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(After reading [warning: nsfw ads] this comic…)

Watari is reminding everybody that they’re OUT OF HIS LEAGUE by sparring with an ADULT LIGHTWEIGHT PROFESSIONAL, and WINNING. Isamu attempts to prove his worth by sparring against Hyouma, but quickly starts to lose from overestimating himself. While Hyouma keeps a COOL face, Isamu’s expectations are quickly shattered as he realizes boxing is scary as hell.

Eventually, after he’s beaten to a pulp, he coolly stands up and says,

“I can see the ending.”

I guess it was two rounds of two minutes each. Akina’s spar last time must have been a typo – she had to spar for 3 more minutes, not 30 more.

I really hope Isamu reverts back to his old ‘MAN I’M SO COOL AND ELITIST AND AWESOME AND YOU SUCK, ALSO I HAVE TONS OF MONEY AND YOU’RE DIRT POOR, LOSER.’ attitude; he’s becoming more and more of an otamot as we speak. Will the mangaka be able to continue writing this for as long as he wrote Major?

For those of you who want to see another version of Kogasa’s birth, look no further! [Maybe NSFW]

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