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Buyuden 22

Tajima is this GUY and BEAUTY SEKI is this other FAT GIRL and Akina is HEADBUTTED IN HER HEAD and then PUNCHED in the EYE and EYEBALL FALLING OUT and DEATH


Post-post edit since some people are complaining that this post was too long and I like torturing people (no, not really). I’ll keep it short since I’m typing on Dvorak at 10 words a minute ._. Because Buyuden is BOXING, I am taking Taekwondo lessons so I don’t get beat up as often, and took my orange belt test (I’m still a white belt right now) two hours after I published this post. That’s a good thing but several things made me feel not as good.

All my classmates took their yellow belt (one above white belt in my school) exam, and everyone else taking the orange belt exam was about 6 years old. There was one kid whose head was larger than his shoulders’ width… but the most catastrophic part was when my leg cramped up in the middle. That leg has /never/ cramped before – my feet cramp a lot (so much that now I DON’T EVEN NOTICE IT)…

And finally while limping home, I walk into a spider-web. The spider’s probably still on me…

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  1. This post took me longer to write than you imagine it may have taken me.

    2011/09/16 at 23:58

  2. [Imagine taking the bus with Mushy together.]

    Now why did I even imagined that?Also,you need to make your posts a bit shorter.I cannot keep up with your big piles of text.I mean…look at this post…LOOK AT IT!Do you think that I am going to waste all of my free time,reading all of this?You know that you can make this post a bit shorter,but NO-You just had to try to make me read all of this huge text!

    Why are you doing this…?

    2011/09/17 at 01:10


    2011/09/17 at 04:05

  4. 1.Let the spider to bite you.
    2.Make yourself a fancy,red-blue colored costume,with spider-related drawings on it.
    3.Go to China and start climbing the Great Chinese Wall.

    2011/09/17 at 11:10