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Buyuden 25

“So, what are you going to do with that box?”

I wonder whether Hyouma was provocating Isamu simply to make fun of him, or as an actual boxing tactic – if it was the former, my respect for him has FALLEN TO FELL LEVELS

I feel like Hyouma was too overconfident in this chapter, which led to his loss – and Isamu was too underconfident, which lead to his win. When you have somebody overconfident, you immediately know that he’s going to lose. That said, Hyouma hasn’t ever won against /anybody/ yet…

The thing about manga is that the faces are really awkward, especially with the ways the nose is drawn. Imagine Nichijou faces. Now imagine them, say, fencing. Think about where their noses are. Awkward, right?

ts;r: FANSERVICE in MY little kids boxing manga?! 1/5 dropped blocked and unfollowed for spam

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  1. 1.Throw Rumia out of the box.
    2.Take the box to your room.
    3.Use tools to remodify it.

    2011/10/15 at 13:50

  2. DANBO-TAN!!

    2011/10/15 at 18:26