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Buyuden 26

It’s time to quit.

Hyouma’s father starts teaching Isamu because he can see POTENTIAL in him. Hyouma and Harumi get mad jealous. Meanwhile, Moka is really sad because she is facing the winner of the previous tournament as her first match…

Isamu’s finally reverted back to ‘man I’m so cool’ elitist-mode, as he coolly tells Hyouma ‘yo fuck you your dad likes me more go away yo’. I’ll bet he’s going to win the first fight, but lose the second or third /because/ of his elitism, because being elitist is bad and we shouldn’t teach little kids to be elitist.

Similar to RRR, the main character is a beginner, but he has a ‘special’ innate ability. Keep that in mind, /innate/ ability. This is the same for almost all shows – Ichigo has tremendous reiatsu, Luffy ate a strange purple fruit, Mashiro’s uncle drew some crappy manga, and Maho can… visualize… things. Instead of some manga, which encourage its readers to TRY HARD AND SUCCEED, most shounen manga come with the realization that it’s /impossible/ to become as cool as the main characters, so that you have to use your IMAGINATION to pretend that you’re as cool as them, creating the race known as ‘narutards’. Is this used to emphasize how stupid us readers are, that we will never be cool? Or is it used to extend reality so that the main characters seem more special?

There’s a very good reason why I’m quitting – there’s nothing to say, anymore! That’s really the last thing I could’ve said, and I’m pretty sure I’ve already said it in a previous post…

…So, I’ll be blogging ST&RS instead.


P.S. Crap, my grandmother died today and this is my 666th published post. I am going to have a horrible day tomorrow :|

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