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ST&RS 15

Seriously, I disregard the netherworld’s earthly travellers…

It’s nice to see that astronaut testing is more about MENTAL CREATIVITY than TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE or PHYSICAL ABILITY. While you can always STUDY MORE and EXERCISE MORE (hurr durr they have to run ten kilometres a day), you can’t /make/ somebody ‘more creative’. Anyways, this way, Meguru got in. I seriously wonder whether the author knows this from his own experience, or whether he’s just making shit up. I’ll bet Meguru wouldn’t have gotten into any astronaut academy that knew its shit, but YOU CAN’T LET THAT HAPPEN IN A MANGA

Anyways, the author is obviously trying to make Izumi as MOE as possible, but YOU CAN’T DO THAT WITH THOSE EYES. NOBODY HAS EYES LIKE THOSE. QUIT TRYING. It’s POINTLESS FANSERVICE, just like that stupid bath scene some chapters ago and the cover page of this chapter. This is about ASTRONAUTS, not TEENAGE GIRLS. REMEMBER THAT ARGHBLARGHFLARGHAURGH



so so so in plot apparently SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED and they must fix it on MARS with the MARS PROJECT SIMULATOR and and and here’s Fifi goodnight

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  1. Id hell her all the way.

    2011/11/04 at 01:33