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Why are you copying the style I’m using in NaNoWriMo.

Using flashbacks like Kamisama no Memochou.

You know that it was bad, just like this attempt at a rap,

But you keep doing it even though you’re retarded and fat,

Just like me.

These mêlées.

They’re cool stuff and seem like they were made for gg.

By cool I mean lame, like a stupid little flea.

With bad jokes and bad hats, with dumb all-out combat,

Like AoEx and Sacred Seven we should give it a slap,

For stupidity.

Also gg.

A new girl.

Talk about stupid attempts at moe.

(Without the accent, so that it can rhyme, you know?)

If you’re always cold, wear pants, you dope,

You’s boxers are larger than their skirts (they’re too short).



He acts like a girl when he’s wearing a skirt.

Look at his wrist, which hangs limp and inert.

If I were the king, wearing all of my bling,

Even I wouldn’t do such a feminine thing.


It’s such a lame, stupid show.

You see that new God of Discounts at the store? People think that she’s stupid and a bore, but you didn’t know that she actually swore, to KILL EVERY SQUID GIRL BEFORE THEY WAGE WAR.

Notice how her eyes never open, stuck in that same strange expression. You can’t make a girl like that act with suspense, unless you open her eyes and CAUSE NUCLEAR FISSION.

See, you can tell that her eyes are evil, or else why’d she never show them (like the devil)? Just like some demonic tableau, they must have been SEALED BY A CERTAIN MIKO.

Was it too long, did you not read my epic RAPVIEW? Well, deal with it because there’s still a long way to go. I don’t know my rhyming sense is gone now, and uh yeah right now is when you throw tomatoes and I back down slowly off the stage, banana in hand. Also my mouth is now a gun. Why it is allowed for me to have a gun, I don’t know. Why the gun is now my mouth, I know even less. I guess somebody shoved a gun into my mouth, and, I don’t know, my mouth became one?


I present: a haihaihaihaihaikuhainanhaishanghaihaidonghaiwaihaishihai.


Versus viciousness.

The poor, starving yet sincere.

Unspoken rules, lighting up the streets.

One last meal, earned through skill alone, by themselves.

To turn to crime, to feed their hunger; unthinkable.

For each only takes; and each only eats; what each does deserve.

A rippling in the crowd; power in the air; the rich are here to eat.

And each of them takes; and each of them eats, all and everything.

They turn to crime, to feed their hunger; necessary.

Twelve more meals, earned through deception, by accomplices.

Chaos and fear, roaming through the streets.

The poor, now starving no more.

For if you don’t eat,

You are dead.


Game over.

How do you guys read my rapviews anyways? Do you HUM A TUNE out loud? In your brain? Nothing at all? Just read the words? Not even read anything? Skip to the end and write a one-line comment? NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU SEMICOLON UNDERSCORE SEMICOLON

tl;dr: This new girl is TOUMA PUNCH



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