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2011 Fall Anime

Woohoo, it’s finally finished!

Summer was nice, but there was a lot of anime. It didn’t seem like it at first, but add in the ton of two-cour anime from Spring and I had my plate full /even/ without school. Thus, I’m going to be following far less anime this season (the lack of multi-cour shows from Summer helps) – not only because school might bog me down, but because I want to participate in NaNoWriMo this year and catch up on unfinished anime (first seasons of established shows, I’m looking at you…). Yet, no matter how many anime I watch, I still do nothing at all, so maybe it might just be better to watch another ton of shows.

Next, after recently adding the ‘Potential Rating’ thing last season (which are absolute and not relative by season, so there ‘could’ be a season where everything is at a 1/5), I introduce yet another groundbreaking innovation by the team (there’s a ‘me’ in team, but I see no ‘we’) here at O-New: butt jokes and swearing custom-designed, fully original, only 30% from-anime artistically inclined modern imaginative drawings from a highly educated scholar in writing informative posts!

That is to say, bad mspaint doodles. HUEHUEUEHEUEHEUHUEHUEHEUHUUU

Information courtesy of Random Curiosity, Star Crossed Anime Blog, UK Anime (by Hanners from Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog), Sea Slugs! Anime Blog, and METANORN, and chart by animucharts (I guess he likes… animus). I thought it was a different person, but apparently it’s just another account of nelson/cowboybibimbop/whatever. Oh well. Click for full-sized chart.

Bakuman 2

The second season to Bakuman, now with twice as many bakus and twice as many mans! Follow the adventures of these two baka-men as they attempt to write a manga so good that it’ll get an anime… except Bakuman IS an anime! Hahahahahahahaha
New Opening
I HAVEN’T GOTTEN PAST THE FIRST SEASON!!! I’ll probably watch this after I finish the first season, just like I did with NuraMago 2, BakaTest 2, Kaiji 2, Kaminomi 2… wait, I didn’t start the second season for any of those…
The manga is still awesome, though. I like how Nakai’s not a fat-ass in the second season yet. Just you wait, just you wait… (that was Nanamine in the picture, btw)

Potential: SS


In the strange land far, far, away (i.e. Japan), a fierce battle is occurring. Three hundred starving students. One half-price meal. Only one will get…
…the Ben-To.
It’s going to deteriorate into nothingness soon enough. That trailer was the interesting one; the other one just reeks of lame light novels. I do hope it doesn’t, though – Fall’s Mayo Chiki?
Potential: 2/5

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

This guy does not have (m)any friends because he is lame and uses lame puns. Thus, he creates a club and invites other people who don’t have friends to join because that’s what you do. In the club, they oh, y’know, play clubs, swing clubs, club clubs, that sort of thing. Also known as ‘Haganai’ because WHOEVER COMES UP WITH THAT NICKNAME IS STUPID AND DESERVES NO FRIENDS
Seriously, one of the main reasons the manga was so awesome was because the art was just that amazing and smooth and fluid and sleek. AND NOW THEY PULL THESE TYPES OF FACES. I didn’t even see Denpa Onna orz
In all seriousness though, I do hope the humour still lasts. I haven’t seen any of the BakaTest anime, and I’ll continue to draw parallels between the two until I do. In both, the manga humour cracks me up every second time; in both, the manga art is amazing and smooth and fluid and sleek; and in both, the anime art looks… well… (lipstick looks ugly on teenagers stop wearing it)

Potential: 4/5

One day, a normal boy is living his normal boy life, when he receives a box from his father. The box is extremely dense, extremely heavy, and completely black, when it suddenly becomes a naked girl…
Trailer (NSFW)
I’m tempted to make a joke about what infinitely dense, heavy, and black objects and naked girls do in common but I won’t. I want to give this a 1/5 potential because that’s really what I feel about it (no better than Yumekui Merry), but hey, there’s /potential/ for it to be really good. Shoot me if they realize that potential.
Potential: 1/5


Chihaya wants to furu
Chihaya is just a normal girl when she discovers that a children’s learning aid card game might be fun to competitively play, and thus she devotes all her time and energy into learning said game.
It’s like, Rubik’s Magic. At some point, competitively competing in certain games just isn’t going to be fun anymore – who cares if you can do something 0.05 seconds faster than the next guy? It’s not worth practising your entire life for. That had nothing to do with Chihayafuru, though, and I don’t even know what game they’re playing so I can’t say anything.
It feels like a refreshing concept, but I’m not sure how good its execution is going to be.

