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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 4

[Announcement #1: So, here are some NEW TAGS because I decided that having tags for LAME RHYMES in my Ben-To posts, RANDOM CAPITALIZATION in my Horizon posts, and EXCELLENT GRAMMAR in my Majikoi posts was somehow a GOOD IDEA, and have come up with the intuitive names CAPITALISM GO!, It’s TIME to RHYME, and Needlessly Serious, because those are NICE TAG TITLES. You’ll notice that ALL OF MY TAGS have EXTRAORDINARILY CREATIVE names, such as ‘Anime’, ‘Animanga’, ‘Anime Post’ and ‘Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon’. Nobody could have put it better. I didn’t go through the archives to re-tag non-Ben-To/Horizon/Majikoi posts with the tags because I am lazy and should make a tag for that. OH WAIT, I ALREADY HAVE]

[Announcement #2: Guess what? DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ENDED, which means it’s TIME to rhyme change our watches back an hour…. IF YOUR WATCH WASN’T SET ON GMT LIKE MINE IS. HA HA HA. I DON’T EVEN NEED TO ADJUST MY WATCH (although now my brain will be confused for six months as I get used to adding four hours instead of five, and adjust to the new time format just as Daylight Savings begins again). Anyways, that’s the reason this post was so late. Originally I was just watching Fate/Zero (awesome show, btw) but realized it was 4:00 and decided to start watching Horizon to make this post on time for publishing at 5:00… BUT THE DUE TIME WAS 4:00, SO I WAS ALREADY LATE. And then I realized it took a lot more time to write a Horizon post than I originally suspected so what can do ┐(‘~`;)┌


Horizon is nothing more than a giant GIANT super SUPER huge HUGE BUILD UP to an INCONCEIVABLY AWESOME climax.

You have this first AWESOME episode which INTRODUCES everybody in a COOL way by showing off how they each FIGHT with DIFFERENT ABILITIES (including, but not limited to THROWING CURRY AT OPPONENTS, FUCK YEAAAAAAAH). Then, two more episodes which establish how these people live their EVERYDAY lives with the events of one NORMAL day (in which a teacher is late for school, a king visits their classroom, a girl speaks to a robot (excuse me, AUTOMATED DOLL), another girl is sexually mistreated, a giant flying broom-race is held, a giant floating ship-city lands in a harbour, children waste their hard-earned money, and a main character receives a long-awaited-for visual novel while preparing to confess to a dead seven-year-old), and finally, the action starts BUILDING UP as LORD MOTONOBU…eye, the SCIENCE GUY causes the Shin-Nagoya Platonic (the plate refuses to engage in sexual contact with other plates) Non-Tectonic Plate NUCLEAR REACTOR to have a MELTDOWN and EXPLODE THE ENTIRE FUCKING PREFECTURE.

Good thing that the only people left in the prefecture are the FOUR DIVINE MATSUDAIRA KINGS, several GIANT SPANISH CHRISTIAN MECHAS, and an ARMY of MAIDS from a certain show about unicorns and rocks led by KAZUNO. Oh wait – mechas aren’t humans, and the army of maids aren’t maids, they’re ROBOTS (ahem, AUTOMATED DOLLS), and Kazuno herself, who fights back with TORN PIECES of ASPHALT (yes, she rips the road in half and makes them into giant swords and shields) against a giant mecha that has a LIGHTSABER, is… well, she’s a robot too. Except she can use magic. I meant that she was an AUTOMATED DOLL, sorry.

So, what the FUCK am I supposed to think? The mood COMPLETELY changes, and I’m not even being that sarcastic here anymore (I’m still using COPIOUS amounts of CAPITALIZED WORDS in UNNECESSARY places, though). The scene transitions between SERIOUS ASSASSINATIONS and POLITICAL DRAMA to AOI TORI TALKING ABOUT GIRLS and OLD MEN GROPING GIRLS were accomplished FLAWLESSLY through a SMOOTH change in musical tone. The DARK, SUSPENSEFUL strings immediately shifts to TECHNO music. You CAN’T deny that such a shift just PERFECTLY fits the mood.

I think I’m trying too hard right now…

Hyouge Mono has people who SEEM unimportant (because they’re introduced for a grand total of forty-seven seconds before leaving), but BECOME important later on, even though they still appear for only four minutes and seven seconds when they do become important. However…



That’s right, I’m saying that Horizon is on the SAME LEVEL as fucking HYOUGE MONO. I’ve always wanted to see what it’d be like to watch a show like Hyouge Mono, which has SO MUCH INFORMATION, /without/ recording the information down in posts, and here’s my chance. Will my enjoyment of this MARVELLOUS show be impeded by my lack of knowledge? Is thirteen episodes enough?

That’s really what Horizon’s about, isn’t it? A GIANT build-up to a HUGE climax. Which is all nice and fine and AWESOME when executed well. But… the build-up needs to be LONG to create a big climax. Thirteen episodes… that’s the final question, isn’t it? Is thirteen episodes enough?

No. It isn’t.


Some more comments to note (notes to comment upon?). My original DESIRE to CAPITALIZE everything has dimmed, somewhat.

– I like the fine details in Horizon. The mecha of Tres España feature crosses, undoubtedly from Christianity, prominently in their design, and indeed different countries have different ‘country gates’, all designed differently. For example, Japan’s gate is heavily inspired by the Shinto faith, and thus uses a traditional temple design.

– Is the time non-linear? One of the things about not taking notes is that you start to not care about the order events happen in either, and so you don’t notice the timestamps that appear so often. I don’t think anybody notices the timestamps. Nobody cares. Why do they even put it there?

– One of the other things about not taking notes is not having anything to refer to. Thus, the political intrigue is definitely considerably lessened when you DON’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED FIVE EPISODES AGO.

– The blobs only appeared three times this episode…

– Hyouge Mono has this duality – one where Furuta’s woefully incognizant of the current social situation and attempts to gain prestige (to comedic effect), and another where Senno broods darkly over everything that’s happening. Horizon has the same, with Aoi Tori’s group of friends, and a much larger, darker force behind everything… (or at least, some things)

– Dunno how they’re going to explain the ghost thing. SUPER-ADVANCED FUTURISTIC HOLOGRAM TECHNOLOGY?!

6 responses

  1. So is Horizon actually the sequel to Denno Coil set millenia in the future? Those blobs sure look familiar!

    2011/11/07 at 02:52

  2. I didn’t watch Denno Coil

    should I watch it?

    2011/11/07 at 03:27

  3. Yeah, awesome show! And it has cute black blobs with eyes! That’s pretty much the only thing it has in common with Horizon though.

    2011/11/07 at 05:42

  4. Hmmm, I’ll put it on my massive to-watch list. Maybe in a year, I’ll get to it :(

    2011/11/07 at 06:19

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