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ST&RS 16

Oh guys, I forgot to tell you, but ST&RS is actually a shoujo manga. It makes sense, right, because stairs and… tears (pronounced ‘tee-ers’, but rhymed ‘teh-ers’)

I’m rushing this with five minutes to spare as I rush off to school, so here’s a quick post.

I’m assuming everybody reading this has read up to this point in the manga, so no more plot summary stuff.

I feel like ST&RS is taking a bit of an Ender’s Game path, with people controlling things that are on Mars, but they can do it in the safety of Earth. While you might think ‘well, these people are explicitly /told/ that they’re controlling things on Mars’, it’s pretty obvious that the Earth spacecraft they operate wouldn’t have been brought to Mars, so I don’t know what to think. Is what they’re doing real or a game? And if it was real, why would ST&RS allow children to pilot expensive spacecraft that they’ll undoubtedly crash?

I (start all my sentences with I cause it’s an EYE-opener) love how the author uses so many different machines to simulate the Mars experience – being an astronaut isn’t all about one thing. They simulate walking on Mars, to operating robots, and now to flying. The only barrier to a manga like ST&RS is creativity, and the author seems to have ample amounts of that. However, when that creativity dwindles…

…let’s just hope it won’t.


P.S. Dunno why I decided to put that tornado there.

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  1. “P.S. Dunno why I decided to put that tornado there.”

    Ajax! It cleans like a white tornado! (Old ad from the 70s.)

    2011/11/09 at 06:54

  2. :( You aren’t even reading this manga, are you?

    2011/11/09 at 07:25