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ST&RS 14


I just realized that different people write the story and art. Which explains how, while the story is doing alright, the art is just dropping by seven thousand tiers right now. Maybe they ran out of extra manuscripts or something. Like, before serialization started, they had six chapters already finished, and only had to write one chapter every two weeks for twelve weeks, but now they suddenly have to write one chapter a week. So, derp art.

Anyways, yes, I am blogging this from now on. Since I’m blogging this weekly, when you put that together with weekly Horizon, Ben-To, and Majikoi posts, that’s four days out of a seven-day week filled in. Add in one weekly NaNoWriMo update and four more Oreimo Commentary posts, and I’m all set for November, the first month (fine, of this year) where every single non-NaNoWriMo post will be less than 1000 (or maybe even 500?!) words! Woohoo! Celebration!! Everybody’s so EXCITED

Onwards and upwards to plot summary. Makura Izumi is this girl who got admitted to the Academy without testing because she is super smart and her first word was also ‘Mars’, which guarantees that she will be admitted to the academy. Man, I wish my first word was ‘Mars’. My parents said it was ‘car’ (in Chinese), but I think it was ‘foreign cartoons’. Or ‘loser’.

As she is super smart, she is already a researching researching research in a research institute. She researches everything because she is very organized and very organized people don’t search things only once. They research them. Twice. She’s deciphered the first paragraph of the first message that was sent to Earth: “PLEASE BRING THE FONT WHO HOLDS THE POWER OF DERPINESS TO BLOG.” Unfortunately, she doesn’t know what the power of derpiness is, and thus, does not know which font is the true font.

I’d say more but her eyes are so terrible

You could even say that…

they STAIR into your soul.


Apparently, only 18 new people entered the Academy, and every single person who Maho met got in. This cannot be a mere coincidence. They also all happen to be highschoolers, even though the author specifically said (during the pilot chapter) that the Academy was open to people of all ages. Maybe the only people who wanted to be spacemen were SILLY CHILDS. Or maybe, it actually wasn’t all ages, and the Academy only wants childs because of the message. Yet, the message was only decoded later, so they couldn’t have decided that before…

How do you decipher a message in an alien language anyways?

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