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ST&RS 17

So, they install a new engine that uses metal fuel.


The tornado goes at 360 kilometres an hour…


Still, something’s been bugging me – since they aren’t sending actual aircraft into it, how will they get images of the tornado when they get inside? How do they simulate flying into the tornado in the first place, if the nearest scout rovers aren’t even close to arriving?

My guess is that they’ll probably give the students the best, ST&RS-made ships for them to try flying when they get enough skill (e.g. are able to penetrate the tornado from the simulation), but maybe they won’t give anything valuable to them at all. After all, they’re highschool students.

Pretty interesting how the main character’s already formed his own little group of friends. If you read through shounen manga, you’ll see that his group of friends only increases over time, it never decreases, whereas in real life, groups of friends come and go. This either means that the main characters are incredibly charismatic, or that they’re evil bullies who don’t let anybody out of their group.

Black holes, if you will. That’s how fat he’ll become.

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  1. 3/10

    Every Animu/Manga post should be like this one!Because…that’s not how headbands work. <_<

    2011/11/16 at 21:23

  2. I’d make them like this but my hard drive’d explode!

    2011/11/17 at 04:28

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