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Aegis in the Dark Manga Quarterly Review

Tate Karito is the SHIELD OF AEGIS. Apparently the SHIELD OF AEGIS was the SHIELD OF ZEUS was the SHIELD OF ATHENA was the SHIELD OF AEGIS who was not actually a person, and the SHIELD OF AEGIS is so strong it BLOCKS the SPEAR OF… AEGIS.

He is known as ‘the Protector’, as he PROTECTS people. Apparently, he has never failed a mission, be it an escort mission, an investigate mission, or any other mission out there – besides assassination, as Karito is a SWORN PACIFIST who has NEVER INTENTIONALLY KILLED ANYBODY. EVER.

To request the Protector’s services, one must first go through Anna Riddle, a CREEPY young girl who is CREEPY and YOUNG. She gives RIDDLES to all of her clients before allowing them to arrange a mission with Karito – oh, and takes several million yen from each of them as payment.

The SHIELD OF AEGIS is particularly PROFESSIONAL, as he applies large amounts of lipstick on himself can BLOCK BULLETS with his BEAR HANDS. Actually, his RIGHT ARM is made out of METAL, which is why they call him the FULLMETAL… shield of Aegis.

I thought the story creator might have copied the arm off of Fullmetal Alchemist, and it turns out that may be the case – FMA started publishing in 2001, while Yami no Aegis started publishing in… 2002.

There are some particularly COOL moments in this manga, such as two moments where these women STRIP NAKED to SHOCK their enemies, and one point where a lawyer says ‘Logic is the strongest force in the world… but it has a weakness. AND THAT IS VIOLENCEEEEEEE’. It’s like there’s a rock-paper-scissors of life – Violence beats Logic, Logic beats Stupidity, and Stupidity beats Violence. I don’t know how the last one works.

You can see how similar Jesus is to Yami no Aegis, which was published afterwards (Jesus was written in 1992). The art and story are actually made by different people à la Ashirogi Muto, but the same people draw the art and story for Jesus and Yami no Aegis.

You just got… screwed.

Although females are sexualized, there’s actually not much sexism – they’re on the same level as men, and perhaps even stronger, as they can use their body to… y’know, do stuff. All the women in Yami no Aegis are either powerful (a police officer, a world-class lawyer) or smart (a person being stalked who uses her body to trick her stalker into revealing himself). Needless to say, it’s far more interesting than most modern shows, where even seemingly-strong females quickly fall into deredere. Not so here.

The stories are also arc by arc, as Karito deals with different issues. I can see a larger connection between some people that were first introduced, so I’m thinking that Yami no Aegis might become a big sorta thing, with GLOBAL MAFIA fighting and MORE SHIELDS OF AEGISES appearing, as well as delving into KARITO’S DARK PAST.

Although the main characters in Jesus and Yami no Aegis seem dissimilar (one is a cold-blooded assassin; the other never kills anybody), they’re actually pretty alike. Jesus shows that he really has a heart, as he tries to persuade that stupid gangster guy to stop being a stupid gangster. Both of them are inhumanly strong, and there really aren’t any threats to either – they both have a lot under their sleeves. They are also both extremely risky – Karito puts his client’s life in danger in an attempt to bait a murderer, and Jesus’s motorbike-chases aren’t exactly the most reliable method of escaping, either. In fact, I can hardly see any differences, personality-wise – will they shape up to be different people? Or is the story-writer just using an average Joe Smith template?

Time will tell.



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