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Oversight, in Hindsight

‘Hindsight is always 20-20.’
– American proverb

What do I mean by this title?

This is a short essay using anime examples, and so it is somewhat about anime. When we consume anime, we’re caught up in its action – even more so if you’re watching it on a marathon.

Think about a good show. A great show. Things like Durarara, Black Lagoon, Madoka, AnoHana, the Legend of Koizumi.

Think about how good it was, how great it was. Durarara’s plot intertwined so masterfully, Black Lagoon’s darkness and introspection mixed so deeply, Madoka’s ending developed so innovatively, AnoHana’s main characters acted so realistically, the Legend of Koizumi’s action was so over-the-top.

Think. Think again.

Durarara’s plot went everywhere without a decent conclusion. Black Lagoon’s directors made those introspective scenes only for the sake of seeming deep. Madoka’s ending was cliché’d and done even by shows like Occult Academy. AnoHana’s characters did not behave anything like teenagers would. The Legend of Koizumi was random, stupid shit.

Think. Think!

Durarara wasn’t about its plot. It was about becoming accustomed to a new home. Black Lagoon wasn’t meant to be deep. It was meant to kick ass. Madoka wasn’t trying to do something new. It was trying to do something memorable. AnoHana wasn’t focusing on being realistic. It was focusing on unleashing raw emotion from its viewers. The Legend of Koizumi wasn’t supposed to be sensible. It was supposed to be senseless, random, stupid, shit.

Think. Keep on thinking.

Durarara would’ve been much better if its plot was built up to only one climax and only one conclusion. Black Lagoon would’ve been much better if it just cut the introspective crap except when it needed it. Madoka would’ve been much better if its conclusion was something completely out of this good yet still good. AnoHana would’ve been much better if its characters acted realistically enough for us to relate to them. The Legend of Koizumi would’ve been much better if had actual, serious plot to contrast the over-the-topness even more.

Think! THINK!!

Durarara wouldn’t tell the story of so many people if there was only one climax. Black Lagoon wouldn’t be so chillingly dark if there wasn’t introspection. Madoka wouldn’t end so angelically if its conclusion was different. AnoHana wouldn’t focus enough on emotions if it had to focus on its characters. The Legend of Koizumi wouldn’t be such a comedic satire if its plot became its focus.

Does it even matter that we think of this after a year?

If we liked it when we were watching it, does it matter that we don’t think of it as highly afterwards? Does it even matter why we liked it, as long as we felt good while watching it?

People who produce anime produce most anime to earn money (some people produce anime as works of art – those people are few and far between). As long as you felt good enough after watching it to buy the DVDs, does it matter what you think of it in a year? To them, it doesn’t. So they make anime so that you’ll like it after watching it. They don’t care about you not liking it in a year.

Should we care about how they made anime?

Do we have to watch anime once a week because that’s how they designed it? How do we know their choice was the best? What is the best choice? Do we marathon it? Do we watch it once a week? Once a month? Once a year? Do we review it right after watching? After waiting a week? A month? A year?

You can only watch an anime for the first time once.

Why should we like anime?

What is oversight?

Why should we care?

“We have lots and lots of oversight.”
– Richard Maulsby

…and it’ll never go away.

tl;dr: Cheese, Nazrin likes it

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  1. Eeeh?Anime?How lame!Only kids watch Anime!!

    2011/09/28 at 07:34

  2. Eeeh? Kids? How lame! Only adults watch Kids!!


    2011/09/28 at 15:27

  3. Eeeh?Adults?How lame!Adults ate the radio star!!


    2011/09/28 at 17:35

  4. Eeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?


    2011/09/28 at 23:13

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