Potential: 3/5


The prequel to Fate/Stay Night, the highly acclaimed… story, as seven Puella Magi attempt to retrieve the Holy Grail. Urobuchi Gen is supervising the story, by the way.
I have not seen anything of this franchise, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to jump into this. It makes sense that this would make sense, as it’s the prequel to the other… things in the… story, but maybe watching this will spoil Fate/Stay Night for me.
Seriously though, I have no idea what this is and I’ll probably not get around to it this season.

Potential: SS

Guilty Crown

As some may know, I currently have a cold and am freezing. How do people wear clothes like that girl? Here’s a hint: THEY DON’T. Some may say that Guilty Crown is the most anticipated show of this season because apparently everybody working on it is a superstar but PEOPLE DON’T WEAR CLOTHES LIKE THAT 0/5 not watching
Potential: 5/5 (wait, what did I say earlier)

Hunter x Hunter

A remake of the 1999 adaptation of the hit manga, Hunter x Hunter. The main character finds out that his dead, who he thought was dad, is actually still a wife and hell. Thus, he decides to become a Hunter, a person who hunts things, because the two events are correlated, somehow.
This isn’t actually a second season – this adaptation starts from the very beginning. I don’t know if I’ll be willing to jump into this, though, as I don’t know how long it will be – the 1999 adaptation was 62 episodes long. Yet, the manga has gotten positive reviews, and the previous adaptation as well, so I’ll probably give this a shot.
Potential: 3/5



Kimi to Boku.

A slice of life show revolving around four normal boys when SUDDENLY, some JAPANESE bastard barges in and starts acting all Japanese and shit. Turns out that Japanese guy is also half-German, setting the basis for a perfect tasteless World War II joke. Also, those two people are different people.
Although there’s SUCH A HUGE DIFFERENCE between four cute girls doing cute things and four cute boys doing cute things, there have been some good slice of life shows. I’ll give this an episode or two – I would’ve given it three episodes because of that trap but PFFFFTTTTTT WHO DYES THEIR HAIR PINK WHAT A WANNABE and JAY SEE STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAF!!! brought it down to two.
Potential: 2/5

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

A futile attempt to summarize the story as concisely possible: humans go out into space, but suddenly lose space technology, and thus attempts to relearn the history of space travel. However, war erupts, and a bunch of students on a floating country decide to TAKE OVER THE WORLD for ETERNAL PEACE.
Definitely looks like it’ll become a great anime, with interesting character designs, action, politics and shit (even though all the females look exactly the same if you don’t look at their hair). The Indian dude holding a plate of curry while walking in the sky was pretty cool, but he got shot by someone. :( It’s Sunrise, and I doubt it’ll become something like Infinite Stratos, so…
Potential: 4/5

Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam

An anime set in the (gasp!) Last Exile universe, about some planes and pirates and wars and girls with really really narrow eyes. I’m not actually sure whether this requires seeing the original Last Exile to understand, but I’ll just mark it as a second season for simplicity’s sake.
As I’ve said, I have a cold and wow, how do people fly in the FUCKING CLOUDS WITHOUT A FACEMASK and not be freezing? -1/5 too jealous
Potential: SS

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!

Our main character hangs out with these three boys and three girls, and they are like best buddies. SUDDENLY, two STRANGE girls join their group and the main character decides that boning them is a good idea. Thus, he proceeds to do as such, but perhaps to no avail, as all of the girls are descendants of WARRIORS and are thus somehow insanely powerful or whatever.
Trailer (Possibly NSFW)
At first, I thought it would be a cool story, since there’s a near-equal number of males and female mains, but the trailer says otherwise, and this being an eroge adaptation also says otherwise. Oh well, I’ll give it one chance.
Potential: 1/5


Some person goes into an academy where girls battle and shit (pun not intended). Cue comedy hijinks.
Trailer (NSFW)
I really, really just want to bash these shows as being stupid, shallow, and unmemorable, but having not /watched/ any, I can’t. I also really, really just want to give these shows a chance and watch one, but as they’re stupid, shallow, and unmemorable, I can’t, either.
Potential: 0/5

Mashiroiro Symphony: Love Is Pure White

Some bland male lead is selected for his blandness and maleness to enter an all-girl’s school, because of ‘financial difficulties’ – the school, not him. Quoth MAL: “He meets various unique girls there, but they all dislike male students.”
I am seriously considering not even talking about these any more, as nobody really wants to watch them, except for the people who do who aren’t me. Since this is my blog and the only people who don’t blog here are not me, I suppose I could just stop blogging things like this next season (I can’t even think of any good jokes to put here anymore)…
Potential: TEN THOUSAND ZEROS/5 (by the way, that’s still 0/5)

Mirai Nikki

FUCK YEAA-oh wait they tricked us with that ‘OVA’ which was just an extended trailer THOSE FUCKERS I HATE YOU I’M NOT WATCHING YOUR STUPID SHOW I DON’T CARE NOPE NOT AT ALL GO AWAY

