things, as surprising as that may be.

The novel version of No. 6 keeps on getting praise over how logical and well-paced it is, so the problem is definitely not in the source material. I think we can all agree that the problem is noitaminA making it only 11 episodes long – why not just make it 22 episodes long? An anime like No. 6 will definitely be a success if it had more time to explore its characters, explore their motivations, and explore No. 6. It’s much better than having an anime definitely flop (because that’s definitely what No. 6 was going to do in eleven episodes) and putting chances on another anime succeeding – with only 11 episodes, of course.

The one thing about Elyurias, magical rainbow powers, and wasp tornadoes that ticked people off the most was its divergence from the source material. I haven’t read it, so I wouldn’t know, but I can guess that the source was more sci-fi than fantasy. Something like No. 6 would do well as science fiction rather than fantasy – after all, this is set in a futuristic society where the main character’s a fucking genius who knows how to sew people together and that wasps spawn in spring. There could be logical explanations about the wasps being a GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY and the government purposefully separating No. 6 and the West District and shit and IT WOULD MAKE SENSE. Actually, I think I’ll read the novels when they get translated (are they translated?) – I’m sure they’ll be very interesting. No. 6 doesn’t particularly lack in any department except its pacing.

You really can’t have a more Fractale-like ending than this one – seriously, No. 6 is like Fractale all over again! It goes all over the place in the early episodes, spews shit out of nowhere in the middle episodes, and concludes with a BANG – a loud, annoying bang that you just can’t get off your mind. Even Occult Academy’s ending was better (though that’s not saying much, as Occult Academy’s ending was FUCK-YEAH AWESOME-TASTIC), because at least Fumiaki was AWESOME and THE SPOON FUCKING BENT and ALIENS OUT OF NOWHERE and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Occult Academy’s soundtrack is simply amazing, it’s 10x better than Angel Beats’s crap soundtrack and 1.3x better than Shiki’s soundtrack which was simply amazing as well.

Their soundtracks were amazing because both used a theme throughout – Occult Academy used the Waldstein Sonata as a basis for many tracks, and Shiki had two main themes (Day and Night and Eau de Vie) that were featured prominently throughout. In comparison, No. 6 really had no main tune – it was a mishmash of random music that was just made to sound good. Even if you randomly put together ten 9/10 tracks, it’s not as good as having 5 6/10 tracks that fit together and utilize a common theme. This last episode especially showed how unfamiliar music will just not work – the music was beautiful, but I’ve never heard any of these background tracks before! They come out of nowhere! I don’t actually know what I’m talking about because when you try to watch ten series at once, you don’t remember every single track of every single anime in every single episode! At least use the ED somewhere else other than at the very end, because in an anime, the OP and ED don’t actually matter! It’s the soundtrack that does! When you think ‘Shiki’ you don’t think of the song in the OP or ED, you think of Day and Night and Eau de Vie! Nobody cares about the ED! Even Occult Academy used the OP during Fumiaki’s OSSIM PERFORMANCE because that’s what an OP is used for and he was also overpowered and wow this is getting long whatever goodnight


I was going to talk about how the city of No. 6 was actually not corrupted at all, and that all of these things actually happen in real life, too.

And then I realized.

That’s the entire point.

All of these things happen in real life, and No. 6 stretches this to outrageous amounts to make us notice how stupid society is in some things. The people of West District are the homeless people out on the streets – some of them really just want to live, and others are just parasites who feed off the living. No matter what they are, there’s a wall separating them from the people of No. 6 – and that wall exists in our society, too. It is possible to reintegrate yourself into No. 6, just as it is possible for a homeless person to have a life again, but it’s hard.

Yet, there are people who help them. All the land outside No. 6 cannot grow crops, and thus /somebody/ has to either give or sell food to the people in West District. There are people like that in our society too, but simply giving food is not enough.

