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Gangsta 8

Before we begin, I’d just like to review what’s happened so far. Thankfully, my task is made easier by the GANGSTA. Wiki, which contains many articles about Gangsta.




In which case, this Wikipedia article should be more insightful.



..well, isn’t, because there’s no black people in Gangsta. There are several not-white people, though.

The dutch angles in this chapter were used quite well to create tension and instability. The battle scenes were similarly top-notch – the perspectives used when ‘Doug’ (the KOOL KOUKANSHU midget) flew through the air gave a dizzy, spinning-in-the-air feel. It’s as close to anime-style manga as it can be, and definitely got its desired effect on me.

Other than that, I’m just excited it’s back to battle-time after several chapters of (admittedly) boring dialogue. It’s the pacing that cuts me off – you should marathon a manga as fast-paced as this, not wait for one chapter every month!

Gangsta is an original manga, right? If it were a light novel adaptation, I’d just read the light novels instead. I’ll probably read the Horizon light novels too. After I learn Japanese, seeing as it’ll take me about 20 years to be able to read basic Japanese, and the translation of the ‘light’ novels will take 25 years.

I wonder if the Koukonshus’ drugs cause instant physical maturity, or something – perhaps Doug is only a kid, who happened to take the drug when he was little, causing his voice box and such to mature prematurely. He certainly acts like one – (over?) confident of his own abilities to the point of mocking others’.

There’s a strange double irony in this whole situation – criminal stories usually have absurd amounts of irony in them. The first is the Monroe family – they just cold-heartedly slaughtered several men from an opposing family, yet accuse Doug of being a monster because he cold-heartedly slaughtered their own men. Perhaps part of the reason is that Doug is abnormal, being a Koukonshu – which makes it even more ironic that both sides treat the other side like monsters, whether you’re a Koukonshu or a ‘Normal’. Perhaps I should say ‘Muggle’, as that one word brings across the same sentiment.

Is this whole normal-vs.-abnormal thing overused, though? I swear, in dozens of mangas, there’s this whole superiority and racism thing that all final bosses seem to have, whether it’s the fishmen in One Piece or the fullbringers of Bleach. Honestly, I feel like it’s just making the baddies more inhuman, so that the main character can kill them without remorse – though perhaps, the baddies want that? For even Doug, by declaring Monroe a ‘Normal’, is asserting his own abnormalcy.

Hmm. Baddies do this too, don’t they?

tl;dr: I spent an hour editing one paragraph, I don’t feel like editing this post for brevity. Maybe tomorrow.

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