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Ben-To 6

With a huff and a puff they blew up the stuff in the house that was tough and they started to lust for the pigs weren’t enough to feed their disgust with the lack of food.

I’m going to make this post quite FAST, why is this? Because of CLASS. The clock struck three; I was AGHAST, for the teacher had not yet WRAPPED… up.

The bell rang and I was so MAD, we were dismissed and then I BLAST out the door into the MASS of little children out of CLASS.

To the bus I would be LATE, if I continued at this RATE. I struggled under my bag’s heavy WEIGHT (it was two pounds, which is quite GREAT).

I knew I couldn’t catch the BUS, because before I knew it, there it WAS! Under my breath I started to CUSS, but sprinted on and got on UP.

I saw the driver with SURPRISE, for he was that same angry GUY who drove the bus I always RIDE – was I not late after all, I SIGHED?

So why is this post not on TIME? Well, Daylight Savings has RESIGNED, giving me an hour less TIME, to make these rhymes all RHYME WITH THYME CAUSE IT’S COOKING TIME, it’s time to cook and it’s time to SHINE

tl;dr: Oshiroi is the best NaNoWriMovelist

P.S. My NaNoWriMoveList only has three moves: ‘RHYMING WITH THYMING AND TIMING THE DYING’, ‘Hey bro man sup dude dawg yeah you suck go die in a well off the coast of Finland’, and ‘uhhhhhhhhhhhh what’.

P.P.S. Look at Shaga’s content face on You’s lap. Something good must have happened to her, something that involves ‘eating’ the ‘good parts’.

P.P.P.S. These guys use so many plastic bags, there’s a reason ‘Ben-To’ translates to BOXED LUNCH in English, maybe because 1) it is lunch 2) IT IS BOXED why would you need a PLASTIC BAG to CARRY something that’s ALREADY BOXED IN WITH PLASTIC, I thought Japan was a pretty kyoto place because of the Cool Protocol and all that but NOOOOO, they just have to CARRY PLASTIC IN THEIR PLASTIC

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