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Gangsta 7

Is everybody reading this actually reading the manga? I expect the answer to be no, which is why there won’t be any comments – because, if you haven’t read the manga, why would you comment? But if the answer is yes, that’s also why there won’t be any comments – nobody reads this manga!

Not because it’s bad, but because it’s undeveloped. While it takes merely several months for 40 chapters of Btooom! to come out, it takes the same amount of time for seven chapters of Gangsta to come out. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but as I said last chapter, it is somewhat anticlimatic, waiting so long to get such a… boring chapter. Perhaps I should have waited to marathon this.

Because of this slow rate, it’ll take some time before Japanese titles are standardized in English. For now, I’m simply calling the superhumans who take drugs ‘Koukonshu’, rather than the ‘Twilight’, simply because I fully expect the English name to change. Yes, I’m willing to sacrifice my dignity and self-respect as a non-weeaboo to further my aims of coherency. Also because Twilight is a stupid book. WAIT DON’T CLICK THIS LINK

It’s funny, I’ve said before that I wouldn’t keep track of people’s names and what they’re doing, but going through old archives, I have to realize that… I am. Cody appeared in the first chapter as a new policeman. Daniel Monroe appeared in the fifth chapter, where he offered Nicolas a deal to rejoin ‘the Organization’. This past relationship between Daniel and Nicolas may explain why Daniel considers him a ‘disposable asset’ – perhaps he was kicked from ‘the Organization’ for being too ‘weak’? I ‘love’ using these ‘quotes’.

Still, aren’t there too many Koukonshus around here? This must be a NATIONAL-LEVEL CONSPIRACY. I wonder if that’s what Gangsta’s trying to do, create a nationalevel (see what I did there) conspiracy.

Whatever it is, it won’t happen in just seven chapters. I guess we’ll just have to wait…

ts;dr: Nicolas killed a girl called Veronica, which happens to be my mom’s name. :( what a sadness

P.S. Nic is such an ASIAN while the rest are not because they are in ‘MURICAH, in ERGASTULUM, which is like STULUMbild. WHAT KIND OF CITY NAMES ARE THESE, NOBODY NAMES A CITY ‘Ergastulum’ or ‘Sternbild’! They name cities things like ‘York’, ‘Yorke’, ‘Yorkshire’, ‘Cape York’, and ‘New York’. NOT ERGASTULUM

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  1. Noc

    Whaaaat? No way, I totally read this manga. Don’t you remember that time I commented on that other blog post you made on it?

    2011/11/23 at 21:47

  2. Well, there’s you, you’re like one of the ten commentors on this blog, and I remember each and every one of them!

    2011/11/24 at 00:08

  3. Noc

    Yay! Sorry I haven’t been posting in a long time by the way… its just I have nothing to say about the shows you normally blog about, because I don’t watch any of them! D:

    2011/11/24 at 23:15

  4. Hahaha, as I said: “…if you haven’t read the [anime] manga, why would you comment?”

    2011/11/25 at 00:25