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RRR Manga Quarterly Review 3


Man, I’m totally a month late on this post too. Oh well, this is what happens when you blog three shows and a manga at once :(

To sum up what’s happened so far since the last MQR: Mori and Rikitarou fight against a gang of flomus, go to the pro testing centre, and pass the pro testing testes. Not a Freudian slip because I never test tests.

Apparently, Mori Shinya (what kind of name is Shinya, that sounds like a name a Japanese person would have) became a delinquent because of his Asian parents. You’d expect his parents to be American because they’re in America and all but WAIT, RRR TAKES PLACE IN JAPAN. Yet, the entire wrestling written exam is in English, and all answers must be in English? Do you have to be fluent in Korean to become a pro taekwondo-er? Do you have to speak Persian to compete in polo? Do you have to be French to play lacrosse? To be fair, you have to be Canadian to play lacrosse, so I can actually play lacrosse, even though I’m not French. Yep, totally fair.

Anyways, back to Shinya Mori or More Shinee or O-New or whatever the heck. Doesn’t he feel rather childish? I understand rebelling against your parents and not wanting to be at the top. Heck, I even (this is very surprising, right) rebelled against my parents once, running away from home for a grand total of ten minutes before coming back to continue playing computer games.

But that’s what twelve-year-olds do, not fully-grown adult men. Besides, doesn’t Shinya (Mori is an Italian name) think that Raita is similar to his father? They both force him to do shit and shit. Perhaps there is a difference – while Shinya did not want to study, he does want to box. Perhaps Shinya will also rebel against Raita if he stops wanting to box. I can already see the drama.

the great testes test is already underwayr

Talk about a stupid way to make up (or out). The entire Rikitarou-Shinya relationship reminds me of Tiger & Bunny; I mean, admit it, their personalities totally match. Except, Tiger & Bunny was gradual and you couldn’t pin down an exact ‘friendship’ point, while in RRR, it’s obvious that Shinya and Rikitarou hated each other’s guts until this arc.

Seriously, this is the lamest relationship-building plot device ever. America and Russia did this in World War II, and guess what happened after that? That’s right, the Warm War. Such a ‘common enemy’ bond will never hold through time. If RRR paints them as best friends forever now, I am going to punch my window through the big mac I’m currently not holding in my hands.

I thought Rikitarou might pass for spirit in the testes (whoops), even after being knocked out, but I didn’t expect him to actually throttle his opponent! If anything, RRR consistently delivers awesome fights every several chapters, and that’s what a boxing manga should do.

*looks threateningly at Buyuden*

The thing about sports manga is that even though many things may happen in a battle, the manga always focuses on only one challenge. In RRR’s pro test, that was the opponent’s incredible reach. This is true of many shounen manga, too – for example, in Bleach, every single enemy only has one trait that makes them unique, and all Ichigo has to do is find a way around that one thing. This is also true of basically any animanga, and most challenge-type stories in general. For some other stories, where there are no challenges… eh, not so much.

tl;dr: Rikitarou tries to dedelinquentize Shinya

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