Then, we have these EVIL SCIENTISTS. Except they’re not actually evil! This highlights the ignorance of the public when information is not free. Nezumi mentions how the scientists are trying to use the power of Elyurias for their own greedy purpose, but what he doesn’t mention is exactly what the purpose is. What is the purpose? To make the land liveable again. Is it greedy to make the land live? To fend off hunger? To feed the poor, and to turn the dead into the living? Such a purpose is a noble purpose, and the scientists should be able to publish their purpose to widespread approval among No. 6’s citizens, and maybe even get some funding from outside the country. This is a dramatic example of what will happen when you don’t make your purposes heard – though admittedly, it would have been better if Youming’s coup went through, as the only thing I can say now is ‘if scientists don’t tell people what they’re doing, GIANT WASP TORNADOES WILL COME, KILL HALF THE POPULATION, AND CAUSE HUGE WALLS TO COLLAPSE BECAUSE THAT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

But it /isn’t/ the right thing to do, and No. 6 executes it so that we can realize that everything is a muddy shade of medium-grey – there’s not even light or dark grey in this world. The politicians were not right in hiding so much from the people, the people were not right in not questioning the politicians, the soldiers and scientists were not right in not having mercy on the criminals, the hermit was not right in erecting giant walls around No. 6, Youming was not right in overthrowing the government by rallying the people, Nezumi was not right in overthrowing No. 6 by killing the people, Elyurias was not right in connecting No. 6 and West District by causing widespread destruction to physically remove walls and KILLING HALF THE CITY and BRAINWASHING THE SURVIVORS to mentally remove walls, and Shion was not right in toppling the societal wall between No. 6 and West District. Each of their decisions have benefits, but flaws too – things that may not affect them, but will deeply affect people they may have not thought about.

At least I can say that it definitely wasn’t right to cause a revolution by artificially removing walls and brainwashing the remaining people in both sides of the wall, which makes the situation the same as it was before – it is not their free will that causes the people to bond, it is the will of Elyurias, and the will of one entity is as bad as the will of any other. Revolutions must be natural! Revolutions must be free!

In conclusion, Fractale and No. 6’s similarities are all too… similar. Both were far beyond the scope of 11 episodes. Both were in a future, technological setting. Both focused on the importance of moderation, and what it meant to be human. Both ended with a magical thing blowing everything and everyone up and having everybody return to farming and shit because hey, why not reset all of the technological advancements we’ve made over the past 300 years?

And both were great shows.

Overall Rating: 5/10 (Great)

P.S. The scientists actually talked about how the sample size was too large, so… they were actually planning to kill a bunch of people with bees on the holy day? That’s just fucking stupid – there’s absolutely no reason to do such a thing, even if every scientist there was a sadistic wasp-loving society-hating bastard. They’d still be scientists and scientists know that doing such a thing would be stupid and lame.
P.P.S. Only the one survivor of the forest folk can awaken Elyurias, and uh… killing the Mother will awaken Elyurias? And uh, it makes a difference whether or not Shion presses a button on a mine or Nezumi does?
P.P.P.S. When your friend is doubting you, GET MORTALLY WOUNDED AND SHOCK YOUR FRIEND BACK INTO BEING FRIENDS. Magical sparkles help too.
P.P.P.P.S. You’re not supposed to LIKE it when FUCKING RATS are on your FUCKING SHOULDER. Lili is creepy
P.P.P.P.P.S. Youming tries to tell the citizens… BUT EVERYBODY’S DEAD! :|||||||||||||||||||
P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Counting the time I took to download and watch the episode, this post only took two and a half hours!

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  1. *Sigh* This episode didn’t even try to make sense. :/ They pulled so much nonsense out of their ass that I was actually cringing, especially when Safu turned into a GIANT FUCKING BEE. Just…..no. Who the heck thought that was a good idea?!

    2011/09/16 at 02:01

  2. I’m about 300% sure the novelist did not expect his work to become giant bee :|

    2011/09/16 at 02:52

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