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Usagi Drop Half Season Review [Completed]




This will be a short post, because I have nothing more to say. There are too many excellent articles about Usagi Drop and I really cannot add anything more.

Usagi Drop is a show about a little girl and a big guy who adopts her. They go through many small, boring, everyday activities – really, it’s a slice of life in its purest form, because life is small, boring, and everyday.

Usagi Drop is also a show about society. A show about the pains of parental love, about the shallowness of marriage, about the ephemeralness of peace. A show about how work leeches your life (if you let it), about how change will always change (if you let it), about how the right thing is not the right thing and the wrong thing is not the left thing.

Usagi Drop is a show that lets me pull all sorts of bullshit from my ass onto this post, yet still be able to connect the bullshit to the show.

Usagi Drop is a show that contains no bullshit, and so I will not go deeper.

So, I’ll talk about minor, unimportant things that are so minor and unimportant, nobody’s ever going to post anything similar to it.

Commie should be more liberal. Maybe have gg sub it or something, though gg wouldn’t sub such a heartwarming show. For example, the above image – the subtitles were translated directly from Japanese, with the television saying ‘the train is operating normally’, but Kouki thinking it said ‘the train is pooping normally’, due to the similarity between the words ‘poop’ and ‘operate’ in Japanese. However, poop and operate sound nothing alike in English (unless you’re a… pooperator).

Thus, I suggest the following re-phrase: the television says ‘the typhoon is approaching Japan, everybody please sit tight’, but Kouki thinks it says ‘the typhoon is approaching Japan, everybody please shit tight’. It’d have the exact same meaning (as Kouki further relates to us his adventures with his excrement, and thus other words besides ‘poop’ and ‘shit’ will not work), and hey – it’d make a great caption. ‘The TV tells us to shit tight!’

Perhaps somebody would criticise them but THEY’RE FUCKING COMMIE THEY’RE TOO COMMIE TO BE CRITICIZED.

I don’t understand why somebody there took the time to convert 39 degrees Celsius into 102 degrees Fahrenheit – in the anime, they’re obviously using Celsius (cause only ‘muricans use Fahrenheit, what losers), but the thermometer seems to measure in Fahrenheit. It’s obvious the thermometer actually measures in Celsius, but some stupid person with too much time typeset it into Fahrenheit instead.

“I got your no-…you don’t have one in the first place…”

The soundtrack of Usagi Drop… does it fit? There are hardly any dramatic moments, and the music is /always/ light, even in times of drama (Episode 7 had some serious drama there). Is this what they should do? Is Usagi Drop ultimately a show about the happiness of raising a kid, or about the frustration?

There are many interesting gender equality issues – between Haruko and her husband, Ma and her boyfriend, etc. I wonder if these are more prominent in Japan, or whether the same issues arise in Western societies. I’m sure there’s some deeper meaning behind the arguments, but when I sleep, I don’t dream.

…So I never go deeper.

Derp, ‘food tastes better when you eat it together’. Is that a proverb or something? It sounds like it could be, with the rhymes and all. Anyways, do you know what that reminds me of? YUMEKUI MERRY. That was such a stupid anime and the main character was such an otamot. Actually, the scene at which I decided on the name of ‘otamot’ for a bland male leading protagonist was the same scene where the otamot’s father said ‘food tastes better when you eat it together’.

tl;dr part 1: Look at Rin’s face, it gets more bishoujo (i.e. creepy) as the series progresses
tl;dr part 2: the phantom men: Look at Daikichi’s face, it gets more wrinkles (i.e. stressed) as the series progresses
tl;dr part 3: attack of the girls: Look at Ma’s face, it looks nothing like ma’ ma’s face
tl;dr part 4: revenge of the rich: Look at Daikichi’s grandfather’s face, it gets more dead (i.e. dead) as he dies
tl;dr part 5: the baseball strikes bat: Look at the baseball’s face, it’s a baseball’s face
tl;dr part 6: return of the red-eye: Look at Kouki’s face, it’s FUCKING AWESOME FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES MAN WHAT AN AWESOME KID

Usagi Drop is a great anime, on so many levels. And that’s actually what makes it great – I was talking with somebody that the best anime would be one that can appeal to everybody. An anime that can be a great story with action and adventure and romance and badly proportioned noses for those who watch anime just to watch anime, yet also is a great reflection on various aspects of life, offering political, philosophical, and pooping commentary snugly hidden between layers of awesomeness.

Usagi Drop did not manage to do that, but it’s much closer than other anime. Very, very close to a masterpiece.

Overall Rating: 7/10 (Brilliant)

In conclusion, I’ll leave you with one question – do we watch noitaminA shows because they’re good, or do we watch noitaminA shows because we hope that they’ll be good?

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  1. Usagi Drop and Gosick are the only ones I found worth watching this year.By the look of it,Fall and Winter seasons are going to suck a lot,so yeah…

    …I give this post 3/10!

    2011/09/25 at 21:55

  2. b-b-b-b-but get your sit to get her sun

    2011/09/25 at 23:36