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RRR Manga Quarterly Review 2

SIDNET, but what is she disposing of? The clothes or the people?!

RRR is awesome.

Though not for what I expected it to be. I thought it would be awesome because you have these adult boxers boxing for their LIVES, and I thought it’d be extremely Legend of Koizumi-intense. Sure, there’s a bit of that, but RRR is mainly awesome because of how each character has hidden sides of themselves, and I fully expect its character development to be really intense (compared to Buyuden, which still hasn’t had any character development yet…)

For example – Raita seems to be really mean and elitist, but he’s just trying to help Rikitarou become a boxer through discouragement. Once again, it’s interesting to compare this to Buyuden, which focuses a lot on positive encouragement (you can do it! get better! good job!) instead of negative discouragement (wow, you fucking suck, you’re never going to be a boxer like this you loser).

Mori also feels like some jealous gangster at first, but another face comes through as we realize that he’s probably an orphan. Although these are still some stereotypical personalities, it’s better than having everybody be a blank slate, and RRR really shows the potential to create extremely interesting characters.

I wonder if RRR is going to talk more about the reality show and its producers – it’d be interesting to see how people market reality shows to get the most viewers. The ‘skill-octagon’ was rather stupid, but things like that have to be in shows to give a sense of progress. I remember in Ragnarok, my skill-hexagon became a diamond instead of a hexagon because I put all my points into three skills :| (old maple habits die hard)

RRR still goes all science and shit to talk about how DOPAMINE affects your body and causes ADRENALINE RUSH, making Rikitarou A SUPER HUMAN. I’m still not sure whether I would feel better if they had this explanation or not, as putting any science into anything risks the potential of the science not actually working like that. After Rikitarou manages to control his dopamine levels, how will he improve? Will he merely continue to work out and build muscles? Or will his dopamine ability suddenly fail, and have to undergo an intense training regimen eventually culminating in his developing of a ‘fullbring’ ability that uses a chemical in his body that has been covered up by the government because of its potential for mass destructwhat the heck am I saying

Anyways, RRR is still a great manga, and I don’t see it falling down anytime soon. Go read it!

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