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

In the far future, humanity is fighting against an UNKNOWN ENEMY in a Hundred Year War. The main characters span across THREE GENERATIONS in this show.
Eh, just the trailer’s got almost half a million views already… there’s a lot of question whether this will be a stupid kids’ show, an exciting kids’ show, or an exciting show. Having not seen any Gundam yet (don’t kill me), I think this will be a nice ‘entry-level’ show for me to watch, so I’ll give it a shot.
Potential: 4/5

Persona 4 The Animation

An adaptation of a video game.
I haven’t played anything in the Persona series, but apparently the games are really, really good. And by really good I mean REALLY good. Apparently the previous anime adaptation of a Persona game was somewhat decent. So, I’m guessing this will be normal-good. However – this all depends on who’s saying that it’s really good. Will this show still be good, even to a person who has had no experience with a person a person a persona? Just one episode should tell.
Potential: 3/5

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle

A super-genius-smart-guy solves DANGEROUS PUZZLES set by a MYSTERIOUS, EVIL ORGANIZATION across the world before they can explode and threaten to BLOW UP THE EARTH etc.
This can be a boring, lame show with horrible excuses to why solving puzzles will save the world (I remember those Reader Rabbit puzzles I did in Grade 3 – the adventures were stupider than a moustached, fat plumber jumping on flowers and eating ‘shrooms to kill a walking turtle by cutting off the bridge the turtle was standing on). It can also be intense and totally Koizumi-level.
I’m hoping it’ll go for the latter – what would be even better would be if the puzzles were ACTUALLY PUZZLES

Potential: 4/5

Shakugan no Shana III

…I’m actually not sure what it’s about. I think there’s a flat-chested red haired tsundere voiced by the Queen of Tsundere (was Shana her first main tsundere role?) and animated by JAY SEE STAFFU, and she does stuff, such as act tsundere. That’s all I know.
I’m probably not watching this, as it’s the third season, so to catch up I’ll have to watch 48 more episodes, and I don’t particularly have time (I do specifically not have time, though, and generally I don’t have time). Not a good reason because Shana is so good and everybody should use 18 and a half hours of their time to catch up to it? I’ll give you a better reason why I’m not watching this: because Eye Sedso.

Potential: SS

Tamayura: Hitotose

A lone girl prepares to explore the wide world, armed with only a camera at her side. Her goal? Adventure. Exploration. And to find out the hidden meaning behind the photos her father left behind, before going away forever…
Trailer (it seems slow-paced, but that’s the calm before the storm.)
Needless to say, I love action-packed adventures, and the photography twist seems extremely interesting as well. If anything, I hope this doesn’t get too slow-paced – although it would be a refreshing change for a nice, slice of life, ~healing~ show every so often, this is not the season for it. The summary gives a really big One Piece vibe, with all the exploration and world-building, etc., but shoot me if the main character develops a special attack ability based on her camera. Maybe she’ll shoot the bullets.
Potential: 2/5


In an alternate post-World War II Japan, detectives are no longer necessary, as all the world’s mysteries are handled by a mysterious agency run by ‘the Media King’. Yuuki Shinjuurou, known as ‘the Last Great Detective’, decides to investigate just how the Media King does his business…
A mystery story produced by Bones (Gosick) and set in the noitaminA timeblock? Perhaps one of the most anticipated semi-original (it’s an adaptation of a novel which was set in the Meiji era) shows of this season. Or the most. Sure, we’ll go with that.
And now for something completely different: THAT FUCKING PIANO IF I WERE A CELLO I WOULD SMASH MY COMPUTER SCREEN RIGHT NOW but I’m a viola

