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O-NEC 2: Strings Performance

The second O-NEC! Comic after the jump.

Once again, almost everything here is true, including the wall drawing. The only things that I made up were the bass player in the classroom (two people play bass and like five people including me play viola in the entire school; nobody plays either in that class), the PE teacher’s shirt, the shade of the blonde guy’s hair, my mushroom hat, and the locker numbers. Also, I didn’t actually give the PE teacher a sheet of paper with ‘STRING’ on it in giant letters, I actually wasn’t talking out loud when I was heading to the classroom (though I thought those thoughts), and my teacher didn’t say he was disappoint, but just told me to run a lap. I’ll bet he was disappoint, though.

Turns out the strings performance wasn’t last Wednesday either, but it’s next Wednesday. I told this to my strings teacher and he said I was a ‘funny kid’. :(

The full events were far more EXCITING and DRAMATIC and SUSPENSEFUL and INTENSE than I drew here. I changed my clothes into PE strip and stuffed my clothes into a friend from another class’s locker, and then went to my PE teacher and realized I had a strings performance that day (I thought it was next week at first). So, I had to make that friend open his locker again (he was in the middle of a class), rush out, and head all the way to the strings class until I realized it was Thursday. Then, I sped back, stuffed everything in an empty locker, and it got stolen rushed outside, ran a lap, finished PE class, and realized that the strings performance really was next week.

…Eh, that wasn’t very exciting. FUCK YOU NICHIJOU

Man, I thought I couldn’t scale brushes in mspaint7 – turns out I needed to use control and the numpad + instead of the keyboard + (it worked with the keyboard + on XP). Anyways, that means I can write in a lot more thicker lines. The text may look choppy, but that’s because I probably used one hand to write – the smoother segments had me use both of my hands on the mouse for added control. ;A;

The hands look like WORMS, profile views are HARD AS HELL WHEN YOU DON’T DRAW NOSES, crossed arms are HARD to draw but easy when you realize our arms are NOODLES and our hands are WORMS. It’s so hard to stuff ‘Wednesday’ into a panel because it’s such a huge word, and so is ‘Thursday’, the only long words I use in this comic :( Oh well, that doesn’t matter, because I suck at dialogue and pacing anyways. WHO PACES A COMIC HAHAHAHA

I’d add a tag for ‘lame meme jokes’, but they’d be on like every single post that I make, and I already have a tag that’s on every single post that I make. I intentionally (no, not really) make my jokes lame memes because being lame makes them funnier. And yet they were even funnier inside my head…

7 responses

  1. High quality comics in O-New?

    …I think that I am going to unsubscribe…This is just too much for me to handle…

    2011/10/16 at 07:25

  2. It’s not high quality, because




    2011/10/16 at 19:58

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  4. Okay, that made me laugh quite a bit. Sigh, I wish I still had gym class, it would have been a good way to stay fit, but after grade 10, I had no more gym classes :(

    2011/10/21 at 02:59

  5. Gym class is still mandatory for me, but only until, well, yeah, you’re in the same education system I’m in :v

    As for staying fit -> hahaha who stays fit

    what a hipster

    2011/10/21 at 04:35

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