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Uchimoto looks like me when I grow UP but HUP and LUP and this post is going to be really LAME because I forgot my NAME and I don’t have TIME to DIME a LIME or RHYME some THYME. Man the only word I use to rhyme with rhyme is thyme, every time.

Ben-To’s actually FUNNY, compared to Horizon or MajiKOI. The main character is OshiROI, because she manipulates everyBODY. Everything’s all for her NOVEL, it’s the point of the entIRE SHOW. I’m also writing a NOVEL, and it’s actually…

..already finished. I’ll put it up in the next post. It’s REALLY GOOD, I swear, I started it way back in December of last year (in secret) because I goofed up NaNoWriMo but still wanted to write a Novel. NaNoWriMO and noVEL rhymes, too-AL.

Each shop has a different CATCHY TUNE. You’ve GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL. Eating your lunch with a SPOON? You better eat it in a MALL. Ohhh I don’t know, ohhh oh yeah. Ohhh I’m a bird, ohhh oh yeah. I don’t even know what song I’m parody-ing. I don’t even know how wrong is my sing-ing. I don’t care about the quality of my inking, I just want to write a long wall of Eng-ling. Sh.

The music is fanTASTIC. It makes you want to CLIMB A DOOR cause the music is just so EPIC. It makes everybody want AN ENCORE cause the music is like weird MAGIC. It makes you want to GO OUTDOORS to watch this show out in PUBLIC. Because everybody needs more good music in their lives and in their wives and in their chives and hives and knives.

Oshiroi steals the SHOW. But her entire character is a BIG NO-NO. You don’t try to make her past so SAD when she introduces herself with a laugh so GLAD. She certainly acts more SHALLOW. Than the rest of these stupid WEIRDOS. Ben-To focuses on its CHARACTERS, but what good is that when it IGNORES HER, because her. De. Velopment. Sucks.

Now kkkids, only GUNDOGS can try bukkkake because GUNDOGS are DOGS with GUNS and HOTDOGS and DOGS with HOT and yeah

It’s nice to see that the poor have PRIDE. Is this telling us not to DERIDE those homeless men on the streets at NIGHT who look like they would put up an unfair FIGHT? They even protect that sad old GUY who’s just doing his job, trying not to DIE. But their interference caused a lot STOREWIDE (the Wizard threw the Boar, causing a big LANDSLIDE). Perhaps maybe we should not trust PRIDE? Perhaps, pride may even not be RIGHT?

I saw this episode as stressing how stupid it is that people fight over halfprice coupons, even in real life. While it’s not literal fighting, people do rush to the supermarket only because something is 50% off. The whole thing makes sense (you want to save money), but the near-obsession of getting that marked-down meal is getting a bit much. Once again, Ben-To showing us just how stupid it is to fight – not for food, but for less expensive food. Bravo, Ben-To still keeps its original quality (You can tell the quality of a show by the amount of sarcasm I put inside. For example, any Horizon post.) Besides, if they really don’t have two pennies to rub together, why not go to somewhere like Costco (cheap as hell), or McDonalds (no fights, similar pricing)? Herp-a-derp.

In other news, I’ve recently solved an Estiah puzzle with the help of my brother. MAN SHIT DUDE THAT SHIT WAS INTENSE, KEPT ME UP ALL NIGHT MAN. Now I really get the lead of Phi Brain’s obsession – puzzles are ADDICTIVE SHIT. If you want to solve one, YOU DON’T FUCKING STOP. It’s more addicting than anything I’ve ever tried before.

P.S. I haven’t smoked (cigarettes or weed) before.
P.P.S. I actually haven’t done anything addictive before.
P.P.P.S. Klandestine Korean Kartels.

4 responses

  1. That first illustration is something of an attention getter. Where I’m from, KKK (Kei Kei Kei?) has a ….. um ….. different “meaning”.

    2011/11/02 at 16:34

  2. I did that intentionally, I really hope I didn’t offend you, though. The alternative acronyms are making fun of the KKK, by the way.

    2011/11/03 at 02:14

  3. No offense taken. Truth be told, I was “involved” with “interesting” individuals/organisations in my younger days. Older but wiser now …..

    2011/11/03 at 16:43

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