Potential: 5/5


Potential: 0/5-er, SS

I purposefully did not include many shows for the following reasons:
Although Ad Lib Anime Kenkyuusho is an interesting /experiment/, guess what – I don’t watch anime for experiments, I watch it for entertainment. That said, it would be interesting to see what happens to this, but since I have no idea what its airing schedule is going to be…
Last time I tried to watch a childrens’ show (Digimon Xros Wars), I totally failed and jumped ship after the fourth episode, so I won’t be watching Battle Spirits: Heroes either.
Busou Shinki Moon Angel is in three-to-five minute segments, so I don’t feel like blogging about it.
I have no information about Chibi☆Devi!, and besides, shows with ☆s in their name are pretentious and bad and feel like Black☆Rock Shooter. Madoka felt like Black☆Rock Shooter too, but it was good for some reason. Also, fun fact: STARS ARE NOT BLACK, STARS ARE NOT ROCKS, AND SHOOTING STARS ARE NOT STARS, THEY’RE BLACK ROCKS.
Cross Fight B-Daman is another marketing series for silly kids. What childs.
If I couldn’t make it past the first season of Digimon Xros Wars, how can I get pass Digimon Xros Wars: Toki wo Kakeru Shounen Huntertachi? Props for the pun tho-THAT PROBABLY WASN’T EVEN AN INTENTIONAL PUN
Nobody subs Fujilog, so nobody will sub its second season. Unless the group that subbed the first episode suddenly came out of nowhere and released its sixth and seventh episodes within days of each other. That would be nice.
I did not watch (nor do I intend to watch) the first season of Morita-san wa Mukuchi, so I won’t watch its second season. Besides, it doesn’t look like too funny of a show, either. Or maybe it’s an UNDERGROUND HIT and I’m not HITSPER enough to notice.
Peeping Life is another interesting show that I don’t want to watch. Most likely, nobody will sub it either, so I wouldn’t be able to understand it even if I wanted to, unless my capability to learn languages was particularly well-developed (or should I say, underdeveloped, as children learn languages the easiest).
Similarly, I did not watch the first season of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 2, and also, even worse – I have nothing witty to say about it! Seriously, what do I say about this kind of show?
Finally, I have almost no information about Shimanchu MiRiKa 2nd Series other than it being a public service announcement telling people to visit Okinawa… but definitely not creepy weeaboos like me. Weeaboo sounds like an African tribe. But it’s not, because African tribes are cool and weeaboos aren’t.


Although there’s not many shows, this season seems somewhat better than the average – quantity versus quality?

While previous Conclusions were sorted in alphabetical order, this Conclusion will be sorted in what I deem is the COOLEST, AWESOMEST, and BESTEST anime first, to the least bestest anime at the end. I hope nobody takes my opinions seriously.

There are a couple of big hitters this season, and I am prepared to be blown out of the water by them. The rest of the series could really go anywhere, so I am also prepared to drop a lot of bad shows. There doesn’t seem to be many movies this season, and even if there were, I probably wouldn’t watch them. Heck, I have Summer Wars, Howl’s Moving Castle, Loups-Garous, /and/ Welcome to the Space Show downloaded, but I haven’t watched any of them yet… Anyways, I may already be biased towards Fall shows due to twitter and spoiling, so my choice of shows will probably not be much different from everybody else’s. Did I say everybody else? Sorry, I meant SOMEWAN WAN WAN SOMEWA-

Tentative Pre-Summer Roundup:
Mushy’s Blogging: UN-GO, Mirai Nikki, and Guilty Crown (Probably two of these three).
Mushy’s Watching: Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle, and Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.
Mushy’s Trying (Upper Tier): Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, Fate/Zero, Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam, Hunter x Hunter, and Persona 4 The Animation.
Mushy’s Waiting (Lower Tier) Chihayafuru, Kimi to Boku., Ben-To, Tamayura: Hitotose, and Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!
Sequel Seasons: Shinryaku!? Ika Musume, Working’!!, and Bakuman 2 (Still need to catch up on Working!! and Bakuman).

I fully expect to drop all but one from the lower tier and all but two from the upper tier, and I most likely won’t get to watching Bakuman 2 and Working’!! this season, which leaves me with… exactly ten series. Hooray! Wait, that’s still more than normal…

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  1. So much vulgarity! x)

    2011/10/08 at 00:13

  2. I swear, I did not notice that until later on. Since I wrote this over the period of, uh, a week, and I generally add vulgar statements at least once a day…

    Also, the ‘I swear’ was not an intended pun.

    2011/10/08 at 00:39

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    2011/10/09 at 04:41

  7. I was gonna give you some shit for ranking Chihayafuru so low, but most of your picks are decent. I think you are over-estimating Horizon, which looks to me like garbage, but I could be wrong. Personally I wouldn’t be able to sit through Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, but you say you really haven’t seen one of these stupid harem shows, so go for it.

    2011/10/09 at 06:31


    2011/10/09 at 08:38

  9. I only say that because its manga was pretty damn funny, but as I said, I don’t know how the anime will match up.

    As for Chihayafuru, I guess I’m just a bit jaded now that almost all of my highest picks each season is an anime ‘trying something new’, which generally invariably flops. Ookami-san felt like a refreshing concept, but it completely abandoned that later on; Hourou Musuko felt like it could be amazing, which many people thought it was, but I still didn’t care at all about its characters or what they were dealing with at the end; No. 6 felt like a chance for something amazing to happen, with breaking normal gender constraints /and/ evil government conspiracies, but with only the former, it just wasn’t that good either.

    I guess it’s all about the source material – if the source material manages to stay consistent until the very end, the anime should, as well.

    As for Horizon, perhaps it’s just my inner self desperately wanting a show like that to actually /work/, as none of them have before.

    2011/10/09 at 17:14

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