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Gangsta 6

“You’ve got to kill those oyaji before they start growing…”

Nope. Remember before how I said Gangsta was really good, being able to create an entire setting in only five chapters? This chapter completely changes that – nothing happened here, at all. We learn a little bit about Nicolas not being comfortable around women, a little bit about a strange person in Warrick’s past called Waris (Hmm, Warrick, Waris? I think it’s probably Wallace, not Waris. Or at least Walrus.), and a little bit about the Benriya’s (lack of) cooking skills.

So, who are the main characters in Gangsta? Is Dr. Theo going to be a recurring character? Are we going to learn more about Chado’s past? Are all those families that were introduced several chapters ago going to reappear, or end up like the cool-looking people in ST&RS, whom we never saw again? Somebody praise me for my proper use of whom, I didn’t even realize there was a difference until somebody berated me for being a loser. I still don’t remember whom he was. *shot*

The main plot of Gangsta still hasn’t appeared – I guess I’m just impatient at the pace, even though it is faster than most manga. Being released once a month, only to find a 20-page chapter that says nothing at all does take its toll on a person.

That said, it’s already been more than a month since the release of this chapter (yes, I’m late). Oh well…

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