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Ben-To 2

So, uh, how was I going to write this post?

OH YEAH with RHYMES and THYME cause it’s COOKING TIME, it’s time to cook and it’s time to SHINE, cause today, tonight, it’s just SUBLIME~!

This really does not fit with the mood of my Majikoi 2 post. Grandmother in heaven, I am ashamed of myself.

I tried rhyming as a DESIGN but it was actually somewhat FINE. Next month, my posts will only be ten LINES and I’ll probably dishonourably RESIGN. I’m just copying Jesus…


Want to read a better post, that’s not as long and FLAT? Here’s a post by seinime, in another new FORMAT! Hooray for experimentation, they produce better STATS. But I wouldn’t know because… nobody visits this site anyways… /emperorjtears

So what I’ll talk about in HERE is about me drinking BEER. But I don’t actually drink BEER because I’m not of good CHEER. It’ll be a serious POST with opinions from the HOST (who is me, I boast) about the state of TOAST and food and ROASTS.

See, Ben-To seems so DUMB but it’s actually quite REFINED. You think it’s just child’s FUN but if you think so then you’re BLIND. I’ll teach you so COME, and let me show you the LIGHT.

I stick to my words, even in my TWEETS. You’ll see these two tweets show, that I waited a WEEK. What’s 18 + 7, nobody really knows. But you’ll see today’s date – 7, is 18 and thus COMPLETE. I never lie except when I do, and when I do, I don’t CHEAT. I never cheat, except when I do, and when I do, I always EAT.

That seems just like some stupid WORDS, but you are not ADVANCED. Think about it, in other WORLDS, will people get their CHANCE? Every day, we eat fresh BIRDS, without a second GLANCE. We kill them, eat them, by the HERDS, especially in FRANCE.

You think it’s stupid to fight over FOOD, but have you ever had no SHOES? If you’ve got no money, dude, then guess what? You’re SCREWED.

This is what people do every DAY, work off their asses for a SOUFFLÉ. It’s stupid, right, why don’t we PAY, the people who can’t afford a SLEIGH? It’s ridiculous and in DECAY, so Ben-To stretches it to le maximé.

Don’t you get it?!

This is the way others SURVIVE; not just a game, but something you can’t DEPRIVE. These fights are not funny, they cause STRIFE. It’s not a joke, it’s a way of LIFE.

Ben-To makes you really THINK. “The hell are they doing, this show STINKS. It’s so unrealistic, with stupid LINKS.” But this happens in real life, so before you blink – stop for a moment, and think, just think.

I’ll bet you already have. That’s why Ben-To is quite possibly, the best show of this season. To fuck with Madoka, that show didn’t show. Look back, what the fuck was Madoka about? It was like a giant HOLE, sucking in everything that’s low. Did it teach you anything? No. Did it give you insight into life? No. Was it well-animated? No. The characters were fat, not moe. Did it have explosions? ..sure, those were pro. Was it entertaining in the least? It was like a giant beast, about as fun as a watching expanding yeast.

So yes, Ben-To is better, just like my new header.

Watching third episode right now. I’m as keen as MUSTARD, but I’m just a couch POTATO. Oh ho ho. Man I’m good at food puns

…not really

can never beat the master


P.S. How did he get so much better at fighting in one episode of… wait, there wasn’t even any training. OH WELL

7 responses

  1. Mushy’s daily O-Pun posts…

    2011/10/26 at 14:03

  2. It’s like O-Pium

    2011/10/26 at 23:23

  3. But I wouldn’t know because… nobody visits this site anyways… /emperorjtears


    Was it well-animated? No. The characters were fat, not moe.

    QFT… to be honest, I don’t really like Ben-To. Yeah I get the main chara is poor (we saw a couple pennies in his man purse, I get it), but there’s really no reason why they’re fighting. Not that there should be, but it’s just so… POINTLESS!!! I love pointless things, but not when it’s NOT-FUNNY!!! Take the stalker girl for instance. It gets old really fast. Actually, every character got old really fast: the slapping girl, the rei ayanami girl (she is hawt I will admit =3), the fact that they all fight for Ben-Tos… the fights aren’t that good either. I wish they were more exaggerated. It’s like they’re on a super tight budget *BA DUM PSH* Maybe the animators need those half-price stickers more than the Ben-To crew *BA DUM PSH*… The Boar was interesting, but it’s just NOT FUN!!! THEY NEED TO SPICE *BA DUM PSH* IT UP A LITTLE!! Anyway, great post! Let’s link EmperorJ so he can learn from the masters =3

    2011/10/27 at 03:57

  4. Man I keep forgetting your comments are ordered ascending/descending-ly (I forget which one)

    It just startles me!!

    2011/10/27 at 04:00

  5. I don’t even remember!

    Also herp derp they fight so ridiculously because post.

    Also QFT = quit fucking talking :(

    2011/10/27 at 05:00

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