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Tiger & Bunny 24

[Hey, here’s something something from way back when Madoka was a big thing and all that. Read it if you want, it’s just a rehash of the Bible in Madoka-language, which doesn’t actually make sense since Madoka and Jesus do not have a one-to-one correspondence.]

Before I talk about how the final episode’s already aired and I’m totally way too late on this and that the next post is probably also going to be a Tiger & Bunny post so that I can be ahead of lightning-fast people (they’re hardly people, they’re more like anime post crunching machines) for once and that I probably won’t post a Tiger & Bunny post next because Steins;Gate and Usagi Drop are finished and I just finished writing about the previous half-season (excluding Kamisama Dolls and Mawaru Penguindrum, which I STILL HAVEN’T WATCHED YET), I’ll talk about how my prediction was actually right – Dr. Rotwang fails to kill the heroes because HE PUT HIS DESTRUCT SWITCH ON A FUCKING APPLE PRODUCT. SERIOUSLY, THIS GUY IS A FUCKING IDIOT! (At least have it automatically explode if the iPood breaks…)

Brrr, it’s suddenly freezing. Before it was all like 30 degrees and shit and now it’s like 15 or something. I can’t tell, but it feels like it’s -275 degrees Celsius, which doesn’t actually have a feeling since it doesn’t exist.

I don’t think many have mentioned this yet, so I’ll make it the main point of my post (for those who wish to think more about what might happen in the next episode, Landon’s written a great post on the matter). The situation the other Heroes are in is definitely a modified version of a problem in game theory. I forget the name (can someone please remind me?), but you have some people, all isolated in rooms, and they have the option of pressing a button. Say you’re one of those people. If you press the button, you get to leave the room free, but everybody else will suffer something. If you don’t press the button and somebody else presses it, you will suffer (because everybody’s situations are identical). At the end of some period of time, if nobody presses the button, everybody leaves the room free.

This problem is interesting because there is no one obvious choice to make. The best outcome would be if nobody pressed the button, and everybody leaves. However, if you think that somebody else might press the button and make you suffer, it’s best to press the button before they do. If everybody is perfectly logical, everybody would simultaneously press the button at the first possible moment, as that’s the best /choice/ to make (you would have no risk of suffering) – but the best choice will not lead to the best outcome, as while you make it out safe, everybody else will suffer.

However, in our Heroes’ situation, the outcomes are changed. At the end of some period of time, everybody will suffer, and so in every outcome, at most one person can survive. Here, there are only two possible outcomes – one, where nobody presses the button at the end and everybody dies, or two, where somebody presses the button and saves himself, with everybody else dying. It’s obvious which is the better outcome – the one where somebody survives – so it’s also obvious what the best decision is – to press the button.

This time, you can press the button without any guilt – while in the original, pressing the button may make you feel guilty that the others were punished (while they could have safely exited), in this version, pressing the button will kill everybody else, but not pressing it will still kill everybody else – everybody else dies either way.

tl;dr: the situation the Heroes are in is inherently stupid, because they /can/ only make one logical choice, which is to press the button. However, they /don’t/ make that choice, and instead rely on the slight chance something might happen to Rotwang – which is not a valid choice in the game, but hey. People can choose not to play the game. They’ll just repeatedly lose the game without even realizing they lost the game, thus not losing the game.

Now, some shorter thoughts.

What’s with the spikes on the walls? At least have them move in and squash the Heroes or something. In fact, they can’t even move in because THE WALLS CAN’T MOVE THROUGH THEMSELVES, thus rendering the spikes completely useless.

Why does H-01 need a laser sight on its pistol if it’s a robot… and why would it need a HUD? IT’S A ROBOT. Either that or a human (not Dr. Rotwang) is controlling it, which is much more likely than H-01 having such advanced AI in an age where people still use iPoods. Or iPhones, whatever, they’re all Apple products and they all suck (DON’T KILL ME).

Seriously though, how can a robot never get hit? I understand that it’s a robot and it can see in 360 degrees (thus making its 120-degree HUD EVEN MORE USELESS), but that doesn’t mean its AI is reflexive enough to avoid all possible attacks. And since it can see in 360 degrees, how did they sneak up an attack on it? Ultimately, Kotetsu and Barnaby’s attack strategy on H-01 was flawed – the best way to win would be to exploit a flaw in its AI, akin to finding that a chess program will repeat the same moves when faced with the same situation and forcing a draw through threefold repetition.

In conclusion: H-01 was only successful because its laser gun and sword was so powerful and also because it could withstand most physical attacks. On other grounds (FREEZING WATER, FLAMES FROM NOWHERE, SHAPE-SHIFTING, etc.), it just fails. Why not give the Heroes laser guns and swords like that?

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