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Hyouge Mono 6

How did Huzzah sub two episodes right under my nose? :( It’s been like three months since the last release, and they suddenly get two out…

Anyways, Hyouge Mono… I have a bad feeling the end isn’t going to be all that nice, with this OP scandal, this falling-out between the original creator and the anime producers, etc. etc. That doesn’t matter, because it’s still amazing, at least right now.

In January of 1582, Furuta realizes that Oda’s power is growing, and eventually, the discrepancies will be so large Oda won’t even acknowledge Furuta’s presence. Thus, he takes on many dangerous missions to increase his achievements and reputation.

It says that the Japanese were currently celebrating New Year on the 1st. Yet, not only did the Japanese not celebrate New Year when the European celebrate New Year, but the Gregorian Calendar was only invented in February of 1582. Perhaps they were celebrating New Year according to the misguided Julian Calendar – Perhaps they were celebrating New Year according to the Chinese Calendar, and ‘First Month’ doesn’t mean ‘January’, but rather means ‘First Month of the Chinese Calendar’. That’s probably the most likely, as Hyouge Mono keeps many things as-they-were, such as the rendering of Korea as Joseon.

Furuta meets General Hosokawa Tadaoki, who is planning to attack the Takeda clan, one of the largest remaining rivals to Oda’s power, entrenched in the Takatou and Katsuyori Castles. Hosokawa is somewhat of a child prodigy, having accomplished many achievements that eventually gave him and his father, Hosokawa Fujitaka, control of the Tango province just two years prior.

As Hosokawa and Furuta are talking, Senno visits Fujitaka and warns him not to rebel against Oda. Is it reverse psychology? Trying to find allies for the upcoming battle (remember Senno’s deal with Toyotomi)?

The Furuta clan was independent from most other clans, but once served a clan of Mino. Katou Kagenobu is a potter of Mino, who introduced some sort of new pottery to Japan. Furuta asks Katou to fire him an Joseon (Korean) Ido-style tea bowl, in preparation for the upcoming events…

In February, Oda’s eldest son, Oda Nobutada, directs an attack on Takeda Katsuyori’s remaining forces. The Takeda’s territory is attacked from all sides by various generals, but for a swift victory at Takatou Castle, the nearby Fukuyou Castle needs to be quickly pacified.

Furuta takes the task at an attempt to gather achievements, and bribes them away from the castle by giving them the tea bowl forged by Katou, claiming that it has true value (and isn’t just a second-hand bowl forged by some lame Japanese guy). Of course, it isn’t worth anything, but the imminent threat of destruction compels the residents of Fukuyou Castle to flee anyways.

It is now March, and Nishina Morinobu continues to defend the final stronghold of the Takeda clan, Katsuyori Castle. Furuta attempts to convince him to surrender, but just as he ascends the final staircase, he is brutally kicked off the tower by Nishina himself.

I really thought Furuta would’ve failed – he definitely underreacted when the guy in the castle burnt a treasure that would give ‘his entire clan 50 years worth of food’. How many millions of dollars would that be worth today?!

Although his persuasive skills were awesome during his persuasion of Fukuyou Castle, I felt he was merely bullshitting at Katsuyori. Still, I have no idea how a show like this manages to seem so action-packed and intense, when there’s no action. Even the dialogue is not what intense dialogue generally is – angry people yelling at each other. Instead, it’s polite, /too/ polite – everything is between the lines. One wrong word will get you killed, and when you die, you probably won’t even know what the wrong word was. There’s no such thing as political correctness or incorrectness.

Political anime should be like this – this is true political intrigue. I honestly want to know what everybody is going to do next. Yet, I’m not sure who everybody is – not only has it been so long since the last episode, but many people seem extremely similar. I thought Oda Nobutada was Hosokawa at first. Honestly, I don’t remember when Oda Nobutada was introduced, apart from that small segment when Oda gave his three sons the three items.

I frequently needed to go back and forth this episode to get things right, so that it took me more than three times the time it should take someone to watch an episode to finish this one. I really have to blog this until the end – there are too many things to say for mere half season reviews. Maybe, just maybe, this will be an educational opportunity. I know that I’d probably gloss over everything if I didn’t have to make a post and seem somewhat educated.

I do seem somewhat educated, right?

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