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Ben-To 4

So this cool guy, Slyphophophophophopriririoreal or whatever said that my reviews are RAPviews. Which is a SUPER COOL NAME, but I think ‘It’s TIME for RHYME’ is better because 1) it rhymes 2) some rhymes are not raps 3) rapview sounds like rape-view/rape-you, and I don’t rape anything but seeds, and those seeds become rapeseeds which I then eat.

I also just realized that YuChoy is edible rape. Maybe that’s why he wrote that post on Pedo Bear that still accounts for 25% (1 view) of the total daily traffic (4 views) to this site.

So, what’s with these OP/ED changes, first the ED change in Horizon and now this OP change in Ben-To (don’t forget the whole Hyouge Mono business, either).

I guess I like how Satou isn’t as flustered around his cousin as other anime now show. Since you usually only act embarrassed around girls that you’d like (to fuck), Satou’s cool demeanour means that there’s not going to be any incestful shit around here.

However, Shaga is just lame. Why isn’t she (or Ume) arrested for sexual harassment and blatant assault already? Although we laugh at her advances towards Oshiroi, what if it had truly scarred her? Perhaps that’s exactly what happened, Ume doing things to Ume that eventually made her mentally broken and come up with the stupid, stupid, stupid idea to write a light novel of all things, and a light novel with such stupid grammar.

Maybe that’s just gg being gg and hatin’ on light novels like all gg’ers do, but WE CAN NEVER KNOW BECAUSE WHAT IS MOONRUNE HOW TO READ!?!??!?!?!?!?! nope.avi

This line applies to EVERY female character in the show…

Shaga was even offended at Ume’s sexual assault – another case of ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. Although for some people, it’d make some twisted sense of sense to randomly rape people ‘hmm, I want cute girls to rape me, so I’ll rape cute girls’, Shaga obviously doesn’t want to be assaulted, so why does she assault Oshiroi? Even more, why does nobody rebuke her, but even comfort her (albeit for a different reason)? Why are the girls the only people being comforted – not only in this episode, but in the ED, the previous episodes, and the inevitable climax (in which some female lead is LOSING and LOSES EMOTIONAL STRENGTH but is encouraged by Satou and wins because he’s that cool)?

Even if every single strong protagonist is female, and every single antagonist is male, that doesn’t make the show any less male chauvinist than any other shows. The underlying core is there, and it’s not going to go away anytime soon.

That said, that’s not as much a problem with this show as it is with the industry as a whole, so it’ll be unfair to take off marks for that. Instead, I’ll take off marks because THIS EPISODE WAS LAME AS A NAME AS A FAME AS THE RAIN AS A GAME

tl;dr: Man, why am I not RHYMING, did my RHYME TIME wear off?!?! I’ll have to collect ANOTHER rhyme POWER-UP to HUP the LUP and… wait, this feels familiar

P.S. You’ll notice this post isn’t tagged It’s TIME to RHYME, because it’s not a RAP-view.

P.P.S. Now I finally know how it feels to ADRENALINE RUSH:

So I was on 33rd waiting for the bus, and the bus comes up and I go on…


So I stay off because the driver’s like ‘hey man, STAY OFF BRO’

And then I RUN AND RUN AND RUN and get to the next stop BEFORE THE BUS DOES and the bus comes up and I go on…


So I stay off because the driver’s like ‘hey man, WAIT FOR THE NEXT FUCKING BUS’

And then I RUN AND RUN AND RUN and the bus gets ahead of me so I walk for a bit…

And then I RUN AND RUN AND RUN and I get to 41st and a bunch of people get off the bus and I…


And then I RUN AND RUN AND RUN and I get to 43rd before the bus does.

Feels good man, but didn’t when I got home and realized I ran a kilometre in 5 minutes = a mile in 8 minutes, when I ran a mile in 7 minutes at school


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  1. wow you fast runner stop being fast

    2011/11/08 at 01:54

  2. stop pulling fast ones

    2011/11/08 at 03:06

  3. Please do a blog with the short blue haired tits again

    2011/11/08 at 07:43

  4. You’ll never experience dat feeling,when a bus driver makes you a bento. <_<

    2011/11/08 at 10:43

  5. I will

    …who is she

    2011/11/08 at 15:44

  6. …Yeah, I won’t.


    2011/11/08 at 15:46

  7. the one from maji watashi thing

    2011/11/08 at 23:33

  8. oh, I thought you were talking about avatar porn


    blue tits

    2011/11/09 at 00:20